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  • Patty Tozi on Psalms 11
    Freedomborn. Did you know the more you go through things in your life-- the more you deal with others trying to make you feel as small as an ant-- it is because God has chosen you to give others understanding of His Word. Remember what Paul went through? I went through most of my life with people using me. And overdoing me because l worked hard in any jobs l did. Just keep Praying for Strength!
  • Freedomborn - Set Free Eternally - in Reply on Psalms 11
    True Dear Patty some say we should always be Happy but this is not what Rejoicing Always means it's having Inner Joy in knowing our Unity is in Christ Jesus who known as a Man of sorrows and aquainted with grief He suffered much and we will be hurt when we follow Him but He walks with us all the way and carries our Heavy Load. Your a Blessing Patty I see much Love in your Sharing -Annie


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