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  • Marilyn hough
    explain what speaking in toungues is and how you nget it?
  • Albert
    Speaking in tongues, in the bible, refers to speaking in OTHER tongues-other peoples languages. Not babbling. Words which are not of a known language. And you can't seek it, or try to get it. It does guarantee salvation neither. Christ said, "Seek the kingdom of God," not other foolish seekings. If you seek speakin in tongues, I guarantee, you will never find is not something to be seeked.
  • Ruben Hartness
    Marilyn--Tongues is the language you were born into. You can learn other languages but the one I think you are referring to is the Pentecostal tongue spoken by God. It doesn't need an interpreter because it is clear to every Nation in their own language. Only God has it and no man can learn it.
  • TJ
    To explain how to speak in tongues and how to get it would be hard to do. Read the book of Acts. Many today don't believe in the Holy Ghost. But I've seen dead raised three times in 10 years, and cancer just fall off. A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.
  • TJ
    I have always struggled to speak clear and be heard. But when I pray, with the energy that fills my gut and bursts out, I can be heard outside of my church and home. I wanted to speak in tongues so bad, to be used. One service, I heard clear as day in my thoughts, "Get out of your way so I can move through you". So i just stopped trying and that same prayer energy took over.


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