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  • Julius
    How do I really know when God is saying or giving me a message or telling me something?
  • Freedomborn in Truth
    Hi Julius, I became very confused with all the differant Teaching but God showed me the need to ask for His Wisdom which none of us were Born with James1:5-6 Another Scripture that talked to my Heart was 1Corinthians2:9-16 I ask God when I'm seeking answers and He confirms them in Scripture, with Creation or through others who share His Truth and I now recognise Truth and error. Blessings - Anne.
  • Keaton Watson
    Julius, Sometimes you won't know. God has done a lot of things that we aren't capable of wrapping our minds around. At the same time of keeping an open heart and mind of what God wants you to do, you have to pull all of those thoughts and motivation behind prayer and speaking to family and members of your church. Even read about it in the bible. If you feel it's right, then it might be. Keep faith


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