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  • Freedomborn - in Reply on Psalms 83
    Thank you Marshall for seeking to share the Reality of Jesu's Divinity in The Godhead or Trinity as They are called today both mean Thy are 3 in One Spiritually but Thy have have different Roles, God The Father is as we know in Authority. 1Corinthians15:24-28 This is the same as Men and Woman, we are one Spiritually in Christ but we also have differant roles. Galations3:28 Christian Love Always
  • Ted - in Reply on Psalms 83
    However, I would suggest that God the Father is NOT the Authority of the GodHead as it states in Matthew 28:18 and other places ... that ALL AUTHORITY has been given to Jesus ... as stated by Jesus himself. Now having said that, I agree, the issue of the Trinity or Godhead is very hard to explain and all Christians view it very different, and most are totally confused on the subject.
  • Paul - in Reply on Psalms 83
    Could only have BEEN given by a greater authority.
  • Freedomborn In Truth - in Reply on Psalms 83
    If God said it Ted we believe Him we don't accept what we think or what others have told us that Contradictes Him He is our Final Authority in all things. When we ask for His Wisdom than we know His Truth. 1Corinthians15:28 And when all things shall be Subdued unto Him then shall The Son also Himself be Subject unto Him that put all things under Him that God may be All in All. Blessings- Anne.

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