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  • David Levy
    My understanding is that the first 5 books of the Old Testament are called, by Jewish people, "The Torah". First, is this correct? Second, are there other well known names for other groupings of other books in the Old Testament? Thank-you. By the way, great web-site. I would order a Bible from you, but I only see Bibles with double columns, and I prefer a normal full page format.
  • Randy Blair
    David, yes it's called the Torah or the Pentatuch, meaning the first five, or first five books of the Bible. Jews usually always refer to them as the Torah. Other Old Testament books can be basically broken down into three categories 1 History 2 Law 3 Prophecy, and all of it points to the Messiah, and my soon coming Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord. I pray you find the perfect Bible David.


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