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  • Caleb Dugan on Matthew 13
    I continue my train of thought here ... Jesus mentions that the reapers represent the angels. I am just wondering what the angels were wanting to do. Did they want to kill false believers in the church, but God didn't want them to because they would kill true believers on accident? I am just curious about what the gathering up of tares is and how it is harmful to the true believers in the church
  • Jerry on Matthew 13
    If you cast one who is possessed of a devil into the fire, you throw the devil in yes, but also the one who is possessed. Cast out the devil first, or that Angel of the Devil, and then you may harvest the man and the devil for judgment, so that both are not condemned together, but only the child of the wicked one, the Serpent is condemned. God sent his Son to save the world, not condemn it.
  • Brenda Dobson on Matthew 13
    Jesus is saying to let the good and bad people grow together and then at the end time the Angles will gather up the bad people tares and they will be thrown in the lake of fire. We are to evangelize to the bad unbelieving people in hopes of winning them to truth Jesus. We must mingle together to do this, therefore the wheat and tares grow together.


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