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  • Shilombo e virginia
    Why do we use hospital medicine and the medicine from hospital is it from god?
  • Jerry
    Because not all are strong in faith. We all have the flesh our stomach , and sometimes because of the infirmities of the flesh, and our little faith, we need drugs a little wine . Fret not though, unto the pure all things are pure, and a little faith is more than enough. It's the same reason Moses gave them divorce, because of the hardness of our hearts. You are neither worse nor better for it.
  • Damon
    The Bible says that all things are to be received with thanksgiving. God can and does heal people through His divine power will, but we're also to accept that sometimes God gives us other ways to deal with things outside of direct divine intervention. In my opinion, most pills medicine is bad for you, there are terrible side-effects, etc., but that doesn't mean that medicine itself is evil.
  • Shilombo e virginia
    Okay thanks very much for the contribution I really learn something from your comment
  • Adam
    Hello, God gives us free will and we should to treat our bodies as holy temples. I believe this means we should use every tool in our ability to protect our and our family's health. So, those who avoid vaccinations and proven medical treatment for illness and choose to do nothing but pray I believe is foolish- some die. Instead why not pray AND take action using our God-given free will.


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