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  • John Martin
    What are parents responsibilities for 37 year old addicted children?
  • Church
    to help them
  • Michael A Boisvert
    Many, many,many years before becoming Saved by the Grace of God, when I was still in the Marines and trained to see when others were having issues and were suicidal I neglected to see that my very own brother became a heroin addict and then died with a needle in his arm in a hotel room bathroom. My best advice would be to always be there for them and pray with for them, Deuteronomy 4:29-31.
  • Jenny hicks
    to love them,but often it has to be tough love,dont be an enabler,but be there for them nonetheless.Im a 39 yr.old recovering addict,so i know the impact of this,dont give up on them and pray pray pray.Their is so much power in prayer
  • Ann
    John Martin, I would say that lots of prayer, fasting, and love will be a blessing for your loved ones.
  • Marvin r rose
    keep praying for them


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