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  • Robert on Revelation 12
    Michael stands for Jesus. Lucifer or devil as we know wanted to be like God,to take His place so Jesus and His angels cast him down to earth with 1 3 of angels. Michael Jesus who was in heaven from the beginning came down to save the lost world.He was literally the Male child born by the woman was caught up to heaven. Now devil turned vented his anger against the church of Jesus for 1260yrs.
  • Artie vanlandingham on Revelation 12
    Revelations is not a line of knowledge, but things are told in different ways in different chapters. Some repeat the moments to add wisdom of heart. Michael Gabriel are 2 lampstands, not candlesticks. Moses Elijah's spirit by knowledge can become two prophets. The first candlesticks was Man woman's spirit born before Gods throne. The first 2 prophets?
  • Don on Revelation 12
    Angels are Angels, They are not created in the image of God,Only mAN IS.Angels are created beings period.Jesus IS NOT a created being!Read john 1:1-4.You have too believe God rather than Man.If Michael became Jesus than after his death became Michael again, how does Michael and Jesus exist at the same time?Jesus sits at the right hand of His Father from whom read phil.2:6-11,Col.1:15-17 many more
  • James T Ringo on Revelation 12
    That is Mormon religion talking Don.
  • Robert on Revelation 12
    Jesus the son of God is the Prince of the Heavenly and earthly Kingdom when it finally will be the Dominion of the Divine Kingdom after sin. So Michael is not an angel created by God but He was the only begotten son of God the King of the universe. He is the arch enemy of dragon that old Serpent call the devil Satan as He was the represtative of God in heaven who came as the incarnated one.


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