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  • Rexford on Genesis 4
    what does chapter 4 vs 7 mean?
  • Hector D on Genesis 4
    Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?
  • Evangelist Andrew Kelly on Genesis 4
    In Genesis 4 we read that sin is a killer. When you read Romans 7:17-20 Paul knew Genesis 4 that sin is a killer. The problem man has is with sin with the devil. All sin is of the devil period 1st John 3:8. The problem with Christianity is that they are walking around with the spirit of the devil believing that it is God when it is not. Jesus came so we can be washed free and clear from all sin.
  • Stan jett on Genesis 4
    I always wondered about these also. Cain brought to God first of the fruits of the ground. Did he bring the worse of his fruits. Rotting apples maybe? Kept the good stuff back? I was born on a farm and feel for Cain. I guess I just have to trust in God here but wish He explained it better so I could understand.
  • Lauren on Genesis 4
    Stanjett: It's seems likely that God didn't reject Cain's offering because he held back or God doesn't like fruit look at the Feast of Firstfruits where God requests the people to offer their firstfruits to Him , it was because the "fruits of your labor" so to speak are not sufficient to fully appease God. Abel's lamb pointed to Christ, not his own works, and that explains the contrast.


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