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  • Brianna vs.10 on James 3 - 5 years ago
    Can one be a good christian and use profanity? I think not. My co-workers claim to be Christians , but curse with every breath. They even defend their cursing, believing them to just be words, or saying God doesn't care. This verse proves to me that God does care. How can you uttering blessings and saying foul language out of the same mouth? The Bible clearly says this is not right.
  • Teri on 1 Corinthians 11 - 5 years ago
    Let everything be done decently and in order. i think that we are getting back to bare bones times ahead, gathering in homes or small groups is the way the church began. We can believe for miracles and see the Holy Spirit move wherever three or more agree...let's stay strong.
  • Richard Boettcher - In Reply on James 3 - 4 years ago
    The Bible tells us that filthy communication corrupt good manners. 1 Corinthians. also James chapter 3 has a lot to say about the tongue. Jesus we will have to give an account of every word we speak Matthew 12:36

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