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  • Ray on Romans 5:5
    Romans 5:5 Hope will never disappoint or shame us, because God's love is in our hearts and that is established by the giving the Holy Spirit to us. You see if we have God in our lives and truly seek him first, we have guidance, hope and faith. Things hope for are things not yet seen. FAITH is by Christ dying for the ungodly, he gave hope to all mankind that fall short of the glory of God, and we all fall short! So having Hope in God's glory will never shame us and having been instructed to do all things for the GLORY OF GOD. That means that EVERYTHING we do we must do in HOPE, so that they are lives testimonies for God's glory and that there is Hope of everlasting life. That is how we grow spiritually!
  • Jenna Calicchio - in Reply on Romans 5:5
    Amen. An answer based on scripture and not emotions or experiences. Thank you.


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