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  • I y Jihnson on Psalms 40
    PRAISE FOR DELIVERANCE Psalms 40 : God s Law is in the Psalmist s heart. He is crushed by his iniquities. Trusting in God brings deliverance and a new song of Praise! The last part of this Psalm is similar to Psalms 70 , having reference to the MESSIAH!
  • Anonymous for verse 16 on Proverbs 5
    To Robert, the Hebrew text says "Let thy springs be dispersed abroad" so that resolves the issues.
    What, O vain MAN? YOU child of the devil, YOU enemy of all righteousness, perverting the right ways of the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Do I not hear and see all these things? Does not MY HOLY Father give me all things in heaven AND earth? Ye imagine to separate and sue the Christ child, even the Son whom GOD raised again from the dead? YOU want repayment? WOE TO THEM THAT SIN, AND KEEP NOT MY COMMANDMENTS.


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