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  • Stanjett on Matthew 28
    No one reads the bible anymore? Or if they do they don't post their thoughts here in comments. Most comments here are years or months old . The end is quickly approaching. The love of many have gone cold. Never stop reading and learning more each time you read your bible.
  • Dennis Johnson - in Reply on Matthew 28
    You are wrong my friend and I all I can do is pray you find the truth of who Jesus was and is today while he may be found. Many of us read our bibles daily and more are added to the number as people are finding Christ each day. You can be one of those people. Simply call out to him while you can. You are not promised tomorrow and waiting for it may be too late.
  • Tom jones - in Reply on Matthew 28
    well stanjett the scripture i read is not up for debate. we need to conform to His word


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