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  • Stan jett on Genesis 1
    Verse 29 and 30 shows that we and all the animals ate herbs, fruit and veggies only, in the beginning. Why God changed it so we and some animals came to eat meat puzzles me. Why God?
  • Ilya on Genesis 1
    Every time we're hungry, we have to take innocent life so we can live. Maybe it is also a way to remind us, what we trully are.
  • Adam on Genesis 1
    Hi Stan, this is just an idea, but meat was often used for sacrifices to the Lord- maybe the pleasing aroma was dedicated to Him during that time period. The flood occurred and wiped out all the wicked people then told Noah in Genesis 9:3 he can eat meat- maybe a privilege and a new way of starting over.
  • Stan jett on Genesis 1
    Thanks Adam. I read it and you are right.


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