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  • RAY MCKENDRY on Genesis 6:5
    I think Genesis 6:5 is a text that comes from before the fall and before the promises made to Noah and mankind by God regarding Him not destroying the earth via a general flood again. (Genesis 9:11) Genesis 6:5 is a difficult verse to interpret because of its context which includes "sons of God" and "giants on the earth" (NKJV). Why does this make any difference? Simply because Bible critics have always thought it falls into the realms of "myth." As they say Gen Ch.1-11 do!
    I do not believe it's myth; not even technically myth (muthos). But that does mean I understand what the "sons of God" were or why there were giants or what significance the giants were to salvation, man's character, or God's intention in creation.
    However, verse 5 tells us that God was finished with mankind and this gives us the explanation why. Man was corrupt to the extent that God was sorrowful and wanted to start again! It seems amazing but He did restart mankind via the flood scenario which was universal. Only 8 people survived the flood and they were far from perfect for they still contained within themselves the seeds of sin and proved this soon after the flood was over. (Genesis 9:21 Noah got drunk and naked and later the people built the Tower of Babel which God stopped and scattered the people. Genesis 11:1-9.)
    The doctrine of human depravity is clearly displayed here. It is clear that we have sinned and because we thus display that we all have a sinful nature, we need a sacrifice to appease God whose holy anger burns against us. This sacrifice was revelaed later in the Bible as Jesus Christ. Thank God for His indescribable gift! We all need Him as our Saviour and we need to repent and put our trust in Him.


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