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  • Biblefan on Romans 2
    you can eat a ham sandwich with sincere gratitude, or you can eat a lamb kebob and act like you're doing G-D a tell me which is better!
  • Pastor Dan Catlin - in Reply on Romans 2
    Both are wrong, you with gladness and thankfulness and pork remains unclean even scientists will tell you is unhealthy for you...
  • Listening to God - in Reply on Romans 2
    Pastor Dan, Im sure you will agree that its more important to take to Heart what God tells us than what Secular
    Scientists do, many have been in error. 1Timothy4 Now the Spirit Speaketh Expressly that in the Latter times some shall depart from the Faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils Speaking lies in hypocrisy having their Conscience seared with a hot iron Forbidding to Marry and Commanding to abstain from Meats which God hath Created to be Received with Thanksgiving of them which Believe and know the Truth. For every Creature of God is Good and Nothing to be Refused if it be Received with Thanksgiving. For it is Sanctified by the Word of God and Prayer.
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 2
    Which scientists say pork is unhealthy? There isn't any scientific consensus on this as anyone can search 'pork health benefits' and find plenty of information. Romans 14:1-23
  • Sharing Gods Truth - in Reply on Romans 2
    Thank you Adam as I read the Comments yours was one of the Scriptures God gave me the other one was 1Timothy4 which Confirms what you shared Woman cant Preach or Teach to Men in Authority in Church etc but we can share Gods Truth and Correct error but not what we think unless its Confirmed as Gods Truth in Scripture or Creation Many Times in my Ministries to Woman and Children over the last 35 years I have been very Blessed and I have also been Thankful to Men like you who Love the Lord and His Children all ages which I have also found with other Men on this Website and I very much appreciate too the Godly Woman here who also seek to Share Gods Truth so others can be Uplifted and Encouraged.
  • Will Warden - in Reply on Romans 2
    It depends on the hoofs
  • Watchman in Spirit - in Reply on Romans 2
    What Hoof is being accepted who do we listen too God and His Sheep or Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Even Rebuking in Love for Love is being rejected or watered down today. Jesus was Perfect but was Paul and others both in the Old and New Testerment, had they become Perfected in Gods Love when they Chastised and Rebuked those in disobedance because they Loved them Prov 27:5-6 Do we close our eyes when people are allowing Satan to get a foothold in their lives by continuing to Sin or ignore and minimise it because we are not Perfect yet or have done the wrong thing. Gods Love is not Saccrine Sweet when needed He Rebukes 2Tim4 or Disaplines us, we will reap the evil we sow untill we Repent Lk15.

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