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  • Maritza Gittelson on Luke 24
    Christian's do not believe Catholics are saved because the, "Worship items of faith." I am not CATHOLIC, but answer this christian:Paul would pray over a piece of cloth and when the recipient open it, they were healed..what would YOU do with the cloth..It would be kept as proof, like an Ohmer of Manna, Aaron's budding staff, you would fault Catholics for this?!! Yes they are saved...!!!
  • Teri on Luke 24
    maritza, thank you for your post. i do believe that anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord can be saved. The question is whether or not it is right to have objects of worship, or idols in our lives, homes etc. You are also right that preachers that sell kerchiefs for healing are bunk! it may be that God chooses at times to use things as instruments, like the widows jars or other things.


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