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  • Juan on Romans 10
    Lord is a tittle not a name. When the Bible says in the name of the Lord, does it means Jesus, Jehovah, or whom else?
  • BLAQ ICE on Romans 10
    None of the prophets in the OT dealt with the Father, they only dealt with the Son. So when you see Lord in the OT, it is mostly talking about Jesus, unless it refers to both together like in the book of Psalms. The Lord said to my Lord. Psalms 110
  • Juan Pedraza on Romans 10
    Just like when Jesus was praying to God to take this cup from him, why was he praying to God, if he was God? Matthew 26:39
  • BLAQ ICE on Romans 10
    In the book of John 1:1 it gives both the father and the son the title as God. Then go to PSALMS 110 it says The Lord said to my Lord. This tell us that the Father and the son also go by the title Lord. Then read Hebrews 1:9 and it reads therefore God , even thy God. The son was praying to the Father, to answer your question or to put another way, God the son was praying to God the Father.


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