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  • Ron Fortney on Genesis 2
    In Verse 16 it says God commanded man not to eat of the fruit, woman was not created until verse 22. In chapter 3 when woman (not yet Eve) tells of the fruit not to eat, how did she know what was commanded? Do you think Adam instructed her improperly that they would die if they touched it or do you think Eve just was confused, or did God come back and instruct her? Bible does not say, thoughts?
  • Peter, I have been here before, several years ago on othe places on Genesis 2
    Bible does not say, thoughts? I'm not sure what the Bible says but as I said in a previous comment, eve picked it and adam ate it and Adam at least knew he was not suppose to. Do we really need to know anything else? I don't know if any of those other things are true or not because as you said the Bible does not say. I see no reason why it should if it does not say. I don't need to know
  • Ton Fortney on Genesis 2
    Unfortunately I teach an adult class at a small independent Bible church, about 30 members. They have some very good discussions and questions, most are extremely well versed and want more information. It bothers me when I can not answer their questions but think it is important to try to understand things that are not spelled out specifically. Sometimes God has answers He will expose.
  • Peter on Genesis 2
    2R The people you teach are free to look for themselves 2 heads are better than 1, etc. We are not perfect, don't know all. They'll understand. I like these Discussions as I learn from them but I don't read much from Books for several sorts of personal reasons as I have a few health issues even being a senior can contribute. I admire you for teaching such a Bible class, wish i could attend.
  • Peter on Genesis 2
    I understand your concern but what I would do is just say, I don't know as the Bible as far as I know, doesn't say as I can't find it. I would think that God never meant to tell us everything as there is a lot to tell and some people take the Bible by faith alone. I myself would not want to encourage or discourage anyone no matter how they take it. But i am like u, I want 2 understand


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