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  • Eyeofthough on Genesis 1:12
    man owns the land because god stated that man shall obey the laws of the land..laws of earth...the laws of man. The King or priest that made that law was touched by God. Land owership gives the most able the ablity to control the fait of the people. Thus commist hippys that want free land never get it. Once they do the law of nature takes control... the people starve and ourside people invade. Right now in america the country is invaded by floods of unwelcome peoples. food prices are such it takes 1 hour work to buy a loaf of bread of quality. about 27% of americans go hungry and tones of illegal turds are getting foodstamps at the rate of 68million illegals mostly from mexico. While the people starve and can not fine work the communist make themselves Kings of Beggers and the Alien while forgetting the people that build, work, fight and invent. Soon with in our life time there will be a natural law correct by an Alien illegal taking of states to form a new country called Aztexa, A Revolution, or a Taking of complete power by he communist. There will not be a return to American ways and American views. America is dead, only the communist and their ideals are left taugh in the public schools to their brain washed masses. Owning land is key to make any country or group of people thrive. When the government takes the land from the people that manages it, to give it too the poor or to give it too the rich by force, the country is over. Both of these thing have been happing since 1998 in america. Right now only reason it is still breathing is because China had loaned the US the money. Now it is over... the prices of food are going up by 100% every 3 months. It is that simple... Corn and Spears... like the Roman's said.. it is what makes the nation.. Roman from a republic the most powerful nation in the history of the a Kingship.... fell to corruption like a stone. Sacked robbed raped by outside forces and forces from within.. until the northern tribes took over all of Rome that could not feed themselves... any child with a pointed weapon was America now any plastic gun will get you booted out of school for good. We are womanizing our boys... no war has been won since WW2. They are all police actions or long term withdrawls.

    This is why you have land and land ownership. The bible clearly states that land ownership and property ownership is good in the eyes of God


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