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  • Dawn - in Reply
    Yes , and So have I actually many times, Wondered if I was truly Saved , the Devil will make you doubt your Salvation, I am Saved by the grace of God, n he has taken Certain things out of my Life that I needed taken away, n I'm Grateful n give the good Lord all the Credit, Remember me in your prayers,
  • Mickey - in Reply on 1 John 4
    I got saved at home. I had a lot of trouble with spiritual issues after salvation. I had the Holy Spirit help me with those first weeks. I started going to church and felt strongly I should ask to be baptized. I needed it for me. Read Acts 19:1-6
    People get saved watching church, youtube or Christian broadcasts on tv all the time. Watch some Charles Stanley on Sunday tv.
    Take notes. Find a Bible teaching church. That's what I did. My most treasured friend is the Holy Spirit. Learn about Him. Turn off the tv and sit beside your bed and simply talk your heart to Jesus. Nothing will shock him. He already knows everything. :) your relationship will bloom.
  • Jesse - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    None of us have the right to tell someone they are going to hell because they are Catholic and they pray to Mary, even though we are to pray to God alone through Jesus Christ. A more proper approach would have been to show them what the Bible teaches about prayer, and who we are to pray to. You asked some great questions, but did you ask them if they ever received Christ and been born of His Spirit? Even though they answered yes to all your questions, belief in itself does not save them. A person must receive Jesus Christ in order to be saved.
    Can we tell someone they will end up in hell? Yes! If someone flat out rejects Christ, we have the authority to tell them that will end up in hell.
  • David on Mark 16:15
    Is this Coronavirus going to end the world as we know it or is God coming back to take all whom have been saved by his grace to Heaven
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    (This continues my last comment)Also you're right. People are damned for not believing the Gospel. But you have a different Gospel. The Gospel does not include Baptism. In fact despite tons of scriptures explaining Salvation is not of works and even in Gods definition of the Gospel 1 Corinth. 15:1-4 not including Baptism. We also have an example of someone saved without Baptism. Remember the thief? "But wait he was saved in the Old covenant"...not quite. Luke was not the last we heard of the thief. Look in John 19:31-33 It shows clearly that the thief was alive AFTER Christ Death and therefore not only was he saved without Baptism but it was also in the new covenant
  • Fred scanlan - in Reply on 1 Timothy 1
    It is beyond comprehension, to think that this spiritual war continues and will continue as long as our God allows it. It is His desire that all would be saved. I think back on the V.Nam war and the generation of men and woman who died for the love of a people suppressed by an evil govt. No matter what you hear. Even in this time we are being attacked, without the wisdom and love of our brothers who have already died, Satan,the enemy , can easily be overcome Only if man would confess sins , and rely on the captain of our salvation, our lord and savior ,Christ Jesus. At no other time, do we need some good leaders in the church! Unity under one gospel, letting the Holy Spirit do its work..
  • Teresa noles on 1 John 4
    I have been told you only have to believe to be saved, to have eternal life. do you also have to be baptized, is there a difference
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Hi Benji, I'd like to challenge your OSAS belief with what Jesus himself said in John 14:15. Do you think Jesus was being bad and legalistic by saying to keep his commandments? If a Christian is already saved and doesn't have to keep his commandments then what incentive is there to? Is there any negative consequence whatsoever if a Christian mass murders people or worships satan or does any number of despicable things? If you claim he's not a real Christian, no, he is. I know people who are 100% absolutely Christians and some turn to denounce Jesus and do horrible things. They were Christians. If all you do is believe to be saved, do you believe Hitler and most people on earth are saved?
  • Mickey - in Reply on Matthew 22:30
    I believe after the Rapture that married couples will know each other. We will have discarded our fleshly bodies for spiritual bodies that don't corrupt. We're going to a party for the Lamb; the Bride will meet her Bridegroom.
    As I have read but not sure where, people who miss the rapture will of course have to survive 3 1/2 Years of pure hell on earth with a very mad Antichrist who demands your head. If you die saved during that time you'll join the rapture group. If you get saved & survive the 3&1/2years, their bodies won't be transformed & they will have kids.
    Question? Is your First love, Jesus Christ?
    Trust God. Trust in the Word.
  • Bobby Beeman on 2 Esdras 1
    I totally agree with you. Sad to see lives lost, but if taken rightly more Christians will also give witness on account of this sorrow. Perhaps more lives would be lost if it were not for it. But we must then say that terrorists would actually have its good effects as well. You know I believe that there are perhaps millions of souls saved from the terrorist uproars than if they had not been active. God said that there would be a remnant as a sore in the side of Israel for not destroying all of its enemies, but like God is able he will turn everything around for His glory. If I am wrong I am always open for correction.
  • David - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Benji, the letter to the Ephesians was written to the church in Ephesus. Acts 19 talks of how that church came to be and in verse 5 they were baptized. They were saved by grace through the faith they had by believing and obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, the Gospel according to Mark and the story of the thief on the cross took place during the time of the Old Testament when all the Jews simply had to believe in their Messiah to be saved. Remember the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, "Except a man be born of water and Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom Of God," and, "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved." Peace be unto you in Jesus' name.
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    I think you're confusing our Christian walk with Salvation. like I said to Waunda: " Baptism, AFTER we are saved, is good, and if if you can be baptized then go ahead. But NOT to be saved.".So I'm not saying don't be Baptised. I'm saying you don't have to be baptized, to be saved. You said it was a requirement for Salvation. That's a problem. And on top of that, you said you have to earn it (Salvation) another problem. Because Salvation is the GIFT of God and that not of ourselves (See Ephesians 2:8-9). And let me emphasize John 3:36 again: He that believeth on the Son HATH everlasting life. Meaning the moment you believe you HAVE it. You don't earn it. That's works Salvation.
  • Bob Hilt on Revelation 12
    Few know this but the woman is Israel / Church and she shall flee to the wilderness.
    Pre trib rapture believers are not going to be happy.
    Mark 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
    Revelation 2:26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    No Baptism is not a requirement to be saved. We are told again and again in the Bible that the man who trusts in Christ has everlasting life immediately.
    John 3:36 says:
    "He that believeth on the Son HATH everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him." Same in John 5:24 and John 6:47. We are saved by grace well before we even touch the water.
    And since grace means a free undeserved gift, any act or commitment intended to merit salvation is necessarily excluded (Romans 11:6). Understand all men are saved the same way, by believing on Jesus. That's why the thief on the cross could go to Heaven despite not being baptized.
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Well first, a saved Christian isn't sinless. No one's sinless. That's why you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because only his righteousness can get you to heaven. And James's listeners were Christians (James 2:1) "My brethren, do not hold the faith of OUR Lord Jesus Christ, etc." This sort of statement can only be made to Jewish believers

    Also, I never said no faith will save you. But aside from that let me talk about "faith without works is dead". When something is dead does that mean it's non-exsistant? No. In context, it means it's unprofitable or inactive. The presence of faith is not in question, remember these are believers. Salvation is done with. Now he's talking about service.
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Thanks for your opinion. I believe James 2 is talking about how to be saved, because in verse 5 it says "God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom". He's talking about who is able to go to heaven. And verse 13 he talks about judgment. If he was talking to 'saved' Christians then why would James be warning them about judgment and avoiding sin with good works? If they were 'saved' Christians and sinless then why in verses 9-11 does he warn them to not sin? It clearly says in verse 26 that faith without works is dead, but you're saying people with dead or no faith can still enter heaven? That contradicts the whole point of this chapter. This chapter is a warning.
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Waunda, There are many verses throughout the Bible that say again and again that we are saved apart from works/acts of righteousness. This includes Baptism (water) which is an act of righteousness/work. Baptism, AFTER we are saved, is good, and if if you can be baptized then go ahead. But NOT to be saved. To be saved will always be "Whosoever Believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16. You have God's word that child-like Faith in Jesus's finished work alone is sufficient. It's all Grace, 0 works. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God;" Ephesians 2:8-9
  • Mickey on Philippians 4
    At the top of this website is a box you can use to find all scriptures in the Bible about the Holy Spirit; why Jesus wanted us to be sealed with the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of Jesus, on earth, helping us read the Bible, revealing Jesus to us,
    Teaching, Comforting, convicting us about sinful attitudes, and so much more. Do that search and find what so many of us are looking for>>>more Light.
    After I was saved I didn't know zip about the Holy Spirit; but He was in me helping a baby Christian walk forward with my Lord and Savior. If you're not sure the Holy Spirit is with you, receive Jesus and ask to be baptized into the Holy Spirit. He is gentle and always reveals Jesus. Trust Jesus
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Adam, I'll try to answer as best I can but I have limited Characters so my answers won't be as detailed as I want them to be. First, James isn't talking about how to be saved.You'll notice James calls his audience "brethren". He was talking to already saved people about rewards/Helping a brother in need/being justified in mans eyes/maturing your faith etc. And the demons believe "there is one God" (see James 2:19) not they believe the Gospel(which is 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 the truth that saves us). And if you've believed the Gospel. You've repented. You've changed your mind. You went from trusting in personal goodness/works/religion to Jesus alone. And will go to heaven when you die.
  • Mickey on Matthew 24
    The gospel of Jesus Christ (that everyone through time has preached to the unsaved and unlearned) is easy to remember: The BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH and RESURRECTION of Jesus. Our Messiah.
    He's not dead. He is seated at the right hand of God, making intercession for the
    Saints. Remember he told Peter "I have prayed for you". He prays for us every day 24/7. Remember to praise Him :)
  • Mickey - in Reply on John 15
    The gospel of Jesus Christ (that everyone through time has preached to the unsaved and unlearned) is easy to remember:
    The BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH and RESURRECTION of Jesus. Our Messiah.
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    David, Baptism is not a requirement to be saved, the only requirement to be saved is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ alone for Salvation, remember Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:Not of works, lest any man should boast. Baptism (Water) is a work. We put our Faith in Jesus alone(As instructed), not Jesus + Our Baptism. It's even clear that a man can be saved without being Baptized (Water). remember the thief on the cross who was never baptized but Jesus said " To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." I'm am not against Baptism by no means. But I'm convinced Faith alone in Jesus is enough to be saved.
  • David - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Hi Benji. I am giving you this message not to cause contention but as a message of love because you have erred. Baptism in the name of Jesus is essential for salvation because it is for the remission of sins. Jesus said that unless a man is born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God and he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. I pray that you receive this message of love. Amen.
  • David - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Sonti, you should abide in God's word on a daily basis not only in bad circumstances. Jesus said if you continue in his word then you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. Like Benji said you should ask God for understanding as you read and he will reveal to you answers in due time. However, contrary to what a few others have shared you need to be baptized to be saved. It is for the remission of your sins. Jesus said, "except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God," and he also said, "he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved." One more thing, make sure you're baptized in Jesus' name and not the titles Father, Son, Holy Ghost.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Paul in 1 Thess 2:14, 16 - For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, EVEN AS THEY HAVE OF THE JEWS: WHO BOTH KILLED THE LORD JESUS, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and THEY PLEASE NOT GOD, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: FOR THE WRATH IS COME UPON THEM TO THE UTTERMOST.
    So is Paul cursed for speaking the truth about those who killed jesus?
  • Fredda Fox - in Reply on John 14:21
    IMO does not mean earn your way,only try to do the best you can according to his commandnents,& a willingness to obey.Not striving for boasymtung,but with a humbled heart,wanting to do the right thing g.We know we are not & will not be perfect except thru Hesus Christ.He also said in his last words on the cross.It Is Finished.That means he paid it all.W ed cannot outdo or do better.There is no more said rifice.Ehen we are his sheep,his followers,& believers,we wish to,& have a yearning to do his commandments.But we are saved by AMAZING GRACE.It is not earned.We are called by our spirit,& freely given his eternal love.
  • Bill on 1 Peter 3:19
    Did Jesus preach in hell for 3 days? Can people or demons in hell still be saved?
  • Vanessa - in Reply on Mark 5
    Amen! If we would all humble ourselves and pray He will hear us and heal our nations, stay the course fear not for He alone has over come the world. We have a Mighty, Powerful, Loving, Healer, full of Mercy and Grace, we are blessed not by anything we can do but what He has done. Sinner saved by Grace through Faith, in Jesus of Nazareth . He gave us His peace. God Bless and the Lord be with you all always Amen. Sing out Praise to the Rock the unshakable, unmovable, Lord. Hallelujah I love Him
  • Adam - in Reply on 2 Esdras 1
    Salvation means being saved from hell. Hell is where those who reject Jesus will go. May God bless you. Link
  • Erech Christ Nimrod - in Reply on John 15
    Jesus Christ Teaches you in Revelation 3:21 "To him and her that OVERCOMES idol-worshipping religion and its cross and double-crosses will I Grant to Sit with Me in My THRONE, even as I also OVERCAME religion and its cross and double-crosses , and am set down with My Father God in His THRONE."

    You Christians who believe you are Saved by Christ's death, Christ just told you that you are WRONG!!! You still Must OVERCOME idolatrous religion and it's crosses and double crosses. CHRIST IN YOU CONQUERED DEATH AND HIS REWARD IS TO SIT IN THE THRONE WITH OUR FATHER GOD. You too must OVERCOME by Faith in Our Father God's Tough-LOVE just like Jesus did!!! Ignore the cross. Focus on the THRONE.

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