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  • Joshua - in Reply on John 12:48
    Romans 2:16
    "In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men BY JESUS CHRIST according to my gospel."
    John 5:22
    "For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed ALL JUDGEMENT UNTO THE SON:"
  • Amanda on Acts 12:4
    i want to know the verses about taking someone. also, taking someone at the mid-point of their life. A marine that made it back from Iraq. Just the best guy you could ever meet and just out of the blue he's gone in his sleep (with no help). I want to know why he would take a father of a 6 yr old little girl that worship the ground he walked on. he was 33.
  • Adam - in Reply on John 18:11
    I think its a metaphor for Jesus's purpose or responsibility. Jesus had used this word in his prayer to God the father, like Luke 22:42.
  • Jessica Myles on Romans 8:34
    New Jersey Mass Choir Lyrics

    O The Blood Of Jesus

    O the blood of Jesus,
    O the blood of Jesus,
    O the blood of Jesus,
    it will never lose its power.

    He was despised and rejected,
    a man of sorrow acquainted with grief.
    Wounded for our transgression,
    He was bruised for our iniquities.

    (But still He rose up that third morning,
    He got up with all power in His hands);
    Going back to His Father in glory
    and He's soon to come again.

    Never gonna lose,
    never ever gonna lose it's power,
    365 days of the year,
    every second, every minute, every hour.
    Never gonna lose,
    never ever gonna lose it's power

    It will never lose it's power
  • Richard Rorrer - in Reply on Romans 8:28
    Did your father recover from this cancer? Is he a believer now? Would like to know so I can pray for him.
  • Lucia Tagle on John 17:1
    I am a Christian .., I Follow my Lord Jesus but this particular verse may confuse people : the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ is separate not one person . This verse really spoke to me .
  • Mick - in Reply on 2 Corinthians 4:4
    Explain "Let us" in Genesis 1:26 and again in Genesis 11:7. Also, "I and my Father are one and the same."
  • Ratiocination on 2 Corinthians 4:4
    So, um, how many gods do Christians believe in then? Let's count. God the Father: 1. God the Son: 2. God the Holy Spirit: 3. And Satan, The God of This World: 4. Wow! Add a few more, and y'all can begin approaching Hinduism or animism. But your official line is there's only One True God? Still going with that one, yes?
  • Fred scanlan on Mark 11
    "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing"; and I will receive you." we are sanctified by His blood we are forgiven. Being one with the Father, forgiving one another for sins. Jesus says believe in God, asking the Father for those things you desire even unto the moving of mountains. Christs authority is all we need in the hour of temptation! Overcoming sin avoiding temporal and eternal separation from the holiness of God. Be ye holy for I am holy. The power and authority that is in Jesus Christ. Christ reminds us our baptism, you are consecrated unto god,you have been bought with a price! Mark 11
  • Mick - in Reply on Genesis 1:1
    Nimrod had all the people who spoke one language, build the Tower of Babel, do Nimrod could shoot arrows at God. Then the Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) said, LET US confound their Language that they may not understand one another's language. Eventually people migrated to other places so they had people speaking the same language. Genesis 11:1-9
    People meant it for evil, but God modified it for good. One planet with countries of the language God gave them. Cultures, food, dress, religions; everything we have today, except for one change. This age has people urged to be bi or multi-lingual in schools. We have internet to learn other cultures and go there.
    Teach Jesus to your kids.
  • Frances J Maloney on Psalms 102:7
    I came to realize, as a result of 'trifling with' the Sabbath, yesterday, that, although we, especially women and girls, are discouraged from making vows, our Jacob-fashion (city was called Luz at the first.

    20 And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If God will be with me, and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat, and raiment to put on,

    21 So that I come again to my father's house in peace; then shall the LORD be my God)
    promise to God Most Merciful, might be, that if He lifts the death sentence (I sense) that is presently upon us, WE WILL, I WILL, DILIGENTLY KEEP THE SABBATH. This means, that, we could credit ourselves, if only as rooster re daily rising of sun.
  • Mick - in Reply on Matthew 15
    The Godhead is 3 distinct persons: Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Two times they said, "Let us". One was at creation, the other was at the Tower of Babel. The Father gave us to Jesus. He is the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus.
    We pray to the Father in Jesus name. We ask the Holy Spirit to baptize us. He is our boots on the ground: He teaches us about Jesus, comforts us, He opens up the Bible so you can understand. You have to desire increasing closeness with Him. You will be smitten with a love you cannot describe. They deserve our worship :)
  • Lameko Taumuli - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Father in heaven, give this brother relief from the pain so that he can finally rest peacefully. Let him know You hear his pain and cries and that You care........Amen!
  • Michael Brown on Matthew 15
    If Jesus were superior to others because he had no father, then Adam would be superior to Jesus, because he had neither a father nor a mother.
  • Obbie Beal on Acts 10
    At the hour above and as it relates to SALVATION, JESUS has returned to the FATHER and JESUS is preparing to return to earth.... so, while all mankind wait for JESUS to return to earth, JESUS has empowered the SAVED with POWER FROM GOD, especially POWER to plant the seed of the GOOD NEWS of JESUS POWER to SAVE a person from the Lake Of Fire / Rev:2015. NOTE verse 42 And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is HE which was ordained of GOD to be the Judge of quick and dead. 43 To HIM give all the prophets witness, that through HIS NAME whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins. See John 3:16-21.
  • Alex on Matthew 15
    Mick there is no heresy in CHRIST IN YOU IS GOD IN YOU. If ya have Christ in you you have God in you. But this is near future when the book is opened that contains the seeds of the sower the living words of God that new covenant i will put my WORDS in their HEARTS and minds That is gonna initiate a birth of Christ in us and CHRIST is God.My lil children of whom i travail in birth till Christ is formed in you and CHRIST IS God the son.But the kingdom has not come just yet. The WORDS of the book are the seeds of a Kingdom as Jesus said. Mick is the Father GOD.?If any man hears my WORDS and keeps them my father and I will come and take our abode with him where is the heresy mick? Christ in you.
  • Alex on Matthew 15
    Mick i understand your position but ya gotta realize that these were the words of our lord To whom the WORD came it made them Gods plural its originated from the scriptures i have said ye are Gods meaning his WORDS his breath was the seeds of God this is future, the Kingdom has not come yet.This will happen after the book is opened that contains the words of life the seeds of the sower That is gonna make mankind Gods by those seeds/words of life. But you should realize that CHRIST IN YOU IS GOD in you simply b/c CHRIST IS GOD,If any man hears my WORDS/SEEDS and keeps them MY FATHER AND I WILL COME TAKE OUR ABODE WITH HIM. THIS IS NEAR FUTURE but this is the hope we live for Christ in you. gb
  • Deanna on 1 Corinthians 7
    Can you plz elaborate on a question I have? I know the Holy Bible says the 5th Commandment is to honor your mother and your father, now is there ever a time when a parent should reverse that? Should a mother have to prove her love and devotion to her child?
  • Brenda - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Hi again Linda. God owns the Ark. Based upon recent research it appears the Ark has not been definitely located. Yes, the Ark was built by Noah, and his sons, wife, and daughters-in-law. I believe this building was made possible because God made it possible. Noah's faith was non failing as people of the time laughed, and made fun of this family. Trust and faith in God is something one must read about often (daily). May I ask if you are a reader of the KJV Bible? What is your status in respect to being a believer or not. I am a firm believer in God The Father, Christ, Son of The Living God, and the Holy Spirit. There is no other way to find salvation.
  • Michael - in Reply on Revelation 12
    I have prayed for your son's full recovery today and asked that he be blessed with the blood of Jesus and the spirit of his father the lord of lords our God in heaven amen.
  • Yvette harrell on Matthew 15
    For he so merciful i praise only father God the creator.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Exodus 26:12
    Luke Chapter 9: 59 And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.
    60 Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.
    Jesus told the man to let the spiritually dead bury those who physically dead.
    what is more important? Follow the living Christ and gain eternal life, or following those who are spiritually dead burying the dead in graves?
  • Larry Crowder - in Reply on Isaiah 64
    That's why jesus, god the son died on the cross to pay our sin debt because our good works are not a justification to enter jehovah gods heaven. only his shed blood could wash away our sin and pay our sin debt. praise the father,son, holy ghost forevermore. amen and amen.
  • Bill on Jude 1
    Jude writes so much in so few words. He brings a message of both hope and rebuke. As I read this letter I was impressed by the knowledge of the story of the Exodus his audience must have had. I am impressed that they were most certainly Jewish Christians. Today S I read this letter and apply it to my life I am impressed to listen to the warning about false teachers and their lust for earthly things and pleasures. Today's churches are full of these false teachers. But I am more inspired by the clear teaching of Jude that we are saved by the Father Preserved by Jesus Christ and have hope for the future. The judgement is God's not mine and God alone can judge others. Hold on to the Truth!
  • Thomas Bridges on Revelation 1
    (thomas)blessings to you.i believe in one god father almighty.by the power of forgiveness.i have been redeemed.by the blood of the lamb. from 0-through-6-unto-7
    glory and honor to god.
    (continue prayers)
  • Why does God not care Part 8 original on James 1
    For the 1st Social Justice Warrior was our Lord J.C., and even as I type God's name, it brings me pain, as I think of NOW, the very mocker of Christ, in "song" DOTH steal His name, and His Father's too! But not only one, now the COMPANIES do! For every other word, do they say: I AM. Using the VERY name, in VAIN, as their own. See, Satan "repurposes" TOO! He recycled that lie "and ye shall be as gods" from before the earth divided, for the sin of those united. OH we shall build us an tower (of Babel), did they TRY! And God, as my Holy Scripture witness, today, they STILL are nigh.
  • Adam - in Reply on James 2
    Satan is the father of lies and he likes to deceive Christians into thinking they don't have to stop sinning, that they can stay in the world and partake of its evil without consequence, because, hey, 'once saved, always saved'. But is that true? Which circumstance is satan more likely behind: that he deceives Christians into avoiding sin and being stronger followers of Jesus than they need to be, or that he deceives Christians into believing their sin doesn't matter and they can enjoy unlimited sinning without consequence? Obviously the latter is the one satan uses to deceive and we hear this even preached in churches. Jesus himself said otherwise: John 14:15
  • Why does God not care Part 3 on Malachi 4
    I'm sick of not being good enough (truly) to get my prayers answered by the LORD God on the matters of simply being ALLOWED TO become good enough to...get my OTHER prayers answered by the LORD God, one of which being able to converse with Him, and HEAR from Him, as did our brothers and fathers before us (Moses, King David, Abraham, etc). I'm MOST sick of the petty harassments of Satan's seed! They are abusers, and abusers HATE their chosen victims, but have an OBSESSIVE desire to control and to STALK! They MUST know EVERY word, thought, conversation, prayer, hope, dream of their prey, in order to destroy, for pleasure, and their purposes every hope, dream, and goal of their pray EVER succee
  • S on James 1
    It don't matter what you think, it matters what God's word says. It matters what you think when you're inline with God's word. You're out of line In what I've read. Do you know Jesus by works or by faith? He who believes in him is not condemned. How do you know Jesus? Who sent Jesus? The Father. Who sent Peter to Cornelius? God. Cornelius was Gentile. Read the book of Acts and all the epistles. Read John 3:16. If you're a believer all things have passed away. You're a new creature. There is no Jew or Gentile according to the flesh. But you're a Jew inwardly if you believe in Jesus.
  • Cheyennathompsonmypcboenet on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    I agree, he made us to serve a purpose and i believe that he is my father and that is why I love him. And he is always there for me when I need him even if I am being a little hard headed.

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