"COVID" in Bible Discussions

  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 91
    Indeed Mishael, the Middle East continues to bubble over bringing uncertainty & tension for those over there & with implications worldwide. Even the recent signing of the Abraham Accord at the White House between Israel, UAE & Bahrain (to maintain peace & good relations with Israel) brought some signs of hope to the M.E. And up to nine other Islamic nations are planning to join that accord. But how genuine are these Islamic nations - how faithful will they be to Israel when things get sticky there whilst Iran, the Hezbollah & Turkey are dead set against the existence of Israel?

    You may be well aware of this Site, as you're well-read both with the print & visual media, but I regularly follow The Watchman, with Erick Stacklebeck giving bi-weekly talks (Tues & Thurs) on the latest 'goings on' in that part of the world & beyond. He attended the Peace Treaty signings at D.C. & gives his first hand impressions on it. Certainly, the pieces of the 'puzzle' are being seen, if not coming together, but who will be the charismatic esteemed one, recognized by the nations, who can broker a full peace deal in the M.E.?

    Even with the Covid virus showing signs of a second wave in some countries, I wonder how the on-going negative impact this will have on the economies of the world, will also weaken the hearts of men to put their trust in someone that can lead them & pull them through a time of general ruin & despair? We can but watch & pray - and pray for Christ's Body to stay true to the Lord & our Holy Faith when Satan will seek to disrupt our confidence & take away our joy & peace.
  • Claire - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Hi Richard in Christ,

    Thank you for your reply. I don't remember seeing any post in my email 'From what I've read here, from you, I would believe you have already received the Holy Spirit', I don't seem to be getting all the post to my email for some reason & I even got an email from myself in reply to Chris the other day about my dad having an affair, so I don't know what happened there. I have wrote other post on here & had no replies at all ?

    The voice inside me sounded like a warning, It said either Nazi camp or Nazi Germany & then it said either Haxley or Huxley drive or avenue or something similar & for a split second I saw a street sign saying the same thing then woke up (I googled these things and found nothing interesting), but before I heard the voice inside me, A voice woke me up saying 'Claire',1st time it sounded like my dad, 2nd time was an unknown male voice saying 'Claire' & 3rd time was like the 2nd voice saying 'Claire', these voices were weeks or even months apart & I ignored them out of fear. I have never heard voices before & I haven't heard them since. the Bible says Resist the devil, and he will flee from you, so I presume the voices were from him.

    When you say The Holy Spirit taught you that it was satan, how does the Holy Spirit teach you, do you hear a voice or does he bring a scripture to mind or something ?

    I first felt the vibrations around the first weeks of the Covid 19 lockdown, I can't remember if I was fasting or not, but since then I feel them more frequently. I think it's when I'm doing Bible related things when it happens though & I feel encouraged that this happens to other people out there too & that I'm not going crazy. I don't think I mentioned this experience to the pastors at church because I felt mocked about other experiences I've told them about. Thank you for all your words of encouragement.

    God bless you & your family.

    Kind Regards

  • Claire - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Page 2.

    I agree that our Bible study would be more useful when we are given the opportunity to contribute. Me & my friend have already suggested that, & they didn't take the hint. This is why we plan to look for another church after the Covid 19 pandemic. I have never heard of the buzz words "cell groups", but it sounds like a good way to make the Bible study less boring, but I doubt the pastor would go for anything like that either.

    I know that repetitions in prayer are not good because I have read it in the Bible. I do set aside time in the morning & at night to say my prayers & I do also say the Lord's Prayer in one of my prayers. In most of my prayers I would quote a scripture from the Bible. Example. 'Heavenly Father, Have mercy on me a sinner, It says in your word Matthew 5.44 But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray from them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. (& then I'd say) Lord, Please help me to love my enemies, to bless them that curse me, to do good to them that hate me, and to pray from them which despitefully use me, and persecute me, that I may be a future daughter of your kingdom. Thank you Father, In Jesus name I pray. Amen'. Praying doesn't come naturally to me because I only ever heard the teachers pray in assemblies because I don't come from a Christian background, so nobody around me prayed. I only started to pray in the last year or so, though I have been going to church for almost 3 years because I felt like an idiot at first & I don't feel God's presence around me, so this can be discouraging at times. I find it difficult to pray because I don't feel a connection. I do talk to the Lord sometimes as I go about my daily activities, but I don't feel like I get any answers. I told the pastor this & he said that I'm not going hear an audible voice. I've heard an audible voice in the past, but unsure if it was from God, so I just ignored it.
  • Claire - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Hi Chris,

    Page 1.

    Thanks for your reply. I also think that it's important to encourage one another in the Bible & in dealing with issues in life from a biblical perspective, though it is limiting on here. I don't think this should replace the enjoyment of personal Bible study, prayer & corporate fellowship with others either & feel like it would be detrimental for me to just rely on this site. I believe that we should seek out a Fellowship & believers that will help us in our walk & for us to be a blessing to others. One of my friends from my old church that now goes to a different church has asked me to go walking with members of another church a few times in the past, but the weather wasn't that great and it got cancelled, so I'll do that when it's not raining.

    We don't have a large congregations, there's only about 30 members, but more recently it's been more like 20. The impression I get from him is that he is very proud of himself, loves the own sound of his own voice & can even be overbearing at times. A few people haven even nodded of in his services, including me and the associate pastor because he can be a bit boring. He's not very good with social interaction, except when he's receiving compliments. He said to the younger pastor that he enjoys the privileges from wearing the collar even when he's not in church. Our younger pastor is more down to earth & just wears a shirt, tie & pants. I get the impression that most people don't read their bible & seem very worldly to me. I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment because I've only just come to the end of my recovery period for depression & anxiety, but with the Covid 19 pandemic, I haven't resumed to normal activities as I still need to be reassessed before doing so. I grew up singing Christian songs at my school, like 'Who put the colours in the rainbow', 'He's got the whole world in his hands', & 'All things bright & beautiful', so that's probably why I prefer more modern Christian songs.
  • Carolyn J Bennett - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my son Joey today

    Pray for healing from COVID

    Thank you
  • Claire - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Hi Advise to Single Christian MinistersMishael

    I believe that being alone and isolated is Satan's best tool against us, because I suffered from depression & anxiety for about 30 years until it got to the point where I didn't want to wake up & I prayed in my heart for God to give me some peace & within a few mins I felt peace. (Praise God !!!)

    I will do some research & see if anyone knows of any of these types of things going on anywhere because I don't know of any church in my area that do anything like this. I told my pastor a few weeks ago about this guy that sits outside Aldi pretending to be homeless. He always has different clothes, shoes, & coats on & I've seen him with at least four different sleeping bags too. He's better dressed than me sometimes. Anyway, long story short my pastor said that someone asked him for money once & he told them that if they listened to the gospel for a few mins then he would give him some money & that the guy just walked off. He went on to say that if we don't work we shouldn't eat. I was very offended by this because I haven't been able to hold a job down for more than a few weeks here & there for over 20 years, due to suffering from depression & anxiety which led me to being on benefits most of my life. (Praise God that I no longer suffer from depression & anxiety !!!) but I am yet to find employment as I have only just ended my recovery period when the Covid 19 pandemic came along.

    Thanks you for your advice, the scriptures, & your words of encouragement.

    God bless you & your family.

    Kind Regards

  • Claire - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Hi Lionjudah,

    Thank you for the scriptures. I only really go to church because I don't know any other Christians out of church, and I still need to be baptised. I feel like I need to have some time away from church, and just spend more time reading my bible and praying, but then my pastor reminds me about (Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.) I really don't know what to do for the best. I keep asking myself why I keep going back because I know that God hates discord among the brethren, and I feel like I'm causing discord by questioning some of their doctrine. A few weeks ago after the service, I said to one of the women there that I didn't think that it was a good idea for them all to put the pastors on pedestals, and that I thought that the bible study should be in a group when we read passages from the bible and then we discuss them like we did at my old church, but at this church we just listen to one of the pastors preach and then tell us his opinion and expected just to except it without questioning it. As you can imagine, this didn't go down to well and everyone just looked at me. I just turned to them and said look at everyone earwigging and then everyone cleared the room and the younger pastor said that them kind of bible studies cause error and discord and that's why they do it that way. I'm not convinced though. Me and one of the other women that started a few weeks ago have decided we should look for another church once the Covid 19 pandemic settles down and the other churches open again.

    Kind Regards

  • Kaylee Bailey on 1 Corinthians 8
    Since Covid-19 happened, I am not able to be baptized. Does that affect my salvation?
  • Romona Williams on Isaiah 263 on Isaiah 26:20
    This scripture is very relevant for this time. We live in a day when people are sad and depressed. Covid 19 demands that we wear masks and live almost in isolation. This virus have placed restraints on our way of life; it exposed our vulnerabilities and our helplessness. Who can we depend on? they are all overwhelm. All that can be shaken have shaken and who can fix it? But God. We have lost focus.
  • Becky - in Reply on Psalms 94
    To Real Life Game of Thrones and Charles Pineda,

    I so appreciate your comments. To Real Life, I have wondered if the Covid pandemic, earthquakes, locusts in I believe southern Africa recently are an expression of God's displeasure and an encouragement for all lambs to get back to what matters and that is doing God's will and learning to hear him and stop sinning though we are sinful creatures.

    The Dems don't seem to think properly. Too loose on morals and not aligned with scripture in my opinion.

    This is certainly a unique time in the history of this Earth. Rome and Greece probably never thought they would end but they did. Likely same with the Aztec people.

    I think, I could be wrong, but these powerful cultures were around for about 500 years. A drop in the bucket of time compared to eternity.

    Being ready to go to me means being ready to go as in "to the next life".

    Make the effort to hear His will and to do His will. Pray, have conversations with God, know this---He does not stray, He is always with us. We are the ones that stray like toddlers who think they are fine without their parent toddling off to far away.

    God bless all His lambs and I pray we hear Your will.

    Thank you Real Life and Charles. And Real Life, it must be hard to have the visions because this where we are is the Devil's playground as he moves to and fro searching to steal, kill and destroy God's lambs. It would be hard to see.
  • Fox News Coverage Praise Jesus on Deuteronomy 30:19
    Thousands of Christians gathered outdoors in Portland on Saturday to sing spiritual music amid the state's coronavirus social distancing measures-just hours before a riot was declared across town and a separate crowd lit fire to the city police union headquarters.

    Worshippers met in Waterfront Park on Saturday evening for an event dubbed "Riots to Revival." Controversial Christian musician Sean Feucht, who has hosted similar gatherings on California beaches amid COVID-19 restrictions, led the crowd in song and some were even baptized. Most people flouted social distancing and did not wear masks or facial coverings, KGW reported.

    "I'm excited to share with you some good news from Portland. Last night, we gathered thousands of people that came together," Feucht told "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday morning.


    "White, Black, Hispanic - we came and released our song of hope over this city. People gave their life to Jesus. Hundreds of people -- We baptized people in the river behind us. There was so much joy that took over the streets of that city last night."

    Feucht estimated between 4,000 and 7,000 people attended the massive outdoor church service that happened just blocks away from the federal courthouse and acted as a counter-protest to bring worship, prayer, and acts of kindness to Portland. Only 600 people responded to a Facebook event to say they would attend.
  • Donna B. - in Reply on Matthew 3
    Many times even in the present problems we are facing world wide (Covid-19), I wonder if we as believers finds it at all possible to take refuge in the words of God. For many years we read and preach about God's goodness and His ability to protect His people in these uncertain times, and I have seen so much fear among believers. My question is where is the Faith in God that we should be putting into practice in days such as these. We were fore warned that " Perilous times will come, this world is not our final destination. We are pilgrims, sojourners, that are passing through. Let us lift up our heads as The King Of Glory will soon return for His bride.
  • Charles Pineda Jr - in Reply on Psalms 94:16
    Really appreciated your comments, and may the Lord of the heavenly forces continue to bless you and your love ones.

    I just send an e-mail to a friend of mine in So. California and told her to read Isaiah 59, verses 6-15,16-19, and 20-21.

    I truly believe that the Lord of the heavenly forces, through His scriptures, can best allow us to read how He works when he is fed up with a nation.

    Now, many of the actions mentioned are not related to Revelation. No they are God's judgement when His merciful limits are reached, and then His fury is appropriated to that nation, and it's non-God fearing people. Just like in Sodom and Gomorrah. God's people were saved except Lot's wife who didn't follow the instructions of the angels.

    Pray for UGM Pastor/ Director Tim Lane and family who just lost his wife Olga to covid 19, and for "Jack" who has "backslid", in all probability, due to bad influences.

    My best,

    Charles "Chuck" Pineda, Jr.

    Also Union Gospel Mission,Sacramento, Preacher on 5th Mondays
  • The End of Days - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    The Election passed from the Jews, to the Gentiles; after Jesus's (Messiah) crucifixion on the Cross on Golgotha in Israel.

    There were many prophesies about him in the Torah.

    Isaiah 13:1-22

    Isaiah 21:1-

    Isaiah 23:1-18

    Isaiah 42:25

    Isaiah 45:4-5

    Jeremiah 25:29

    Jeremiah 46:1-28

    Zephaniah 3:8

    Isaiah 35:4-5

    Isaiah 53

    Isaiah 60 Gentiles Election

    What happened in the distant past; was always there and spoke about what would happen in the future.

    The plague of COVID-19, has surely speeded up the Prophesies of the End Times.

    When Jesus catches up his born again Christians to himself, and takes them into heaven:

    The Election to the Jews will be restored once more. Scripture says that God the Father and the Son of Man, are one. They are working together, and with The Spirit also. All the old prophesies will finish falling into place; as read in our daily newspapers.

    Things like the Russians helping one Palestinian nation fight against another; all fighting against Gods Covenant with Abraham; in regards to the Land. Israel will have to hold onto the Land till the bitter end (as said in the Covenant). The nations that will meet at the valley of Megiddo are ready.

    This is all written and recorded. I suggest you investigate the Bible and see for yourself what it says. In the Bible, 3 plagues come on the world from China and 2 other eastern nations. By accident or plan, I don't know. I do know locusts are covering the continent of Africa, Middle East, to the East. See? There are many signs of the times occurring together. Don't wait till after the Catching Away to decide. The Antichrist will be the most compelling figure that has ever lived

    Pray now, that Jesus will open your ears to hear, and your eyes to see it. Say it now as I pause to pray for you: Lord Jesus, anoint this one to see, and to hear Your voice. I ask it in your holy Name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Help him read the old scriptures in a new day.

  • Carleton - in Reply on Psalms 46
    Due to our age, my wife and I skipped a church meeting today taking place in a farm machine shop/ barn as the smoke is heavy in the valley here. Two of our teenagers got to go. Here at home we listened to a wedding taking place at a congregation in the Southern US. A wedding of different races, different cultures in the time of Covid and other hardships (none of the brides family could attend). The wedding completed another Christian home here in the United Stated and much more important in the Body of Christ. These young people gave their hearts and lives to the Lord separately several years back and the Lord led them to each other. Nothing is too great for God to accomplish in those who trust him. Our issues in life are His issues if we trust Him. The word "issues" is more KJV than other translations and my wife and I had a short discussion on the matter. Other translations seem to get to the point more quickly, such as trust. But Lord brought what seemed to be a challenging wedding to completion in due time, it took patience but the quality of the time will be part of this young couples marriage The KJV of the Bible seems to add quality in a way that is hard to put a finger on. It requires more patience in proving the will or issues being brought forward for it's reader's edification and sanctification. Finally it is one of several translations that can lead a man to salvation, but it is for me an much appreciated translation.

  • Spirit of Prophesy for Americamishael - in Reply on Revelation 12:9
    If we choose to align ourselves With God and what we know about Him to be true; we will choose a Leader that has also shown in deeds, that He follows the teachings of Jesus.

    Our nation is divided because of political division. Our Country has rarely Prospered when being led by the Blue party.

    People do not feel or think they should elect a Christian leader.

    Our nation was born from people who fled a nation that believed the "State" (the King/Queen) could force the nation to be told how They can worship God. A nation that executed Holy men of God endeavoring to publish and canonize a Bible that had been translated to English,from Hebrew and Greek. said, King James Version Bible.

    They moved across an ocean so they could read a Bible without persecution. So they could live and not be hindered from following Jesus.

    Now it seems we've come full circle. The House is run by many, many people who want to turn this nation to be brainwashed into receiving the Antichrist. Many in Congress are using COVID-19 to push their Anti-Religious agendas. As of now it's illegal to SING in CHURCH. When leaving the White House, on camera, Obama lamented he could not run a 3rd term. I allege that's still his agenda through his old VP; and female henchbuddy. People are blinded to the truth. If we don't make the right choice, we will see every day, our mistake.

    As Biblical Prophesies from the Bible begin to fall into place rapidly, the time left to evangelize this nation is almost gone. Learn the Prophesy or find a prophet who is speaking Bible! Get your loved ones into the Ark (Jesus Christ). There's no more time to be dragged down by the pipe dream we can save this nation.

    Moses was told to get his family and others INTO THE HOUSE and observe the first Passover meal. The lambs blood was painted over & around the door. Everyone went inside. Death passed over. That's why I think we need to get over being bashful and witness to our family.

    May God bless you.
  • Possible Plagues Around the Planet on Revelation 5:13
    What do you think about these locust stories? Is it a plague?

    Jun 12, 2020

    What happens when locusts swarm?

    Locusts continue to reproduce quickly while swarming. They will consume all the food in any given area and then migrate to seek another food source. locusts can travel over one hundred kilometers in a day, meaning they can cover a lot of area.

    "Locusts do not honor political boundaries and can easily invade other adjacent countries," he said.

    The locusts move with the wind currents and can go back and forth between different areas. He said the current swarms moved throughout Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, and then moved up through Saudi Arabia and Yemen to Iran, Pakistan and India.

    Exodus 10:15 - For they covered the face of the whole earth, so that the land was darkened; and they did eat every herb of the land, and all the fruit of the trees which the hail had left: and there remained not any green thing in the trees, or in the herbs of the field, through all the land of Egypt.

    Comment: I think it would be a very good thing to pray and ask God to spare USA from anything like this happening here.

    I've been kinda concerned since I read a story recently about a million pounds of pork smuggled here, from China. President Trump stopped all shipments of meat from China; last year I think. The meat is contaminated with swine flu. We were buying their cheaper meat; and the Chinese were paying more money to buy our uninfected meat. This was written a month or so ago. I'm giving up BLT's :/ Hope Joe Biden will continue the sanctions?

    I was curious if other kinds of plagues were going on besides COVID-19 you know?

    Let's all get really serious about praying over our meals ok? "Bless and sanctify these gifts and make it clean to eat".

    I care about you guys and gals. We have to lean into Jesus now.

    Get your flu shot. It has the H1N1-2 strain that fights swine flu.

    Love You, Mishael
  • The War Continues for the Unborn on Revelation 6
    A U.N. Commission and extreme pro-abortion Member States are holding up vital Coronavirus aid funding needed to address an international pandemic-related food shortage because they are demanding abortion funding in the package.

    They're using children's lives as collateral, letting them starve to death IF the plan doesn't include funds to kill unborn babies.

    This is literally worshiping at the altar of abortion. It's truly diabolical.

    We didn't let the Pelosi-led House of Representatives slip abortion funding into its Coronavirus (COVID-19) funding bills, and we won't let the U.N. fund abortions either. We're talking about millions of dollars in U.N. funding (which U.S. taxpayers contribute to) for abortion under the guise of addressing the Coronavirus.

    We've sent letters to the U.N. Commission demanding it stop withholding Coronavirus food shortage aid simply because it doesn't contain funding for abortion. Now, in just days, we're submitting a new formal comment to the U.N.

    Google ACLJ to sign the petition.
  • Ralph on Luke 15:10
    COVID 19, act of God or brought about by a Chinese leader that thinks He's God!
  • Betty Henson on Hebrews 12
    1. What is the very first thing GOD requires of all man to do? Where can I find it in scripture?

    My thoughts is, Exodus 20:3, but a preacher said it is "TO LOVE" all.

    2. Why are we not noticing or focusing on all these Satanic Statues that are being raised right in front of us with little to no protest? I believe Arkansas has an 85' Statue of Satan with 2 little kids happily smiling as they look up to him, sitting right next to the 10 Commandments. These Statues are raised up throughout the world as they are in many States in this country. GOD told us all in the bible he is a jealous GOD, and will tolerate no other GOD before him. I think Satan has always used racism to keep everybody in the world off focused. (Off course racism is extremely important) however, I know GOD is watching us make him 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.. in order off importance, you get the picture. The world needs to STOP, take a look around, because if what people see is all they see, they don't really see all there is to see. Man has always been nasty and wicked towards each other, and GOD deals with these issues. On the other hand we are foolishly ignoring his first Commandment. Thou shall have no other GOD before me, for I am a jealous GOD. We are going to pay an enormous price for what we are allowing to occur. In fact we are presently paying a heavy price. (COVID 19) We must FAST and PRAY nationwide, worldwide with true Godly leaders, to stop what we are overlooking. Please shed thoughts on this as I am upset that this gets no NEWS ATTENTION, when in fact it is the most important and urgent thing happening in the world, YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW.
  • Travis - in Reply on Luke 22:18
    Interesting point you make explains why through hurricane katrina the usa residents to get relief had to support israel even now with trump they have to sign they support israel for covid_19 payments and why trump made jerusalem the capitol of israel,so your point on israel makes some sense
  • Stephende on Hebrews 6
    Behind the curtain at the Tent of Meeting was the Ark of the Covenent. In the Ark was the Pact, which is verbatim dictation of El Shaddai, the the Rod of Aaron, which budded. Obviously, there were protocols in place in place for those who would enter. In those days, many rebellions occured. They were sick of the manna from heaven. They were thirsty. They would rather have stayed in Egypt, even though they were slaves. Korah was enraged that only Moses and Aaron were allowed in as Priests oh God. El Shaddai destroyed them with fire! Their hearts were not pure! They had not humbled themselves as Moses had. It was said of Moses that he was the most humble man on Earth. There were rules to follow. Fast forward 2000 years in the says of Jesus, when he preached Isiah in the Temple. We see a spontaneous event in time of an interpretation of the Scriptures. He made them relevant and understandable. Many followers did he find. Many also were appalled, including Saul. Now, Saul was converted, howbeit late to the game relative to his Apostles. So it went. To me, being a son of God, but not The Son of God, I find that that today's Christians to be presumptuous, in that they feel that there is no preconditions to entering the most Holy of places, as the Tent of Meeting was. Therefore, they are unaware of the Law. Such is the example of Korah relevent.

    Noone here is above the Law. It is for a reason that Moses and Aaron were allowed in! They could be trusted to convey ONLY that which they heard from El Shaddai! What I hear from Christians is all over the map! A million denominations! A million rewritings of the Bible! And a million million preachers teaching from the wickedness of their heart. It is impossible! As we see plainly these Covid 19 days that God is capable of destroying His creation, for the folly of man.
  • Webster Clarke on 1 Corinthians 13:10
    When a person speak in tongues and another interpret, the interpreter says 'Thus saith the Lord'. So let me ask, Is scripture still being written? is God still speaking? then when will the Word of God be completed? These people who speak in tongues and saith it is from God are in fact adding to what God has said, lyingly so. The Bible was completed by the last book in Revelation. Our Lord has not spoken a Word either in tongues or plain language since.

    This whole business of Tongues, the prophetics, Word of Faith, prosperity gospel, Celebrity Pastors, Mega Churches, 'once saved, always saved' is a trick by Satan to use the Neo-Pentecostals to in fact bring in the Laodicean Church age into existence in which Christ is outside of His own church knocking at the heart of that remnant individual. Revelation 3 "Behold I stand at the door and knock' now look, 'If any man, any individual..... The occurrence of COVID 19 has demonstrated to the world how irrevelant and ineffective the church (Laodicean church has become). It is really a sad and unfortunate DAY when World Governments no longer believe that the church has POWER to protect themselves. They are in fact saying, 'from what we are seeing, we no longer believe that the GOD you say you serve is able to protect you, so we have to legislate your protection... THIS is A HARSH BUT TRUE INDICTMENT ON THE CHURCH in an age when the Pentecostals are boasting of having so much POWER, PROSPERITY, HEALING, MIRACLES..'. '.....but I say unto you, you are poor and wretched and naked and blind-Revelation 3-. It is my belief that the Neo-Pentecostal originating at Azuza St. has done more HARM to the Gospel and the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ than the Catholics during the dark ages. The Catholic's destruction was outright visible and UNPRENTENTIOUS, BRUTAL AND CHRISTLESS. But Satan has used the Pentecostals to destroy God's church in a very subtle way. The church of today is about the Pastor, his PH.D and his MEGA CHURCH, NOT THE CROSS.
  • Howard Coston on Psalms 51
    The sin in us grows inside of us as a seed that mutiplies inside of us hiding within us as small but as we grow in statute and age on the outside the hidden seed of sin grows inside our souls setting the sinner up to dominate and control the man as his slave or servant not down in Egypt but within the man's life who is not aware of who or what is working inside of him because sin is deceptive and blinding living inside the man soul only can the light of Gods word expose this dark nature through the fruit that is manifested and reveal through choices decisions made within the man life the word declares that if God be 4 us who can be against us the sinful nature that is created in us at birth is within us but is also against us which is against God so Jesus was made in likeness of sinful flesh to condemn sin within our mans flesh but only the word of God which was in the beginning was God and only that same word was made flesh and men beheld that Glory that same word which was in the beginning is still present now for the word is Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end can save set free and deliver man even in the middle of time from the shackle and grip of the practice of sin which holds men in prison tight but men can only be delivered through God's might only through and within the word of God hallelujah Thank you sir God Thank you Lord Lord Jesus Thank you Holy Spirit the liberator of men spirit and soul God the word is the invisible Jesus the word was the visible made into flesh The Holy Spirit is the invisible within men who is also called the greater one inside of us than he the wicked one who is the god of this world the enemy who sowed the tares at night when men were asleep Look at the past present and future conditions which is a messed then now and forever here on earth unless he the Son is allowed welcomed invited inside of men lives where sin was birth dwells and is raging throughout within man like the covid 19 by his stripes is Healing
  • Julie - in Reply on Jeremiah 15
    I just read what you wrote I agree and the Bible Says in it that Jesus States The World Hated me Before it Hated You. I agree with you on it all and I have seen it on the net. But news has Almost stopped here all but voting and Covid 19. That's pretty much our news with a few tid bits once and awhile.
  • Gicheru Geoffrey Mwangi on Hebrews 5:14
    Sin is what makes us die for as one sins one gets used to sin and is addicted reason we envy,jealous and eventually kill another,oppress another because you have the power to do so;death is not God's intention for us but when we get to know that reality we no longer babes but mature spirit driven knowing the good and bad subconsciously,during this Covid-19 novelty God Jehova wants human beings to know something about His power,not our power.
  • Jmunizjr on Isaiah 1
    Chapter 1 is an awesome preaching or teaching for the condition of the church today. Why? the church has been taught that Christianity is all about me. My self help, my feelings, my happiness, my fulfillment, and my validation. To answer the question about what was the law's purpose, it was to make sin exceedenly sinful in other words no matter how you feel or what you think, these things are sin, end of story. This was the problem in Israel and is the problem in the church.

    The first thing God accuses them of is not considering. Give thought that you might be wrong and God and His word might be right.

    He then accuses them of the lack of soundness. There thought processes were irrational. He then gives them the opportunity to reason or be logical and if they would they would repent and there sins would be changed white as snow because He had been a good God to them.

    So I ask the covid/anti-government gal to reason. For someone to have underlying problems it is a death sentence for the most part so be a rebel and if you catch it you might be fine, however if you infect family members with respitory problems and they most likely will die. Concerning faith, The Devil took Jesus to the pinnicle of the temple and said He should cast Himself off and the Bible says the angels will bear Him up lest he dashes his foot against a stone. Jesus replied, "it is written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God".

    You say you have faith, Jesus had more and He would not put Himself in danger on purpose to force the hand of the Father.

    4 people in the church and their faith would rival most strong Christians are now with the Lordbecause of covid 19.

    I was witneesing to a lady a few months back and she told me she didn't believe in heaven or hell and I told her didn't believe in semi trucks but you wouldn't catch me playing on the hiway because at the end of the day it does't matter what you or I believe, what matters is what is true.
  • Chris - in Reply on Isaiah 1
    Page 1.


    a. God did give us a perfect immune system, but after the fall, those systems became less than perfect. And this is proven by what mankind suffers throughout their lives, some much worse than others. Good "food & herbs" are important, but our sinful bodies have the final say.

    b. that's wonderful that you desire to follow "God's expectations". And I can't show you from Scriptures about mask-wearing or social distancing - maybe Covid-19 & other viruses were not evident then or the Bible book writers didn't include that aspect. However, the Bible does tell me in Romans 13:1-7 that I need to obey/be subject to the government, for if I disobey, then I show contempt to what God has ordained for us. Yet, there may be times now & certainly later, when the governments will require Christians to do what is contrary to our faith & God's requirements. Peter in Acts 5:29 spoke well to the Jewish leaders when the apostles disobeyed the law & began to preach Jesus: "We ought to obey God rather than men". So, there is a clear occasion when we must disobey - disobeying now because of this virus' presence & impact, is not the occasion.

    c. wearing masks may not be "good for our respiratory systems" but if they help to stop the spread of the virus & needless death, then I would think that it would be useful. For example, you're in a packed train going to work & someone next to you is sneezing & coughing profusely: how do you react? By all accounts, you would do nothing & trust God to protect you. That's great faith. But if your faith was a little diminished & you too suffered the same illness for a week or so, at least you expect to finally recover. With Covid, there is still hope for recovery for most, but for many, death looms (as published figures show). You may be ready to face your Maker, but the other person may not be in that joyful position. I wouldn't like to be in that position of sending one to his life's end, whether or not he was prepared for it.
  • Robert - in Reply on Revelation 13
    I believe in Covid 19 (which is largely fake), we are in the preparation phase for the tribulation judgments. Of course, this can't be the tribulation since the church is still on earth and not yet raptured, but they are preparing with this pestilence, economic collapse, famine, etc. It's most imperative that all repent and believe in Jesus Christ.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on John 14
    For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences (like Co-vid) and earthquakes, in divers (sinful) places. I agree with your first statement about Covid. but not about your second insert (sinful). Divers places means different places, not sinful places.

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