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  • Dawn - in Reply on Mark 16:15
    I Believe this is happening at this time to get people's eyes focused upon the Lord, and to get them Ready for what is to Come, I pray that it puts the fear of God in man to repent with Sincerity n to turn from the World, n to be Obedient,God Wants That n he's giving all kinds of Chances for a body to Change!
  • Curtis Stewart - in Reply on James 1
    You cannot change your nationality, simply because you have accepted Christ. No scripture says that. And please read from verse 1 to see WHO the subject matter is..its all about the descendants Jacob(whose name was changed to "Israel.)
    If i moved to China, adopted Buddhism, did all the religious practices, etc..do i suddenly become a Chinese person? No, thats not possible. Its people who make up this nonsense in "christianity" wants to believe that they suddenly become an Israelites just because they accepted Christ. Thats nonsense. In fact, THESE are the people the Scripture refers to: Romans 9:4 "Who are Israelites, to whom pertaineth the adoption,and the glory, and the covenants,..etc
  • Don on Revelation 4
    was the four books of the gospel (Matt., Mark, Luke and John) written for unbelievers or believers (scripture chapters and verses)?
    was the epistles written for unbelievers or believers (scripture chapters and verses)?
  • Texas Pilgrim on 1 John 4
    ACTUALLY I said I was going to refrain BUT I've got some Irish in me and always an opinion I PRAY this opinion is Spirit led! It touches on where our text goes in the 3rd verse ! I teach Sunday School adults at a local REC it's a SMALL OLD SCHOOL ANGLICAN CHURCH! Evangelical for anyone who has read the collection of books a classic ( THE FUNDAMENTALS) all believers need it! 3 REC Priest wrote articles. 3 brings a profound scary issue we see more than I have ever seen in my life! More deadly than hate of Christ! It is an implied Spiritual sleep/apathy sickness! The people are not cussing heaven!! They simply don't acknowledge Christ for who he is! Wow! Think brethren it's the real epidemic!
  • Sue Curry on Hebrews 2:4
    How does one discern Signs and Wonders from God above, or from evil spirits?

    Jesus said there will be no signs except the Sign of Jonah. Jesus fulfilled that sign with His Ressurrection. The other Sign of Jonah is preaching the Word.

    So these TV Preachers are faking healings, visions, tongues, etc...

    If there really was a sign, I wouldn't believe it.

    Your response, please!
  • PC on Revelation 1
    See John 9:1-3. Christ Jesus answers this question here. See John 14:12. The "works" spoken here are demonstrations of healing done with Love and Truth through Spirit. He never used anything when he healed but God's power. If you are a believer, than you are Christ Jesus' disciple too, also written in the Scriptures. Romans chapter 8 is helpful. The Bible uses symbols so everyone can understand it from different languages at their own pace. The Christ viewed man with Love, he saw no imperfection in them. He saw man as in Genesis 1:26. God is Love, good. There is no fear. I hope this answers your question.
  • Teresa noles on 1 John 4
    I have been told you only have to believe to be saved, to have eternal life. do you also have to be baptized, is there a difference
  • Mickey - in Reply on James 1
    James Guy: please read 1 Timothy chapter 4, particularly verse 3. "FORBIDDING to marry and COMMANDING to abstain from MEATS, which God created to be received with thanksgiving.of them which believe and know the truth
    Verse 1: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in LATTER TIMES some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and Doctrines of Devils."

    You actually pass on barbecue for a glass of protein powder really?! Genesis chapter 1 is God creating so man/woman can enjoy it. He called everything HE created, GOOD. He didn't say oh whoops I made a mistake. Verse 31, HE looked over everything HE made and said it was very GOOD.
    You've been seduced. Repent!
  • Abel - in Reply on Genesis 23:3
    I believe it is 127 years of age. A hundred (100) and (+) seven (7) and (+) twenty (20) = 100 + 7 + 20 = 127.
  • George Mayekula shimenga on 2 Chronicles 7
    God remains a living God in our daily experiences as He was in David's reign.
    Instead of worshipping the Lord as the true temple is our own mind and body to be presented whole inthe presence of the Lord people believe in mere sacrifices. Especially this moment of Corona virus and locust we need to prepare as Christians.
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Hi Benji, I'd like to challenge your OSAS belief with what Jesus himself said in John 14:15. Do you think Jesus was being bad and legalistic by saying to keep his commandments? If a Christian is already saved and doesn't have to keep his commandments then what incentive is there to? Is there any negative consequence whatsoever if a Christian mass murders people or worships satan or does any number of despicable things? If you claim he's not a real Christian, no, he is. I know people who are 100% absolutely Christians and some turn to denounce Jesus and do horrible things. They were Christians. If all you do is believe to be saved, do you believe Hitler and most people on earth are saved?
  • David - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Neighbor, I'll answer your questions but after that we must cease this communication because God commands me to. First with all due respect being born of water does not mean our fleshly birth that's not in the bible and that phrase has never referred to our fleshly birth. We also cannot do anything to make ourselves born again just like there was nothing we can do to be born naturally. We are born not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible and that incorruptible seed is the word of God. Lastly, people are damned if they are not baptized because they have not believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Lord will take vengeance on those that obey not the gospel. I will pray for you Benji.
  • James guy on James 1
    First we have to stop and think.....did God ,our father ,put these creatures on earth to eat???I don't think so...these animals breathe like we breathe and by us slaughtering them we are not showing love we are supposed to eat fruits veggies and drink water...man made is the devil and I'm trying to stop my brother from bringing sin to the pure which is babies..Babies are the most important creatures we're "BLESSED" with and now our peoplebringing evil to there eyes we must pay close attention to all babies because he's coming through them I believe 'well atleast that's what I believe ..I still sin,I have to be honest with him,myself,and you guys..please we have a choice to reconnect with him
  • Mickey - in Reply on Matthew 22:30
    I believe after the Rapture that married couples will know each other. We will have discarded our fleshly bodies for spiritual bodies that don't corrupt. We're going to a party for the Lamb; the Bride will meet her Bridegroom.
    As I have read but not sure where, people who miss the rapture will of course have to survive 3 1/2 Years of pure hell on earth with a very mad Antichrist who demands your head. If you die saved during that time you'll join the rapture group. If you get saved & survive the 3&1/2years, their bodies won't be transformed & they will have kids.
    Question? Is your First love, Jesus Christ?
    Trust God. Trust in the Word.
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 91
    Pagans don't own everything. I will worship God on any day I choose and will not give in to falsehoods about pagans owning this or that part of my life. I reject that notion. I believe satan wants people to back off of worshipping or celebrating Christ on certain days even when Christians celebrated it first.
  • Mickey on 1 Thessalonians 1
    When I was younger I was involved in street ministry. I too thought Catholics were derailed until I ran into 3 Catholic teens who had just had someone tell them they were going to hell for praying to Mary, mother of Jesus. I asked them WHAT they believed about Jesus. Do you believe Jesus is the son of God? Do you believe He lived a perfect sinless life? That he was crucified on the Cross for your sins? That He died and 3 days later was resurrected to life. They all said yes to each question. I hugged them and prayed for their pain of being accused. Luke ch. 1:48 prophesies: ALL GENERATIONS shall call Mary BLESSED. Catholics do this. Do not Judge them.
  • Louis Gacsi on Numbers 28
    Are you sure about the comment you made about the Jew and the white calender's
    If we are true to ourselves, honest in believing that there is one creator for all, we must also believe that the calendar that was given to us to track time, is the one true calendar.

    The Anglo-Saxon English speaking race has manipulated the Word of God, in so many ways. God created everything in 7 days, 1 year was 336 days with man's changing of the one true calendar we have stretched the year from 336 days to 365 and a quarter. This is wrong on so many levels, our months as well as the years are out of alignment.
  • Claudette on Psalms 150
    God of all mercy, goodness and love. Everyone has a soul. You want everyone to know you and to worship you as Lord and King. Please come into my heart and change me to become a firm believer in you, and to be more like you. Guide me to scriptures and to Christians that will help me learn more about you. Empower me to tell others about you, so that they too can come to know you as their Lord and Saviour. Amen.
    Ephesians 2;
    Psalms 145 to Psalms 150; Psalms 23. Psalms 46. Psalms 91. Deuteronomy 6: 5 to 9
  • S on Genesis 2
    Xs, listen to the word of God if you get faith then act on it. Only those that believe in Jesus are not condemned. After you believe you have to be a doer of the word. You're a Jew outwardly but it's better to be a Jew inwardly. Jesus is mentioned in the Old Testament.
    John 5

    44 How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

    45 Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.

    46 For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me.

    47 But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words
  • Bobby Beeman on 2 Esdras 1
    I totally agree with you. Sad to see lives lost, but if taken rightly more Christians will also give witness on account of this sorrow. Perhaps more lives would be lost if it were not for it. But we must then say that terrorists would actually have its good effects as well. You know I believe that there are perhaps millions of souls saved from the terrorist uproars than if they had not been active. God said that there would be a remnant as a sore in the side of Israel for not destroying all of its enemies, but like God is able he will turn everything around for His glory. If I am wrong I am always open for correction.
  • James Udeh on Exodus 23:25
    This scripture is clear, God is saying to me that of the ways believers people of God can defeat the enemies of their health and Blessings is by their service to God. Serving God with ur Treasure, Talent and ur Time.
  • I believe - in Reply on 1 Timothy 4
    Just along the giving or taking of titles from my understanding of Psalms 111:7-10 verse 9 states holy and reverend is his name. Speaking of God . I personally would call no man or woman reverend. The bible teaches that forbidding to marry and abstaining from meats is wrong. I believe the bible .
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Let's talk about the verses quoted. First, Born of Water does not mean Water Baptism. "Water" is the flesh birth from your Mom, How do we know? Jesus says in the next verse: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is Spirit". We are born sinners(1st birth) then we are born again(2nd Birth). Next Question: How do I get born again 1 John 5: Whosoever BELIEVETH that Jesus is the Christ is born of God. You aren't born again when you're Baptized. Also, read the rest of Mark 16:16: but he that BELIEVETH not shall be damned. So are people damned because they didn't get baptized? No. It is clear that the only reason someone is damned because they did not believe.
  • David - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    Benji, the letter to the Ephesians was written to the church in Ephesus. Acts 19 talks of how that church came to be and in verse 5 they were baptized. They were saved by grace through the faith they had by believing and obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, the Gospel according to Mark and the story of the thief on the cross took place during the time of the Old Testament when all the Jews simply had to believe in their Messiah to be saved. Remember the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, "Except a man be born of water and Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom Of God," and, "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved." Peace be unto you in Jesus' name.
  • Benji - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 1
    I think you're confusing our Christian walk with Salvation. like I said to Waunda: " Baptism, AFTER we are saved, is good, and if if you can be baptized then go ahead. But NOT to be saved.".So I'm not saying don't be Baptised. I'm saying you don't have to be baptized, to be saved. You said it was a requirement for Salvation. That's a problem. And on top of that, you said you have to earn it (Salvation) another problem. Because Salvation is the GIFT of God and that not of ourselves (See Ephesians 2:8-9). And let me emphasize John 3:36 again: He that believeth on the Son HATH everlasting life. Meaning the moment you believe you HAVE it. You don't earn it. That's works Salvation.
  • Karen Tallo on John 15
    I was baptized at 16, I am a sinner who want to sin no more do I have to be baptized again, I believe in GOD with all my heart .
  • Marguerite - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Some believe the ten horns are ten nations like a new world order of the antichrist for goverment and religion to be one and worship him as Christ
  • My brother, please reconsider your views on this. Jesus is our role model. We must study the life of Christ and how he walked this earth. Jesus taught us that we must love as he did. Pray as he did. Help as he did. Jesus himself was baptized Matthew 3:16 - Matthew 20:22&23. As you mentioned, we must believe Jesus is the way. You must also understand that Baptism is necessary for the Christian that once you believe on Jesus and accept him, baptism is a symbolic act of you dying to the world(self)of sin, and resurrecting in the new life of Jesus. 2 Corinth 5:17 Says if you are in Christ you are a new creature. Baptism symbolizes that newness. Grace gives you a right to salvation, have to earn it.
  • Vanessa on Philippians 4
    we cave into mortal ideas and then we open a door for the devil to come in, we are now seeing the evil at work but the good thing is we have a Father who loves us, and if we would humble ourselves with humility, and give thanks to Him for he works all things for the good, repent of our sins, He will hear us and answer our prayers, kneel down and pray, and if He is your Lord God Almighty, He will never leave you nor forsake you, trust in Him, He fights our battles, this is a wake up call. Our God is more powerful then he who is in the world, no evil can remove Him who dwells in us, He walks with us. Fear not for He overcame the world and so shall we. He gave us His peace, believe have faith
  • Bob Hilt on Revelation 12
    Few know this but the woman is Israel / Church and she shall flee to the wilderness.
    Pre trib rapture believers are not going to be happy.
    Mark 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
    Revelation 2:26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

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