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  • T Levis - In Reply on Psalms 28 - 1 year ago
    Isaiah 40:11, Psalms 61:3, Psalms 1:1-3, Matthew 6, Luke 11, Psalms 22:24, Timothy 6:6-19, 2Timothy 2:15,

    Psalms 139, Psalms 37,

    Matthew 18, 1Kings 7:4,5,6, Proverbs 30:8,9,

    Psalms 84, Psalms 28, Psalms 18:32,

    Isaiah 26:2,3,

    Hopefully these are helpful
  • Richard H Priday on Psalms 61 - 1 year ago
    Psalm 61. A story of vows.

    Verse 5 in this short Psalm indicates vows that David made; unknown as to exactly what they were. The next verse states assurance of long life which Solomon was promised in 1 Kings 3:14 IF He would remain obedient and not stray as warned in the conditions listed there as well as in 2 Chronicles 1:11 and sequential verses (without the promise of long life there). Solomon's sins probably shortened his life; however despite his lengthy reign.

    In David's case vows were given; whereas in Solomon's case I know of no such example. There are warnings; in fact in Ecclesiastes which Solomon wrote after learning some bitter life lessons where he mentions vows. ( Ecclesiastes 5:4-8). God requires it; and we are "fools" if we don't. A vow can be a one time act such as Paul in Acts 18:18; or one that is done for as long as a lifetime (such as a marriage vow). Thus; we need to be careful what we promise and have every intention to complete it. Judges 11 shows the seriousness of a poorly thought out vow (much controversy there as to the meaning; it would probably mean dedicating as a perpetual virgin to the Lord in the case of a human as opposed to an animal sacrifice). There are whole commentaries on that passage of scripture.

    In this Psalm we should focus on the eternal benefits of those who trust God. Verse 7 indicates the king will abide before God "forever"; and this would clearly foreshadow the Messiah who was to be a son of David who would finally be the one to restore the Kingdom and fulfill all the promises left undone. It would seem that David's vows were for a lifetime of some sort of service (verse 8). The continual praise certainly should accompany what we vow; that would be nice to see in marriages. The rock in verse 2 certainly would indicate Deity; and God's protection in verses 3 and 4 show our heavenly home to come and the angelic protection promised for His saints (see Psalm 91:4).
  • May - In Reply on Psalms 61 - 1 year ago
    Dear Delilah,

    Thank you

    I pray to God to strengthen my faith.

    I need to have that faith which is like that of a mustard seed.

    God bless you

  • May - In Reply on Psalms 61 - 1 year ago
    Dear Donna,

    Thank you for comforting me. Your prayer is a great gift.

    I am happy for you.

    Amen ! Jesus is Lord !

    I trust in Him that He will get me through this.

  • Donna - In Reply on Psalms 61 - 1 year ago
    May, I'm praying for you to get that breakthrough that you so desperately seek right now! I needed one too and I got it!

    Jesus is Lord!

  • Delilah - In Reply on Psalms 61 - 1 year ago
    Your faith in him will save you .
  • May on Psalms 61 - 1 year ago
    Dear Jesus,

    I am overwhelmed

    Lead me
  • Lou on Psalms 61 - 2 years ago
    In tne Book of Daniel, what does the "hand writing on the wall" signify for this present generation? (If anything)
  • Manuel Marques Teixeira on Psalms 61 - 2 years ago
    God Allmighty, dwells on a High and sublime place (Sion, from north's arounds, comming from Orion's constellation direction) but also abides in a repented, humble heart, that fears His name.
  • Donna W on Psalms 61 - 2 years ago
    I give thanks for this website ! I have been reading on a regular daily basis for quite some time as part of my daily habit .I look to God for solace & support during difficult & trying times but also during happy, joyous times.Yes even with covid still around .As I approach the Thanksgiving holiday ,I give thanks for God & the many blessings I have in my life . Yes I have travails in my life . I just do my best to wade through. Always with God's help all things are possible .
  • David on Psalms 61 - 2 years ago
    Thank you Lord for your promises to hear my prayers and attend to my cries. You are an ever present help to me and to all who worships our God in truth and spirit.

    Thank you for the history I have of all who went before me. I can know you in your righteousness and loving kindness. Thank you for the peace and comfort I have because of you. Help me to renew my experience with you Lord.

    Thank you Brothers and Sisters in Christ name, for the great worship we have on this forum. May the Lord continue to shine His face on all, and bless us in all our trials and tribulations. May we rise up and be a blessing on to others.

    September 29, 2021
  • Denise Johnson on Psalms 61 - 2 years ago
    my comment and question is that I'm so glad that Jesus picked me.Im 9 years clean from everything's love the lord so much praise him morning noon nite. Question I was mislead false information from school about my 15 yrs son for virtual learning. and also just Quarantine from covid son missed 15days from school he is afraid so I have to have faith and leave with god I want to believe it going to be in my favor I don't know what to think we both are under psychiatric rehabilitation program please help me tomorrow is dated for the board of education very nerve.
  • KEN HADSELL on Psalms 61 - 2 years ago
    Are you feeling abandoned, lonely, fearful, depressed? This psalm shows David's humility before God. When we have sunken to the lowest point possible, we can go to God for strength, protection and whatever help we need. We are so blessed to have these psalms and scripture to go to for inspiration. In the midst of his situation, yet David praises God. This is very important -- praise Him not for the trouble we face but for who He is and for His gift of salvation and our hope of eternity with Him. When I do this, it lifts me up and puts joy in my heart in spite of heartache and trouble. I believe

    God is present and glorified when His people lift His name in honor and praise- Psalm 22:3.
  • Sacha - In Reply on Psalms 61:2 - 3 years ago
    Robert Smith ,may God bless you and your wife in all the ways He knows you need His blessings most ,do not be afraid ,He is with you both every step of the way and He wont leave you ,trust in Him and in His love for you both .Take any treatment offered and thank God for it and ask Him to preserve you both . He understands us ,all our weakness all our fears ,He knows our vulnerability and our needs ,do not fear ,pray together ,read together and live ! Together with Him in your hearts and minds every day ,thank Him always for everything .
  • Robert Smith on Psalms 61:2 - 3 years ago
    My wife is very sick has to be tested for leukemia I listened also to the song this is how we fight our battles ( surrounded) but I love this verse. Because my wife is my best friend. God will see us through
  • BSP on Psalms 61 - 3 years ago
    It is important to pour out our heart to Jehovah God and especially when we feel like we are drowning or overwhelmed with worry and anxiety.
  • Patricia on Psalms 61 - 3 years ago
    This is my confort prayer nightly !
  • Patricia on Psalms 61 - 3 years ago
    Praise The Lord . This is my confort prayer when my heart is weary.
  • A bible believer - In Reply on Proverbs 14 - 3 years ago
    Refuge means a place of shelter. See Psalms 61:3
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 61 - 3 years ago
    Thank you for your blessing LORD you have sheltered me thank you heavenly father,
  • Donna - In Reply on Psalms 61 - 3 years ago
    When he stated "From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I, he was saying no matter where God was he would cry out and give his heart to the Lord. This is what we need to do everyday, choose the Lord Jesus before it too late. God is good, we have to really think about what is being said before a statement of untruth is made. God is Good, there is no person that is higher than Gods word. We can not go over, under, or around the truth of the word of God, the Lord Jesus will prevail. He loves us and will keep us in perfect peace as long as our mind is on him.
  • Jim on Psalms 61 - 3 years ago
    I will said praises unto the Lord forever.god has taken me out of the darkness to let me see the marvelous light. I will trust the Lord at all times. Praises shall continuously be in my mouth Thank you Lord for everything. Amen
  • Sunday Levinus Alaka on Psalms 61:2 - 3 years ago
    Psalms 61:2

    Hear my cry O God, attend to my prayer: This was wise praying from David. He understood that though God hears all prayers in one sense, in the sense of answering and responding favourably. Opening his prayer this way, David did not presume a response from God, but actively asked for the response. True believers are eager for an answering prayers, but living Children of God will never rest till their supplications have entered the ears of the Lord God.
  • Rachael Ng39ambi on Psalms 61 - 3 years ago
    Situations may seem overwhelming, but we cry to God to lead us to a rock higher than ourselves, He is a great God

    He has inheritance to those that fear Him Vs 5
  • Peter Grant on Psalms 61:2 - 3 years ago
    Ends of the Earth - A (so called ) spinning ball earth does not have ends!! Think about it!
  • Onyinyechi joy nwokochah on Psalms 61 - 4 years ago
    Verse 1 makes a meaning to me7
    He shall abide before God for ever: O prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him.
  • Emily Marie Brown on Psalms 61 - 4 years ago
    The Lord is lovable
  • Simon kunjil on Psalms 61 - 4 years ago
    Amen the Lord is always with me in my journey
  • Cynthia Lopes on Psalms 61 - 4 years ago
    I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised... Blessed be the Rock. Praise Jesus! He is there in time of need.
  • Cynthia holiday on Psalms 61 - 4 years ago
    Bless the Lord for his wisdom, Bless him for my understanding of his word let it speak to my heart and spirit all the days of my beautiful long life Amen.

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