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  • Michahla on Isaiah 47
    this si speaking about the daughter of babylon isaiah 13:13which is america who will be burnt with fire, psalms 137:7 ancient babylon wasnt burnt with fire . the people the real jews are the blacks hispanics an native americans who were put into slavery an destroyed and shown no mercy in cattle slavery revelation 2:9 the jewish people lied to us an fooled the whole world job 9:24
  • Mbabazi florence on Psalms 127
    Thank you Mathew Henry for the comments on Psalms 137 am encouraged by your words i was also saved by my Father in Heaven as you commented and be blessed in Jesus name.

    Debts were like a flood in my life but I thank God he is making me clear one by one Glory to God the creator of me.
  • Mark Rasbury on Ezekiel 1
    This chapter helps us see the Glory of the Lord. Ezekiel was given visions by God when Israel was taken into captivity. Ezekiel was full of hope while the rest of the exiles were in spiritual depression. Today, we can see the Glory of God in times like these as we face ever growing evil that is around us today in this country that we live in. Read Psalms 137 and compared it to the first chapter of Ezekiel, and you will see a greater contrast of faith that exists between Ezekiel and the rest of the people during that time.

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