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  • Mary Jay - In Reply - 4 months ago

    What is adultery in God's eyes?

    Is it adultery in the FLESH, or adultery against God in our BELIEFS?

    Psalms 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

    Revelation 17:5 And upon HER head was a name written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS (adulteresses) AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

    Which is more important to God, removing ministers that commit adultery in the flesh, or sin against God in their beliefs and teachings.

    If the are corrected in their BELIEFS, they want sin in the flesh.

    God Bless YOU!
  • Jordyn - In Reply - 5 months ago
    Sister Jema:

    The prophecies in Jeremiah were as much for the PROMISED ISRAEL as was it for national Israel.

    National Israel was preached the gospel then, as promised Israel is preached the gospel today.

    John came preaching the GOSPEL of the Kingdom of God saying REPENT of your SINS.

    They didn't understand THEN, as we don't understand TODAY.

    Christ was CRUCIFIED from the foundation of the world, the sins of the FLESH God sees NOT, only the righteousness of Christ.

    National Israel had this gospel THEN, as well as promised Israel has it TODAY.

    Psalms 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our sins from us.

    So what was John message of REPENTANCE of our sins.

    UNBELIEF is the ONLY sin that keeps us from the PRESENCE of GOD.

    John 16:8 An when HE (Christ) IS COME (the second time as the Spirit of Truth), he (Christ) will reprove the world of SIN.

    John 16:9 Of SIN because they BELIEVE NOT ......

    You REPENT of the sins of UNBELIEF.

    CONFESS your SINS of not understanding God's word.

    ASK and you will RECEIVE.

    John 9:41 ... If you were BLIND, you would have NO SIN, but because you say I SEE, your SIN (not understanding) remaineth.

    You may have to read the WORD fifteen hundred times as LIGHT is shined into DARKNESS: our carnal mind of misunderstanding.

    These words are meant for encouragement, not condemnation, we are all being JUDGED by the WORD.

    Each of us STAND or FALL by those WORDS.

    Look at yourself as GOD sees YOU, a NEW CREATION.

    Philippians 2:5 Let this MIND be IN YOU, which was ALSO in Christ Jesus,

    Philippians 2:6 Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal to God.

    God Bless YOU!
  • Jordyn - In Reply - 6 months ago

    I takes the whole word of God to understand any part of the word.

    Romans 7

    It takes other truths in God's to understand Romans 7.

    If ones does not believe other truths in the word then he want understand Romans 7.

    One truth that always has to be applied to any scriptures we study in the word IS:

    Hebrews 4:3 .... the WORKS were finished from the foundation of the world ......

    Revelation 13:8 ... the LIFE of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world .....

    Matthew 25:34 ..... the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world .....

    Matthew 13:35 .... things which have been keep secret from the foundation of the world ....

    So, all this, the WORKS being done before the foundation, we come to this truth:

    Hebrews 4:2 ... unto them was the GOSPEL PREACHED, as well as UNTO US ...

    One of the truths of the gospel is your sins are forgiven, therefore their sins were forgiven from the foundation of the world.

    The prophets declared this to them as well as us:

    Psalms 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our SINS from us.

    They didn't BELIEVE, as most today don't BELIEVE these words of God, God has not seen our sins from the foundation of the world.

    So, what is this SIN that kept THEM and KEEPS us from God: his word tells us:

    Hebrews 3:19 So we see that they could not enter in because of UNBELIEF.

    So, what's God's solution for UNBELIEF and the mystery keep secret from the foundation of the world.

    The SPIRIT of TRUTH, pour out on man at pentecost.

    John 16:8 When he is come, he will REPROVE the world of SIN ....

    John 16:9 .....of SIN, because they BELIEVE NOT ......

    You can believe in God, and yet, NOT BELIEVE his words.

    1 Peter 1:23 You are BORN AGAIN, by the WORDS of God ....

    I'm out of characters.

    Meditate on these truths and we will continue on to Romans 7.

    God BLESS YOU!


  • Jordyn - In Reply - 6 months ago
    Brother Ronald Whittemore:

    We constantly grow in the grace and knowledge of God, only in his time frame, his appointed time to each of his children.

    I think there is enough evidence through out the word of God that shows Christ is the angel of the Lord.

    Acts 27:23 And there stood before me this night the ANGEL of the Lord, whose I am, and whom I serve.

    We serve Christ, the angel (messenger) of the Lord (God).

    Galatians 4:14 ....but received me as an angel of God, EVEN AS Jesus Christ.

    Isaiah 63:9 In all their (creations) affections he (Christ) was afflicted, and the ANGEL of HIS (God's) presence SAVED them, in his (God's) love and his (God's) pity he (God) redeemed (through Christ, God's does all things through Christ) and bare them, and

    carried them all the days of old.

    There is many more scriptures, I like you try to keep comment short.

    God BLESS YOU as we grow together in the knowledge of God.

    Ephesians 4:4 ...ONE body ... ONE Spirit ....

    Ephesians 4:5 ..... ONE God ..... Father of ALL .... even angels .... above all ..... through you all .... and IN YOU ALL .....even angels.

    1 Corinthians 15:28 ..... that God may be ALL in ALL .....even angels .....

    Psalms 103:20 ....ye HIS ANGELS ......

    Romans 8:29 ...conformed to the IMAGE of HIS SON ....

    Luke 20:36 Neither can they died anymore, for they are EQUAL to the ANGELS (Christ being the angel of the Lord, and they were resurrected in his image), and are the children of God, being the children of the RESURRECTION.

    God BLESS YOU!
  • Landry - In Reply - 10 months ago
    Brother Adam:

    What is man SAVED from?

    The wages of SIN is DEATH.

    What is SIN?

    Psalms 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

    Hebrews 10:16 And this is the covenant I will make with them, after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my LAWS in their hearts, and in their minds I will write them:

    Hebrews 10:17 And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.

    So what is the SIN that results in death.

    James 2:7 Do they not blaspheme thy Holy NAME by which ye are called?

    Revelation 13:6 And he open his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme HIS NAME ....

    John 16:8 And when HE (the Holy Ghost) is COME, he (the Holy Ghost) will reprove the world of SIN ....

    So what is SIN that leads to death? ....blasphemy of the Holy Ghost by whose NAME ye are CALLED.

    Acts 2:38 .....REPENT (of your beliefs) and be baptised in the NAME of Jesus ......

    John 16:9 Of SIN because the BELIEVE not on me (the promised SEED of God), the ROD that CAUSES man to do the WILL of God.

    Man does't BELIEVE that Christ came as SINFUL FLESH (you and I and all creation): and DIED on the cross.

    Three days later Christ ONLY arose; and all creation were joint heirs with Christ's resurrection, all creation bears the NAME of Christ, because they were made ONE with Christ, blaspheming that name leads to DEATH.

    The whole world is DEAD in sin (UNBELIEF).

    God bless you
  • Duncan - In Reply - 11 months ago
    God is so merciful that if He is to deal with us according to our sins none of us would stand, we will all be in Hell remember the Generation that was in the times Of Noah God dealt with them and all perished excerpt those 8 people in the ark Noah a preacher of righteousness and his family.

    The mercy of God is in display each day of our lives therefore lets us Give thanks to the Lord for His mercy endures forever Amen.

    As its written in Psalms 103:8:10

    8The LORD is merciful and gracious,

    Slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.

    9He will not always chide:

    Neither will he keep his anger for ever.

    10He hath not dealt with us after our sins;

    Nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.

    And IF God was to mark our sins, where would you be?

    David did not pray and asked the Lord if it was okey to number the Israelite's and when he was warned that this might bring Judgement but paid no attention neither did, He put God first before embarking on such a task. David knew very well who God was and he should have sort after Gods counsel first before taking any steps.

    This event is even evident in our daily Lives a christians we tend to take the initiatives without seeking Gods will though prayer.

    David was at fault and as its written in Proebers 8:8 All the words of my mouth are with righteousness.

    Nothing crooked or perverse is in them.

    Please Pray for understanding and God is faithful He will Give your Freely Amen.
  • Doris on Matthew 26 - 1 year ago
    in Psalms 103:1, what is the significance of God using the East from the West , and no other directions of the earth?

  • Danny Solero on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Thank you lord Jesus
  • T Levis - In Reply on Ephesians 1 - 1 year ago
    1John 4:18,

    Colossians 3:21, Colossians 3:8,

    Psalms 37, Ecclesiastes 7:9, Psalms 37:8, Proverbs 15:18,

    Ephesians 4:26,

    Psalms 103:8,9, Psalms 145:8,

    If you look up fear in search option on site it pulls up 13 pages,

    Hopefully helpful
  • Donna Grace - In Reply - 1 year ago
    Amen Anna! The Lord be magnified! I AM praising with you!

    The Lord is great and greatly to be praised!

    He has done so much for me. He brought me out of a deep dark pit and I will be forever grateful!


    Psalms 63:3-4

    Psalms 103:1
  • Giannis - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Hello Joe

    Does it really matter what the Jewish names of God and Jesus are? The authors of the 4 gospels as well as the rest, Paul, James, Jude, Peter wrote in Greek and used the greek respective names (since they were addressing primarily to a greek speaking audience at that time), they didn't use the Hebrew forms of them(although they were Hebrew themselves), isn't it so? So that means that it doesn't matter at all what form of names one may use, Hebrew, Greek, English, German, etc, the result is the same. So the English names are as good as any other. GBU
  • Joe CoWhick on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Has anyone in your community commented on the possibility of RESTORING the correct Hebrew name of the Almighty, Eternal Creator of heaven and earth and His son's name, Israel's Messiah, as well?
  • Abiodunrin Odumosu on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Knowing the forgiveness of sins and receiving grace!
  • GiGi - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Dear Lena,

    I will pray for your daughter today,

    Dear Heavenly Father, we pray to You today in the name of Jesus that You will bring healing to Gwen's heart through these treatments. We ask that You will guide her through this and give her more faith to trust You without doubting Your goodness nor Your power to heal. Amen.
  • Lena on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    My daughter Gwen has just found out she has heart trouble

    prayers needed to get her through treatments

    thank you and God bless/amen
  • Child Of God Lord Jesus on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    God loves us so much that Jesus became the Holy Word made into the Flesh and Jesus loves us, he's asking each of us, Praying without ceasing asking anything example, Healings, The Red Wave coming represents the Blood of Jesus and God saving our Land USA Israel God is Absolutely Good and God uses His Godly Prophetics, And, Church, there's going to be Faith Based 12 pm Praying service, satan and his demons do not like the Red Wave, nor the 12 noon time.

    We take back our Country endowed by Godly led Prayer Warrior's and We Winn the Red Wave.

    God loves you

    I love you
  • Earl Bowman - In Reply - 1 year ago
    Len hoffman:

    Psalms 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he REMOVED OUR TRANSGRESSIONS from us.

    All by the shed blood of Christ and his resurrection.

    God the Father sees you, Len, as the righteousness of Christ, Christ has given you his righteousness, it's your inheritance, Glory in the works of God.

    It's your gift from your Father.

    God Bless you!
  • Lena on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    need prayers for these family and friends/Ellen-Karen-Brandi-Veronica-Josh-Becca-also

    thier partners' (there in no judgement passed here on anyone)

    Jesus said, ask the will of Our Father and so shall it be.Amen
  • Chrys - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    thank you, Adam, i appreciate your reply

    God Bless everyone here that responded

    not one curt comment even though my own was rather flip

    thank you to everyone for your kindness
  • Chrys - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Nats, thank you for your very kind reply. i kind of look at it this way:

    the law then

    grace and now


    Jesus healing in his time was to show man who he was

    but we are living in the time of suffering and not healing

    i wish more churches would teach that Christianity is very hard

    and our very big responsibility in maintaining every moment of it our lives
  • GiGi again - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago

    Our resurrected bodies will be like Jesus', with flesh and bones, but glorified, no longer corrupted nor corruptible by sin ever more and no longer mortal, able to physically die evermore.

    Nats, I say these things because there is a lot of people who believe that our eternal life will be as spirits and that the spiritual part of us is more important than our physical body, but the Scriptures does not put forth such a view. We are beings that are made to have a body, soul, and spirit forever. So our redemption is of our whole self, not just the spiritual aspects of our being. We are not able to divide ourselves up into three parts: body, soul, spirit, and still be a living human being. God made us this way.

    We should recognize that our sinfulness goes to every aspect of our being, all of us is corrupted. But Praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ, that He has thoroughly and completely redeemed us as a human being. Some of the benefits of this redemption we have in this life as a down payment or guarantee of the fullness of our redemption to come in the resurrection.
  • GiGi - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Dear Nats,

    I hear what you are saying here. However, our completeness or wholeness in Christ does involve our body, soul, and spirit. We are a unity of these, making us a human being. Our whole self is corrupted by sin, not just our flesh (body). I think we should always think of ourselves this way and not separate out our soul or spirit as good and our flesh as evil. This is the thinking of the Gnostics and the Docetists in the 1st and 2nd century which was wholly refuted by Apostle John in his epistle and by the leaders of the church at the end of the 1st and into the 2nd century A.D.

    God want to heal ALL of our being, and we will be completely healed of the damaging and deadly effects of sin throughout our whole being in the resurrection. In this life, before the resurrection, we can certainly ask for healing of any part of our being that is not well and not functioning as God would have it function. Sometimes He heals this part of our being that we ask Him to heal, and sometimes He does not, as, for instance, Paul's thorn in the flesh. But we can know that the Holy Spirit is sanctifying us soul and body and body ( 1 Thessalonians 5:23) until we are completely sanctified and preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sanctification frees the believer from sin and makes us pure and holy. Every aspect of our being is to be sanctified by the Holy Spirit, which is the process of re-creation that makes us completely well. As we see in 1 Corinthians 15:42-44

    "So also in the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body" (NIV)

    Then in 1 Corinthians 15:53-

    "For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality." (NIV)

    So, we will be bodily raised from the dead at the resurrection as Jesus' body was raised....
  • Nats - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Healing is for spirit flesh is nothing it corrupts ages dies . Healing the breach between us and our God . If we are in Jesus we are healed and with our God. We can break arms legs nose that's just our bodies doesn't matter . It's being close to God through Jesus this is true healing inner peace content waiting for Jesus knowing God's promises waiting for them . Trust God will keep promises .
  • Luke - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    James 1:5 But if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask from God,That giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    6 But let him ask in faith, nothing doubting.

    For he that doubteth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

    7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

    8 A double minded [unstable] man is unstable in all his ways.

    Be patient, have no doubts, ask God for wisdom.
  • Learn How To Fight the Devil and Be Strong in Faith - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Everything negative that results in unbelief in what Scripture, is at WAR with your mind and faith in God. If Satan is going to always attack our faith in God.

    You need to understand what Jesus did after Adam and Eve sinned. They lost their dominion and authority to exercise it, to Satan.

    Jesus would retrieve it in the future. He set aside his power, to be born as a Human. EARTH WAS MADE FOR HUMANS. Only a human could redeem it. Satan did not know what God was doing. When Jesus was anointed in Luke 4:18-19, His ministry began. He had all of His Powers returned to Him. He healed people, cast out demons. He had all AUTHORITY and POWER to do miracles. Satan was stripped.

    Jesus IMPARTED THAT AUTHORITY into BELIEVERS only. His followers who received His Baptism of the Holy Spirit ( John 3), have the authority of Jesus to do the same things Jesus did: heal, bind and cast out devils/demons; cleanse the afflicted, raise the dead (spiritually). Concentrate on what Jesus did and imparted into His FOLLOWERS. Our FAITH IN JESUS is our strength to maintain our peace and healing.

    Satan attacks our faith. HE IS NOT HUMAN. He has no authority to attack believers. But he still tries. He wants DOUBT to threaten and SHAKE OUR FAITH IN JESUS. If you let DOUBT enter your mind, it brings in other spirits to destroy your faith.

    Our faith is precious to God. Turn back to when your faith was new & strong. Stand on Gods WORD. As Jesus taught, BIND THE ENEMIES and CAST THEM INTO OUTER DARKNESS.

    Kick out DOUBT. Stand on Scriptures. Ephesians 6: scriptures are your SWORD. Enemies of your Faith are INVISIBLE. Perceive their Fruits: doubt, sickness, perversion, destroyer of faith. Ask Holy Spirit to give you the names. Only Bible will feed your faith. TV will erode it. Google Spiritual Warfare to learn how to fight back

    Jesus sits at the right Hand of God, interceding for us. He wants us to prevail and have what we pray for.

    Pray at all times. Be strong.
  • Adam - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    Hi Chrys, that is a good question and one I have mulled over. I don't claim to be any authority on the subject, but happy to share thoughts.

    Jesus said if you pray in faith to move mountains you can. I don't know if that's literal or figurative. But I believe when we pray, I believe that we can pray in faith, and the answer may be no. Jesus even prayed to the Father to 'let this cup pass from me' to avoid the gruesome murder He was about to receive in order to pay for you and my sins. Matthew 26:39. Considering the outcome I speculate that the answer from God the Father to that prayer was 'no'. And I have no doubt that Jesus prayed in faith. So, my thinking is that if even Jesus can have prayer requests not fulfilled, then its likely that I won't get everything I want either.

    So, I don't think God is a magic genie to give us wishes. Instead I think we exist for God's pleasure.

    More evidence seems to support this, which is other characters in the Bible who had faith and prayed but still had disabilities, hardships. Like Paul had a thorn in the flesh, probably a physical disability. Moses had a speech impediment of some kind and felt insecure about leading the Israelites. God used them all anyway. Remember the verse of Paul saying God's strength is made perfect in our weakness? 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

    We aren't promised health, wealth, and for perfect lives here. Those who teach prosperity stuff aren't preaching out of the Bible I'm reading. We're promised challenges, hardships, persecution. There are plenty of verses supporting this. Plus this life is extremely short and we don't take anything with us. We won't have these disabilities in the afterlife.

    I'm sorry to hear about your ailment. If its prostate cancer proton therapy actually works.I believe we should continue praying in faith and trusting God for whatever outcome He decides or allows. I also believe more people praying helps. Matthew 18:19-20. God bless.
  • Chrys on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    does God heal or not? i broke my arm not too long ago, and he healed my arm. if someone has surgery for appendix, chances are pretty good that he will recover.....gallbladder surgery etc. those things will heal, but not your cancer or your asthma or your blindness. i do not understand this, and it is creating problems in my faith.

    what are promises of healing for? people say, oh he will be healed in the next life....well i hope so! we don't need the promises for the next life now do we? healing in Heaven is pretty much a given. and if the healing promises are not meant to work in this life then what about the others? are they for the next life too?

    i want someone to tell me, are we to look to God for healing? or not waste our time? i will tell you, He has saved my life more times than i can tell you in many different ways. but then i was not asking. bc they just happened and had happy endings, but now i am asking him, for this is serious (well many of the others were as well) and suddenly

    i don't trust that he will save me this time

    ty for what it's worth to you, yours is my favorite site (maybe my answer is in my question. i am so confused)
  • OLD MAN WILSON - In Reply - 1 year ago
    Sister Suze :

    The scripture tells that WE (after the death of the flesh and blood body) will BECOME like the ANGELS.

    Psalms 103:20 Bless the Lord ye his angels ....

    Psalms 104:4 Who maketh his angels spirit; his ministers (his priests) a flaming fire.

    John 3:6 ....that which is born (again) of Spirit is spirit.

    Psalms 148:2 Praise him all ye ANGELS .....

    Luke 20:36 Neither can they (those resurrected with Christ) died anymore, for THEY (those chosen to be part of the first resurrection) are EQUAL unto THE ANGELS; and are the children of God, being the CHILDREN OF THE RESURRECTION.

    Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers (or possibly someone you have known); for there by SOME (possibly you) have entertained ANGELS UNAWARE.

    In the Old Testament Angels; appearing as men, appeared to several.

    Christ (the first man) also appearing as the Angel of the Lord.

    I would not get freaked out about: THE WORKS of THE LORD.

    God Bless You as we grow in understanding.
  • Donna - In Reply - 1 year ago
    Sister Lena, Praise the Lord! That is a wonderful testimony. I praise Him and thank Him for His tender mercies!!!! Hallelujah!!!

    Psalms 103:2-4

    Thank You Jesus:-).
  • Psalm 103 Meaning - In Reply on Psalms 103 - 1 year ago
    David calls upon his soul and all that is in him to bless the Lord. The Lord blesses us, but how can we "bless" Him? In this context, the term "bless" means "to praise with strong affection." By calling upon his soul and all that is within him to praise the Lord, David summons his soul, mind, strength, and heart to praise Him ( Deuteronomy 6:4; Matthew 22:36-40).

    David also gives a reason to praise the Lord: He is holy. He is completely separate from sin. When the Lord appeared to Moses in a burning bush and commissioned him to demand that Pharaoh release the Hebrews from captivity, He told Moses to remove his sandals because he was standing on holy ground ( Exodus 3:5). The ground was holy only because God was present there. Isaiah received a revelation of the Lord's holiness in the temple. He heard the seraphim pronounce, "Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts" ( Isaiah 6:3). Praising the Lord for His gracious gifts to us is appropriate, but it is also appropriate to praise Him because He is holy.

    Psalm 103:1-5 records David commanding his entire inner being to praise the Lord and to remember all the Lord's benefits. He credits the Lord with forgiveness of sin and healing of diseases. He says the Lord redeems the believer's life from the realm of the dead and bestows on him steadfast love, mercy, satisfaction, and renewal.

    Psalm 103 praises God for what He has done. This includes celebration of His personal influence, as well as the way God has blessed the nation of Israel. David encourages praises from himself, from the people in general, and even from the angels and hosts of heaven.

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