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  • T. Levis - In Reply - 1 year ago
    1Corinthians 6:1-3, Continue on 1Corinthians 6:4,5, 2Timothy 2:12, Revelation 5, notice Revelation 5:10,

    Mark 10:42-45, 1Timothy 3:1-13, 1Timothy 5:17-22, Hebrews 13:7,17,24, 1Corinthians 4,

    Exodus 18:13-26, John 7:24, Deuteronomy 1:16,18, 1Corinthians 11:31, Isaiah 3:4,12, Isaiah 14:2, Isaiah 32:1, Deuteronomy 15:5-18,

    James 1:5,

    Hopefully these are helpful
  • Kay - In Reply on Exodus 18 - 1 year ago
    What a marvelous testimony of the loving kindness of God in your life experiences, Gigi!

    Isn't it mind-boggling that THIS God Who is OUR God....just likes to be with us? I mean - He is in the company of seraphim, and angels and the spirits of just men made perfect in glory - yet, condescends to 'enjoy' us; I know that He is happy totally in Himself, and doesn't 'need' us to be happy...but He CHOOSES to delight in the sons of men! It is just too much for words to describe how astounding this all is! PRAISE THE LORD! :)

    It seems somehow, in my own life, it has been the hardest thing to follow the 'easiest' command of Jesus, i.e, "Take MY yoke upon you..." He explains WHY He wants us to do so, and that's because HIS is easy and light. Does Kay listen? Nooooo... "Gimme that big, fat ol' heavy end, Jesus, I'll carry it!!"..and then wonder when I get worn out! Ha ha! Thanks be to Jesus for His patience with such a one as I, for over the years, little by little, I learn to leave the 'heavy work' for Him, and take the easy end with joy and thanksgiving...which includes a lot of 'down time' with Him! As you well know, sweet sister, there really is no place better in all worlds than sitting at the feet of Jesus and admiring Him!

    Have a wonder-filled weekend, Gigi!

    Love in Jesus and lots of holy hugs!

  • GiGi again - In Reply on Exodus 18 - 1 year ago
    Good afternoon Kay, Thanks for you reply. Along the lines of your friend, I have a personal story.

    It was in 2021, Holy Week (as some call the week before Resurrection Day) and I had scheduled a get-away for myself only at a cabin. I had never done this before in the 20 years I was married and raising our sons. I was dealing with a lot and needed this time to regroup, pray, and let the Holy Spirit lead and prompt me.

    I arrived at the cabin on Thursday afternoon, got all settled. I had brought my Bible, some Sunday School materials I was to prepare for upcoming lessons, and some home financial things I needed to get around to. I sat on the bed looking at these things I had placed on the shelf, asking God what He wants me to do first-read the Bible, do the SS lesson, etc, and the prompt to my heart was just this. "I want you to just "be" with Me." I was deeply touched by this and so I did just that. i put on some worship music, made myself dinner, set a plate for both me and the Lord, sat down and enjoyed His company throughout the rest of the evening. What a beautiful time this was for me. There was emotional healing and deepening of my sensitivity to His Spirit.

    So, I do think that Jethro's advice freed Moses up to learn to "be" with YHWH. Moses was perhaps the greatest leader of all the Israelite nation through all of its history. (Aside from Jesus, of course). The Word speaks of Him as being a friend of God and one to speak to Him "face-to-face". His encounters with YHWH must have been awesome and incredible.
  • Kay - In Reply on Exodus 18 - 1 year ago
    Thank you Gigi, for this timely message. In today's world, we have so much distraction! And there is something in the American 'psyche', i.e., something in the make up of the mindset of our culture that tells us that it is wrong or ungodly to say "No" sometimes! We think we have to say 'Yes' to every request!

    I think of now of the lesson we learn from Mary. Mary found the ONE GOOD THING - and that was sitting at Jesus's feet! Others may have been tempted to think that Martha was right, doing all the busy work and 'serving', but 'serving' is nothing without having sat at the feet of the Master first.

    Note: we are called human' BEINGS', not human "Doings" - ha ha!

    My husband is European, and I remember when we first met almost 25 years ago and as we were getting to know each other, I asked his hobbies. At the end of his list, he concluded with, "hiking, reading...and just being." I was puzzled, and asked, "Just being what?" He looked at me just as puzzled and said again, "You know...just being. I like to just be."

    Well this went back and forth for a moment or two more, until he explained to me that he enjoyed just sitting, and examining his soul with the Lord, and just sitting in the presence of the Lord, with no 'motive' or 'agenda' or 'need to do something". He liked to 'just be with himself and his Maker!.

    That as a very good lesson, for I tend to be a type-A, very busy-minded gal. It is good to push all the unnecessary off of our plate to have time with Jesus.

    This lesson reminded me of all that, and I am thankful Gigi.

    God bless you!
  • GiGi again on Exodus 18 - 1 year ago

    Yet, Moses says in this chapter that he was teaching the people God's laws and statutes. He must have been taught these will in Midian, meeting with the Lord with God correcting his faulty beliefs and ethics. Jethro was obviously sent by God to Moses to deliver the advice concerning judging matters between the people. Even with just three months passing, Jethro knew that Moses could not bear up under the constant bringing forward of matters serious and petty to Moses. Jethro knew that the land of Canaan was not far away and could be reached in a short time. He did not know that they would wander for 40 years. Jethro may have thought that Moses would be the leader of these people in the Promised Land, so his advice to delegate matters to a hierarchical system of governing would be beneficial while they traveled and when they settled in Canaan.

    The leaders needed to be men of good character who loved God and could not be tempted by bribes and corrupt practices. there was first, men set over ten men (ten families), then men set over 50 men (families), then men set over 100 men (families), then men over a thousand, and finally, Aaron and Moses. So, disputes and matters needing sound judgement were mostly settled with the first group. And then the matter may go to the next level, and the next, etc. until it was satisfactorily resolved.

    God spoke through Jethro in this matter, which freed up Moses time for what was to come. He would soon be called by YHWH to ascend Mt. Sinai and receive a large treasure of laws, statutes, decrees, and ethical rules to govern these people both socially and spiritually. Moses would now have time to meditate, pray, intercede, and meet with God knowing that most matters among the people were being resolved by the men appointed by himself and Aaron.

    This makes me think that we need to be careful of overcommitting ourselves in many avenues and instead concentrate on a few things that are placed upon us by the Holy Spirit.
  • GiGi on Exodus 18 - 1 year ago
    Exodus 18 tells of Jethro's visit to Moses in the wilderness near the Mountain of God. Jethro brought Moses' wife and two sons with him to meet up with Moses. This chapter also tells of Jethro's advice to Moses about delegating authority in judging matters among the Israelites.

    As the chapter begins, Jethro has heard of the great things YHWH has done for the Israelites in delivering them from Egypt and bringing them into this wilderness land that Moses and Jethro were very familiar with. Upon meeting Moses again, Jethro listens to the whole story of what has transpired from the time they left Egypt up until the present time of being camped at the base of the mountain of God. Jethro affirms that he believes that YHWH is above all other gods because He brought down the mighty and haughty Egyptians (whose idols could not help them). Jethro was a priest of the Most High (YHWH) and this account of what he had done for these people of Abraham helped to cement his faith in YHWH to the exclusion of any other gods that people around him worship, it seems. being also a descendant of Abraham through Keturah, Jethro knew that God blessed the descendants of Isaac over any of the other sons of Abraham (Keturah had 6 sons, Hagar 1). Jethro was not opposed to the Israelites like some of the descendants of Ishmael, Esau, and other sons of Keturah. He seemed to be just fine with The Most High selecting the Israelites to be His chosen people and not Midianites. Who knows what God may have disclosed to Jethro over his lifetime. But it seems obvious that he was content in his "place" in God's plan, having faith to believe God and His ways.

    The number of Israelites that left Egypt was most likely several million. Moses was trying to be a righteous leader and teach these people God's ways and settle conflicts within the group. It had been three months since leaving Egypt but this was before going up to Mt. Sinai to receive the Law from God.
  • Grae - In Reply on Exodus 18 - 2 years ago
    With respect and affection , I believe that u r refering to the incident in Numbers Ch 20 where Moses smites the rock twice and speaks I'll advisedly . Moses says : must we fetch you water out of this rock ? He fails to give God the glory .
  • Richard H Priday on Exodus 18 - 2 years ago
    The "Jethro' event. The first few verses indicate the names of Moses' 2 sons; which if are elsewhere in scripture; it is quite sparse. The meanings of the names of the children; as usual relate to a real life event; that or a specific attribute of offspring had something to do with the names given quite often (and at times; the Lord Himself would provide a name).

    The evidence given to Jethro; by the story of his wife and children; and likely other sources in the indefinite period of time his family went to stay with him showed his deep respect and admiration in Moses; and he came to worship there; apparently being a priest of Midian. As to that role; I also would like to know more; as Midian largely was a pagan culture before that.

    Anyway; the rest of the chapter indicates the practical wisdom which apparently Moses was too myopic to see. His character was that of great humility; and apparently he took on the burdens of the hundreds of thousands of people alone as to their grievances (or however many had survived up to this point). Clearly; the advice to delegate these responsibilities to able men was practical advice and in his best interests. It kind of gives a backdrop to some churches today; where pastors are "flying solo" without other elders and leadership sharing the burden. At any rate; Moses takes the advice; and Jethro leaves; which shows that his purposes were not to meddle in things longer than needed. This is a good lesson in trust and the wisdom of believing family members who have our well being and the Lord's work in our best interests. Clearly; Moses didn't need mundane things; some of which probably would be dropped from those just trying to get his attention in some cases. The earlier chapters illustrate much murmuring; which had led Moses in the past to make a costly mistake when striking the rock for water more than he ought.
  • Rod - In Reply on Numbers 10 - 3 years ago
    Hi Barry sorry to correct you once more but Moses father in law was Jethro, and yes he did tell Moses to set up leaders to help him judge the people, and the most serious matters Moses would judge, On a side note this would be similar to what most democratic nations have as a judicial system today. While reading your comment I realized that I had forgotten that Moses was also married to an Ethiopian woman, so thank you for reminding me. GB

    Exodus 18:1 "When Jethro, the priest of Midian, Moses' father in law, heard of all that God had done for Moses, and for Israel his people, and that the LORD had brought Israel out of Egypt;" Exodus 18:2 "Then Jethro, Moses' father in law, took Zipporah, Moses' wife, after he had sent her back," Exodus 18:21 "Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens:"

    Numbers 12:1 "And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman."
  • Eric on Exodus 18 - 3 years ago
    Was Moses literally judging them? Or was it more like confession at a church?
  • CAROL on Exodus 18 - 4 years ago
    I am understand the story of jethro telling moses to get help from his people, is how we are to do in our church. some churches have well over 400 people. we have suday school superintendants, nursey moitors, sunday school teachers, newlywed classes, aging groups, we have a group for support in every as pect of our life. now if those leaders cannot answer a question they go to the pastor.. infact the bible states to not sue anyone... and if someone sue you give them much more than what they ask for, i think you all got the wrong impression of this story. if the pastor has a problem with a question he goes to some older and much wiser leader, in the same faith. i believe that.
  • Stanley jett on Exodus 18 - 5 years ago
    I'm glad Jethro was a good man. You never know he may have been my kin. My name is Jett. Some call me Jethro or Jettson of a nick name.
  • Ian Monk on Exodus 18 - 5 years ago
    this resembles the 70 people Jesus sent out to preach the kingdom of God. And what will happen at His return. Those s that that survive the tribulation will be taught by the saints Gods laws. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths. Is 2.3 Micah 4.2
  • Rev Mike on Exodus 18 - 5 years ago
    It has always been more important to God that they build an assembly"Body of Christ" than for one man to be judge.:"That the Word Would Know That I am God and That There is no Other" So he gives His direction for a more excellent way. Unlike our own...
  • Michael Charles on Exodus 18 - 5 years ago
    This is first the physical...God gave no instruction at this time. This is all man's way of dealing with issues. Moses still couldnt handle it and asked for death Numbers 11:15 Second comes the spiritual. God explained to Moses in the book of Numbers how to deal with this exact same problems that Moses faced. Numbers 11:16. In other words bring all of your problems to God first, not man.
  • BSP on Exodus 18 - 5 years ago
    Verse 5~Jethro put faith in Jehovah God on account of all the things that he had heard and seen. Our good conduct and actions can have a powerful effect on others.
  • A disciple on Exodus 18 - 6 years ago
    Charlene; That's a very good observation! I think what it also means, is that we are supposed to settle things between ourselves as much as we can, and learn how to love and judge righteously; so we don't have to bring every matter to the "highest Court in the land!" We learn how to work things out RATHER THAN immediately taking a brother or sister to God for judgment, and grow in God's character.
  • Charlene on Exodus 18 - 6 years ago
    I think what Moses father-in-law ask him to do as far as judging the people is sort of what our court system is today. Start in lower courts and can go all the way to Supreme Court.
  • A disciple on Exodus 18 - 7 years ago
    "Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them." God brought Israel out from under the oppression and cruelty of the arrogant and perverted Egyptians; and He will also bring us out from under our oppressors. The difference between real superiority, and that which the wicked do; is that they think that by pride and cruelty is power.
  • Grace on Exodus 18 - 7 years ago
    It is a wonderful illustration that sometimes we can not handle all issues by ourselves. So often, our lack of seeking wisdom can create further issues. It shows the humility of Moses and the wisdom of Jethro. If we are willing to listen, God will provide all we need.
  • George wanjau on Exodus 18 - 8 years ago
    Im humbled by Moses whom God spoke to directly and took advice from Jethro a gentile. Im sure if it was one of us pride would have not allowed us . This shows that God can use anyone or anything to speak to us. Remember Baalam and the donkey. God bless you
  • KAM CARTER on Exodus 18 - 8 years ago
    GOD does not always speak directly to you sometimes other people speak GOD 's word to you even when you are faithfully standing. Moses recognized that his father-in-law spoke well and was able to take his advice.
  • Zorle David on Exodus 18:21 - 8 years ago
    Get from all the people able men men who have learned ,such as reverence God, that love truth, that refuse unjust gain and appoint them over thousands, hundreds, fifties tens:
  • MELZ on Exodus 18:11 - 9 years ago
    Exodus 18:11 is powerful to the soul.
  • Arlette on Exodus 18 - 9 years ago
    it teaches that one need to be qualified to judge
  • Winfred on Exodus 18 - 9 years ago
    People who are able,those who fear GOD are qualified to judge,and be it so.
  • Jemimah on Exodus 18 - 9 years ago
    Exodus 18 is teaching about deligating work our work Moses father in-law advised him to choose God fearing men to assist him to judge.
  • Terry on Exodus 18 - 9 years ago
    It tell us how to vote look how mosses pick his judges if we were to pick our elected people also.
  • Joshuagano on Exodus 18:20 - 9 years ago
    exodus is about the laws and statutes of God
  • Cerita on Exodus 18 - 9 years ago
    It would be awesome if we had more leaders listening to older leaders who know the Word, are wise, honest.

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