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  • Chris - in Reply on 2 Samuel 20
    Hi Victor. I believe that it was jealousy & then revenge that caused Joab to kill Amasa. If you read 2 Samuel 17:25, you'll see that Amasa was made "captain of the host instead of Joab" by Absalom. Then 2 Samuel 19:13, King David confirmed Amasa's position "continually in the room of Joab". So, as soon as Joab got the chance, he took Amasa by surprise as Amasa didn't expect Joab to be approaching him with an evil intent & was murdered in cold blood (Joab was part of Abishai's army). Thus Joab's revenge for not being made captain of the host was fulfilled.
  • T. Levis - in Reply
    Did you notice? David feared GOD & would not lay his hand on GOD's anointted & felt remorseful for cutting Saul's garment.

    1 Samuel 24:4,5,6 , 1 Samuel 24:10,

    Saul also ripped Samuel's garment 1 Samuel 15:27 however 1 Samuel 15:28-29. Even after remorseful repentance 1 Samuel 15:29,30,35

    Do think the significance of the clothing was a factor? 1 Samuel 2:19, His mother's sacrifice 1 Samuel 1:28

    Saul pursued David to kill him: 1 Samuel 19:1,10,11,15,

    & Saul ordered the prophets of GOD killed, possibly unarmed, their families, livestock & nursing babies included.; 1 Samuel 22:17,18,19 Same Saul that left the enemy King & livestock alive in disobedience to GOD's orders. 1 Samuel 15:1,2,3,8,9,

    Psalms 105:15

    David's mercy 2 Samuel 9:3-7,

    David's sin & judgement: 2 Samuel 12:7,9,11,12,14,18, 2 Samuel 13:1,6,7,8,12,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,28,29,30,31,32, after years 2 Samuel 14:25,30,31,32, 2 Samuel 15:6,10,12,13,14,16,23,30,31, 2 Samuel 16:3,5,6,7,8,11,13,22, 2 Samuel 17:21,23,29, 2 Samuel 18:5,7,9,10,12,14,15,17,20,27,32,33, 2 Samuel 19:1-4, "the sword did not depart from his house" etc. There were more scriptures about his consequences _.

    Queen Vashti, consequence Ester 1:19, Ester 2:4

    Saul then 1 Samuel 28:3,7,18,19

    David has Psalms of remorseful repentance, gives glory to GOD ALMIGHTY, shows mercy & humility at times. With Saul he shows remorse but didn't read much of repentance, etc.

    However the Bible says: 1 Colossians 1:20,

    Job 12:16

    Hopefully these are helpful in your study.
  • Mike D on Psalms 119:46
    Before David became king he was not silent about his faith in God. A great illustration of this is found in 2 Samuel 17 when David stood before King Saul and shared his faith in God. David knew God would act because Goliath mocked the Living God. He then convinced Saul and slew the Giant, literally running at him with just a sling and a few stones. David 's faith in God began as a young shepherd boy and grew throughout his life. Any man who 's faith is strong will never faint under temptation, even to his death.

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