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  • T. Levis - In Reply - 2 years ago
    Did you notice? David feared GOD & would not lay his hand on GOD's anointted & felt remorseful for cutting Saul's garment.

    1 Samuel 24:4,5,6 , 1 Samuel 24:10,

    Saul also ripped Samuel's garment 1 Samuel 15:27 however 1 Samuel 15:28-29. Even after remorseful repentance 1 Samuel 15:29,30,35

    Do think the significance of the clothing was a factor? 1 Samuel 2:19, His mother's sacrifice 1 Samuel 1:28

    Saul pursued David to kill him: 1 Samuel 19:1,10,11,15,

    & Saul ordered the prophets of GOD killed, possibly unarmed, their families, livestock & nursing babies included.; 1 Samuel 22:17,18,19 Same Saul that left the enemy King & livestock alive in disobedience to GOD's orders. 1 Samuel 15:1,2,3,8,9,

    Psalms 105:15

    David's mercy 2 Samuel 9:3-7,

    David's sin & judgement: 2 Samuel 12:7,9,11,12,14,18, 2 Samuel 13:1,6,7,8,12,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,28,29,30,31,32, after years 2 Samuel 14:25,30,31,32, 2 Samuel 15:6,10,12,13,14,16,23,30,31, 2 Samuel 16:3,5,6,7,8,11,13,22, 2 Samuel 17:21,23,29, 2 Samuel 18:5,7,9,10,12,14,15,17,20,27,32,33, 2 Samuel 19:1-4, "the sword did not depart from his house" etc. There were more scriptures about his consequences _.

    Queen Vashti, consequence Ester 1:19, Ester 2:4

    Saul then 1 Samuel 28:3,7,18,19

    David has Psalms of remorseful repentance, gives glory to GOD ALMIGHTY, shows mercy & humility at times. With Saul he shows remorse but didn't read much of repentance, etc.

    However the Bible says: 1 Colossians 1:20,

    Job 12:16

    Hopefully these are helpful in your study.
  • Dianne - In Reply on 2 Samuel 14:14 - 2 years ago
    Take no thought You'll have to explain the point your trying to communicate a little better.
  • Take no thought - In Reply on 2 Samuel 14:14 - 2 years ago
    King David is reluctant to disapline Absalom because David knows that it is his neglect in disaplining Ammon for raping Absalom's sister Tamar that has caused all this trouble . Poor Tamar , no one seems to have a care for her except her brother Absalom , he and David know that Amnon should have been put to death for what he did to Tamar . David's failure to respect God's law and his own daughter have given occasion for Absalom to speak against him . All of Israel must have been thinking to themselves some thing like : doesn't God's laws apply to us all ? Why should Amnon get away with such a terrible thing ? Absalom now has ammunition against his father , but it's his father's own fault , and David knows it is his own fault .
  • David on 2 Samuel 14:14 - 2 years ago
    In the flesh I have nothing good to offer my Lord. But the Scriptures show, guide, and remind me my shorts comings in order for me to be "right" before God.

    I can under stand David's reluctance to correct Absalom for his actions. Maybe David believes that time will heal everything. Provers 29:15. Not realizing that in- action does not solve anything and makes it more difficult to correct future situations.

    Because of our in-action in the past we have lost the privilege to pray, and read the Bible in our school and in public places. We are not allowed to invoke the name of our Lord Jesus Christ or quote Scripture in the public arena. Copies of the Ten Commandments can not be displayed in Public areas. Nativity scenes have been banned in many public areas.

    In times past, our halls of justice and legislature echoed the Words of wisdom of our God in prayer in speeches, and discussions.

    However, our God promises a return of His glory, and healing if we call on Him, 2 Chronicles 7:14, 15. Malachi 4:2; Matthew 9:35

    Let us go forward as an Army of the Lord, in loving kindness reaching to all who are in need. 1 Corinthians 13 : 1-7.

    God bless all the brethren in this time of affliction as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    July 2021.
  • Charley on 2 Samuel 14 - 5 years ago
    your life is separated all right heaven or hell. mark 8-36
    what does it profit a man if he would gain the whole world
    and lose his soul what can a man gain in exchange for his
    soul. jesus christ alone saves from hell
  • Biblefan on 2 Samuel 14 - 5 years ago
    there's a pattern in many of these chapters(especially involving david) David is very objective when hearing a tale about "someone else's foibles" and is able to readily dispense wisdom when the matter doesn't appear to relate to him directly. Afterwards the talebearer turns around and points the finger back at David(remember Bathsheeba and the lamb analogy). David at least shows repentance.
  • KieranC on 2 Samuel 14 - 6 years ago
    Choices in life not made with God's consent will lead to a distancing from The Father.
  • April on 2 Samuel 14 - 6 years ago
    Yeah, I agree Disciple.I know alot of people still today struggle with pressure to look good in order to fit n,wear what's n styleuse our bodies to get stuff,this can take away a persons character,Did GOD make a mistake in how he made u?,people don't get to see the REAL you,imagen what HE sees when he looks at us,we ARE beautiful,not bc of our earthly appearance,he LOVES you,if only u could c AMEN
  • A disciple on 2 Samuel 14 - 6 years ago
    April; You say it! Young people especially are vulnerable to that seducing spirit; but nowadays folks hold on to that uncleanness right up into their retirement years. A pretty face and a pleasant voice and some understanding and skill to make melody and play instruments; and the heart is drawn away captive. But these days it isn't even beauty anymore, but violence and filth and blasphemy!
  • April on 2 Samuel 14 - 6 years ago
    I must ask,what is it with the vanity complex?think of Lucifer and how he thought he was so beautiful and should be worshiped and a percentage of the the angels followed and were decieved and blinded by his beauty and the way he used words, here it speaks of Absalome with perfect hair, it even speaks of how much it weighs,I think of 1Samuel Ch16:8.just because they're handsome doesn't mean NOTHING
  • A disciple on 2 Samuel 14 - 6 years ago
    ".. and we will destroy the heir also: and so they shall quench my coal which is left, and shall not leave to my husband neither name nor remainder upon the earth." Joab thought Absalom should be the king after David; which was apparently what many in Israel also wanted. The world doesn't want a man of God and the right ways of the LORD to rule over them, and they will conspire to overthrow him.
  • Breeze on 2 Samuel 14 - 6 years ago
    To Kathleen, if you'll notice Absolam is not a righteous man. In trying to understand if something is biblical or not, look at the character of the man. Now in 1 Corinthians, I believe, it talks about nature itself teaches that it is a shame for a man to have long hair. And as I said before, Absolam was not righteous. There is exception with Samson, but as it applies most often long hair is bad.
  • Kathleen Sabado on 2 Samuel 14:26 - 9 years ago
    1 Corithians 11:14 I can 't see any other references of having long hair being shameful on men . What makes him think this? There are several passages that, seem to me, that he just decided using his own preferance. If Jesus or rules handed down from past religious practices? Didn 't The men often have long hair? Obviously, I am not well educated on the bible. I apologize if this question is so simple it offends you. However, I have questions from time to time and the answers are important to me. Thank you for your assistance and patience.
  • PRINCE-ELLIOT UAMAI on 2 Samuel 14 - 9 years ago
    Sometimes, it hurts deeply when the one you seek his good turns round to dig a deep pit for your downfall. Joab sought the restoration of Absalom who later set his field on fire for not promptly responding to his call. That is why it 's good to first seek the face of God before choosing a friend or life partner. This may either mar or enhance your going to heaven.
  • Peter aboi on 2 Samuel 14:14 - 11 years ago
    This is what I think of 2 Samuel 14:14. It�s a book that warns us concerning the way we live our lives, that we are not the owners of our lives, as such we must live our lives to please God. Because when one dies the life is separated from the body and cannot be put back again.

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