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  • Jack Gutknecht on 1 Kings 4:26
    1 Kings 4:26-How can this verse say Solomon had 40,000 stalls when 2 Chronicles 9:25 says he had only 4,000 stalls?

    Problem: In recording the prosperity of Solomon, this passage states that he had 40,000 stalls of horses for his chariots. However, 1 Chronicles 9:25 affirms that Solomon had only 4,000 stalls for horses. Which one is right?

    Solution: This is undoubtedly a copyist error. The ratio of 4,000 horses to 1,400 chariots, as found in the 2 Chronicles passage, is much more reasonable than a ratio of 40,000 to 1,400 found in the 1 Kings text. In the Hebrew language, the visual difference between the two numbers is very slight. The consonants for the number 40 are rbym,? while the consonants for the number 4 are rbh (the vowels were not written in the text). The manuscripts from which the scribe worked may have been smudged or damaged and have given the appearance of being forty thousand rather than four thousand.
  • A disciple
    2 Chronicles 9:15 (cont.) the world AND the churches are filled with idolators prophesying out of their own imaginations about what all are the "signs of the times." As the servants of God and Ambassadors of His holy Glad Tidings and the Name of Jesus among the Nations; it is utterly irresponsible to GUESS at how to interpret the times, and what Scriptures mean. If we do His will we will know!
  • Salomão on 2 Chronicles 9:6
    2 Chronicles 9:6 speaks of the marvelous wisdom of King Solomon, and this passage is marvelous, as seen in the words of the Queen of the South. But Jesus says, Here is the greater than Solomon! Jesus is greater than King Solomon, so the Christians are blessed!
  • 2 Chronicles 9:29, shows us that there are atleast three books books missing from the bible.

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