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  • Nathan on Deuteronomy 8
    The power talked about in chapter 18 could mean knowledge wisdom connections,health life,blessings among others through which we earn wealth
  • Ritu Parveen Sharma on Deuteronomy 8
    Yahweh first reminds the Israelites about His wonders and provisions in the wilderness. Then He unfolds the manifold blessings of the promised land. Finally, He warns them not to forget their Heavenly Father once they start enjoying a peaceful and abundant life.
  • Beatrice barnes on Deuteronomy 8
    As disciple of Christ let us not interpret the Bible , but to make the Bible the interpreter of GOD,S
    word and will to us
  • Jerry Jefferson on Deuteronomy 8
  • Billie CALAME NORMAN on Deuteronomy 8
    All.I...know, the Holy..Spirit..gave, me, this
    Scptiure yrs..ago....and, I believe..its,, power.
    That..the, Lord, will.give.but..dont, comes, from....I know,, blessings are, on..the, wayyy
  • BSP on Deuteronomy 8
    Verse 1~Keeping God's commandments means the difference between life and death just as it did for the Israelites.
  • A disciple on Deuteronomy 8
    Bruce Wayne; First WARNING! (and maybe you've heard this before) numerology and mysticism, human methodologies from a misguided view, that the Holy Scriptures is some kind of curious art of man's device, or that it was cryptically written and may then be "unlocked" by unregenerate darkened minds of men; is satanic error and utterly false. The Scriptures of Truth are revealed to the obedient heart!
  • Bruce Wayne on Deuteronomy 8
    Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4 " doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live."

    = 16:11

    Do you know the significance of the year 1611, and the Word of God?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Deuteronomy 8
    No but I guess you are going to tell me. You can do lots of tricks with numbers. pick a number between 1 and 9. Multiply that number by 9 then multiply that number by 12345679. leave the 8 out.
  • Narrima on Deuteronomy 8
    God is so wonderful! It is He, who gives and takes away. His correction is for our own benefit. First to prove us, then to bless us. The word power here means strength. Because of Him, we walk, run, work etc. Our very existence is because of Him.
  • Jim on Deuteronomy 8
    Verse 18: While ultimately it is through God's provision that Christians have material things, God has granted his people 'power' (abilities, knowledge, skills, gifts) to earn a living and provide for our families. God as equipped us with the capacity to do great things for His glory; we just have to exercise our gifts and abilities and let Him do the rest!
  • Nancy on Deuteronomy 8
    I'm wanting to know what is the power he has given us to get wealth. What does the word power here mean. Thank you
  • BSP on Deuteronomy 8
    Verse 2: The Israelites were encouraged to remember Jehovah God and his dealings with them in the wilderness. God humbled them by putting them to the test. He allowed them the opportunity of listening to him and then doing what he said. He could have instantly judged them but he gave them a chance to individually show that they loved him and wanted to obey him.
  • April on Deuteronomy 8
    We should Thank GOD EVERY DAY for what we have,so many have nothing and still find a way to accept it and be happy,this I think means the pressure of fitting in as well,the clothes we wear,cars,jewelry ect and our gluttony to WANT more,due to our selfish desires to fit in,we have so much to be thankful for,we are nothing without GOD and we need to constantly HUMBLE ourselves,no matter our agesAMEN
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Deuteronomy 8
    Obedience is better than sacrifice.
  • Tareka on Deuteronomy 8
    Once your wilderness has ended, I will send you into a land of more than enough says the Lord! Wow-this truly blessed me. We must not forget God and always remember it was him who kept us in the wilderness and him only that gives us power to get wealth! Once tried and tested you will come forth as pure gold :)
  • Min. Herbert on Deuteronomy 8
    Lord our God is might in many way stay with him. cause a praise to be on you mouth also watch him appear before us as we humble out self before God who has all power in is hands know that you know that you will not walk into another God arm or hand you will focus on how good is news to us also see all our wealth come into our life and lifestyle to.
  • Julie on Deuteronomy 8
    God is good so lacking no good thing means we will not lack God's promises.
  • Elder James on Deuteronomy 8
    Stay with the LORD AND NO GOOD THING
  • Denis ampeire on Deuteronomy 8:18
    This verse keeps us- children of God's convenant righteous to Him through love, truth, and kindness. And we as mortals must always pay the true tithe 10 of whatever we receive by God's power because without Him we can really do nothing John 15:5 To God Be The Glory and Honour, Amen.
  • Chidinma onyike on Deuteronomy 8
    We will lack nothing good if we can just stay in the obedience of his word.
  • John madden on Deuteronomy 8:14
    Dont forget god..many are today.pride comes then the fall.lifted up against him who delivered you.
  • Rodney John on Deuteronomy 8
    Magnificent piece of scripture Bcuz it's amazing when we're going through trials how we are so humble, but when things are going good in our lives we do forget and lack worship of our true salvation... Jus beautiful
  • Jared on Deuteronomy 8
    God will always check the heart of man 2 find out weather he qualifies 2 manage his resources or not, bcoz all covenant blessings are 4 distribution not accumulation Genesis 12vs1-3
  • Lord secures my health while gaining wealth,I thank him for this!
  • Babatunde Fadairo on Deuteronomy 8:17
    This verse is talking about those who think they got all there possession by their own power, but they forgot that both rich and poor time and chances happened to them all Eccl 9:11.
  • Walter on Deuteronomy 8:2
    God does not test us, but proves us establish,teach us .Let no man say when he is tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he anyman:
  • Samuelgamaliel on Deuteronomy 8
    may LORD bless you thanks for keeping the word search I LIKE IF I TYPE A WORD ,REFERENCE RELATED VERSES SHOULD BE SEEN FROM WHOLE BIBLE
  • Anonymous on Deuteronomy 8
    Rev. Phil Humber "God 's Care In The Wilderness " Deuteronomyrepeats the law. I. Obey-God used Moses to tell the people of Israel to keep God 's law. II. Observe-Remember what I done for you. To humble thee. Deuteronomy 1:3 II. Opportunity-Its something I must do.
  • I immediately know,and reminded where my help comes from!Everything I have went through in my 40 yrs!I 'am grateful for all GOD has done in my life.I pray he will keep my eyes on him lest I die spiritually without him!!

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