Deuteronomy Chapter 3 Discussion

  • Michael on Deuteronomy 3
    in Deuteronomy 3:26 why was God wroth with moses for wanting to step foot in Lebanon?
  • Chris - in Reply on Deuteronomy 3
    We understand from Numbers 20:7-13, that Moses disobeyed God at the waters of Meribah by striking & not speaking to the rock to bring out much needed water. As well, there seems to be a failure by Moses to give God the Glory for this miracle & allowed the people to assume that it was done in his own power. So Moses was prevented from entering the Promised Land but could only view it afar off (Deut 34) & died there on top of Mt. Pisgah & God buried him in the land of Moab, in a place not revealed (v6).
  • Verse 3~King Og came against the Israelites for no valid reason. Jehovah God took notice of this and he delivered his people.
  • Nashelle on Deuteronomy 3
    Its on point,I 'm greatful that God listens and answers.And wants to and gives His children only the Best. Thank you for your insight.
  • Rev.Jones on Deuteronomy 3:28
    This is one the best resources I have ever seen!How can I become part of this great move?
  • Peter busiku on Deuteronomy 3
    wonderful and inspiring chapter
  • I know og bed was 13.5 foot but that don't mean he was that big. When i was 11-14 i slept in a 8ft bed. Was i 8ft tall at that age? No. I just slept in a big bed. So this dose not mean he was 13ft tall. Not saying he was'nt a gaint because it say he was. could have been about 10ft tall.
  • StephendeRafael on Deuteronomy 3
    I agree with Garfield in that God is merciful to his Children, those who he has claimed from the time of Abraham, has he claimed us, all the tribes of Israel, will inherit if we are obediant and don't be froward and presumpous to rely on our own wisdom or worship that which we make with our hands and gove not the glory to God. Like Herod who when he made a proclaimation took the credit as King and was eaten of worms. God is not slack to reward those who follow his ways or to forsake those who forsake him in this world, or who follow after the kings of this earth instead of the Lord who created heaven and earth, the seas and all that lives therein.
  • Garfield Cambridge on Deuteronomy 3
    The Lord God is so patient and long sufffering to his people. He will only give us the very best that not only blesses us, but also blesses our children and our childrens' children. We must be obedient to his commandments and in that we will have good success always. God does not honor disobedince as we see with Moses his servant. Many of us can testify of God's action to Moses in our own lives when we are disobedient to what ever he says. Look at all of what he did for the children of Israel when they followed him. He gave them what he said he will them if they will be obedient and follow him. These things are written for our learning so we can inherit the heavenly Canan and posess the blessings he will bless us with on earth if we would walk after his commandments.

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