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  • Pere
    Deuteronomy 28 is indeed a sound iron stamp signature of God's thoughts and His intended actions according to our choices. It started with blessings, but after reading the curses, I had to go back and read the blessings again cos I almost forgot it. God is simple and kind, merciful and faithful. It is we who haven't been able to live up to His love. Now we start and we shall never stop obeying His words in Jesus Name Amen.
  • Martin
    God knows us more than we know ourselves when he speaks to us what we need is to obey him and walk according to his way for our good
  • Edward banks for verse 68
    This is so true the Israelites were scattered around the world. They are hated even to this day and do not know who they are or whose they are these people in Israel told Jesus they never been in bondage to any man so they cannot be Israel (John 8:32-33 )
    The only gateway to the Top is total obedience, a diligent work with God at all time.
  • Servant
    Obey “I AM”, the law is still in full effect for Christians; do not think the Law has been put away. Obey the Laws of the Great “I AM” and live.
  • Biodun Williams
    God’s blessings, are constantly available for those that love and honour Him. As a matter of fact it is not a denominational thing, but truly what He has, in His Kingdom. And that indicates that, whosoever has genuinely and truly given his life to the LORD, is already, in the family of God. Hence, through the agency of the Holy Spirit he can partake of the best that God has made available. This book of Deuteronomy is one of those areas, in the Holy Writ where it reveals the kind of blessings that God has promised for he that loveth and believeth Him through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The beginning of it, in verse 1, talks about, what God, will do for such that is fully committed to Him through hearkening, listening and constant obedience to His commandments. And then it says, in verse 2, that all these blessings shall come and overtake you if you shall hearken to the voice of thy God. What does that connote? It connotes that God, in His eternal faithfulness demands committed obedience from all His children- and when you come to think about it, that shouldn’t be a thing of difficulty- and that is when we consider who God is and the fact that He is love. Well, there, in that commencement of scriptures and some other part of that chapter, are a great promises that talk about over flowing blessings. It refers to blessings that would spring forth, and come in such a way that it would totally and completely take care of whatever needs that you and I are confronted with. The truth is, God has declared His Word, and yet it is only beneficial to the hearer and doers of His dictates. The conditions, terms and provisos attached to this, through this Deuteronomy 28, are to diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD and observe to do according to all His commandments.. Please, look at that word “voice”. It means ‘His Voice’-and that is ‘God’s Voice’ and not that of a man, even though primarily He’ll speak through the agency of His Word and through the Holy Spirit. He also speaks through His servants and that aspect of the preached word is considered as secondary. The fact is, if we are diligent and fully committed enough to honour the conditions of His dictates, then overflowing blessing become guaranteed. God has agreed, covenanted and promised to meet, all the needs of those that love Him- and that is, He desires to shower on you and I, His blessings, and that is to the degree or the level of commitment and trust that we put on His Word. Therefore, it is wise and appropriate, to reflect upon, listen to, peruse, research, dwell upon and practice His Word. It is only for they that crave for, thirst after, love and believes His lovingkindness. And that is, hidden in His righteousness.
  • David
    Obedience is the best thing, obey the Lord, our GOD.
  • Essy
    Obedience is better than sacrifice. If you want to prosper in life, be obedient, for the bible says if you listen diligently, the Lord will set you above nations. If you want to prosper, be obedient.
  • It appears that if the world does fall into totalitarianism, some sort of thing like that could happen, especially if the powers that be mandate to the people to increase workforces lean on these principles.
  • Sir. Henry
    The only way toward the success is through obeying the LORD and keeping his commandments.
  • Ikechukwu Ajufo
    It pays to dwell in the word of God. Deuteronomy 28 is not meant to scare Christians as most readers stop at verse 13. It is meant to help our weakness and keep our steadfastness in God's faithfulness. Jesus has deleted all curses of the law. Praise God!
  • Ruby
    I love Jesus and the holy scriptures of grace and mercy, Jesus loves me---peace joy and love-purity and holiness…
  • Motlalehi for verse 13
    we are kings and priests in a way of melchizedez!!but i am aware in acquiring promises of God,one must pass the ordinances/conditions that are behind those BLESSINGS!!
  • Yancy
  • Roger Blackburn for verse 43
    I think Barrack Obama Qualifies for this person!
    Read Deut. 17:14-20
  • Loretta Jenkins
    I have learned to depend on Jesus Christ my Saviour, and I love to study Deut. 28 chapter about the Blessings and the curses. Glory be to God.
  • Thomas Waters for verse 67
    Psalm 51:12 (KJV 1900) — 12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; And uphold me with thy free spirit.
  • Thomas Waters for verse 66
    When you live in disobedience to God there will be times when you shall lose assurance of your salvation.
  • Susan for verse 7
    Love this chapter just reading it is powerful enough to send your enemies on their way
  • Ali
    This is a tremendous passage in the Holy Scriptures, and all of it applies to the life of human beings. You go down the list of the curses, and look at the lives of people in contemporary America, and see the blessings and the curses in operation.

    One of my favorites is the last verse. Anyone who has looked for work, trying to sell their time, and no one would hire them can relate to the terrible state and feelings attendant to living under the curse.
    I can testify that in the many years since I became a believer and have lived in the Kingdom of God, I have not experienced these sorts of curses, any more. I am following the Lord and learning that godliness with contentment is great gain, but the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. He has brought me into blessings, the quiet waters and the green pastures. I have built my house on the rock, and the storms come but the house stands in the safety of the Lord. I praise the Lord and give Him all the glory. Taste ye the Lord and see that He is good. Amen.
  • Martin for verse 68
    History said the Isrealite who excape the seige fled to Africa.(the wilderness)Egypt was a place of refuge for the isrealite when their enemy came against them. In the Bible Egypt is refered to as a "house of bondage" in ancient time until this day people walk from isreal to eygypt they never needed to get on ships to go to eygpt. even Joseph was told by the angel to take the child and his mother and flee to eygpt.the eygpt of deut: 28 vs 68 is refering to a house of bondage. SHIPS WILL TAKE THE ISREALITE BACK INTO SLAVERY OR BONDAGE. The isrealites who escape to Africa after the seige of jerusalem did not just stayed in eygpt the moved all over the continent from north africa to west africa setting the stage for the slave ships to arrive. one thousand two hundred plus years later after the fall of jerusalem the slave ships came fulfilling deut:28 vs 68. another thing to look at is the signs that will be upon the isrealite deut:28 vs 46 these sign will follow them forever thats the sign you look for. The people who came on the slave ships are the true house of Isreal.
  • I know that it is addressing the slaves that were brought to tne New World in slave ships, with iron collars around their necks, as this was the return to slavery prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:68, for the curse of disobedience was upon the True Israelites. The Khazars were never in Egypt, and had no knowledge of Kemet, when Moses wrote Deuteronomy. If fact, the Khazars, who are are a Turkic Mongol mongrels, did not even exist in the time of Moses. Yet, the world is ignorant of the hoax of the Khazars, as the Seed of Abraham.
  • David barboza
    thank god that we have we christ .... because personally i would have not went after other gods but i know i would have failed in other areas in sin . the lord doesnt play but hes mercifull..bottom line we need to ask the holy spirit for guidence for direction and allow for him to show us how to live.we definitly must obey the commandments.... stay rooted and repent ... his word says that we shall be blessed if we OBEY
  • Less noll
    Lets not just read and forget but take this to heart and not weaken in Our salvation Use this old testament as a manual for life and do not turn away from God and His redemption that h has given US through His Son
  • the most high meant that the children of Israel must obey his commandments and not follow any religion in which the white man made.and if the twelve tribe obey his commandments, he will et them above all the nations..this is just a curse off what the twelve tribes r going thro because they will not listen.

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