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  • Phikolomzi for verse 1
    It creates growth in a person. I one of them and I believe God will always protect me all the time.
  • Kennethgbowser for verse 8
    I really like Deuteronomy when I feel bad it up lift me.please pray for me that god meet all my needs open door miracle blessing come
  • Brother Saturday
    Sincerely speaking, for me, this chapter is inspiring and facilitating. It makes me to obey God 's commandments and do His will because, I want Him to bless the work of my hands and to live and inherit His blessings, promises, and not course. Thank you Lord, your word must surely come to pass.
  • Mfitumukiza herbert for verse 13
    It encourages me an gives me hop about the fure an 2 be assured ov his promises a real an blessings
  • Jeff Fisher for verse 30
    This actually happened to me, but it was a Blessing not a Curse!
  • Mbaakanyi keeletsang
    My best verse
  • By listening to Jehovah the Israelites would not only experience his blessing, but the blessings would actually overtake them. This shows that when Jehovah gives His blessing He gives it in abundance.
  • Myisia White for verse 8
    That the obedient Christain will be blessed with treasures, whatever they put their hands on will be blessed. Their lands will be blessed that the Lord gave them .
  • Spencer A. Mills for verse 9
    Deuteronomy 28 9 is a inspiring verse, in fact the GOD indicate clearly that if you obey and follow his instructions he shall make extraordinary person.
  • Debra sember for verse 1
    This book is full of prophecy.
  • Ben Levi
    The Bible is a history book and we must read it as such. We all know the Adam and Eve story, the Moses story and the Noah story. We must read the bible from beginning to the end and in order. Page 1, 2, 3, etc. that is the first thing. Then we must keep in mind as you read, what the mindset of the people as you read. Duet. 28 speaks of curses and blessing. If the children of Israel followed what GOD commanded them they were to reap the blessings. If they did not, they were to reap the curses. Those people did not die. The next generations were still under this curse. Where are these people that are known to all the nations of the world as a byword, Coloured, Black, Negro..Deut.28 36,37 Deut.28 48 Deut.28 64.. These people were cursed by GOD.. where are they.? Scattered to the 4 corners of the earth. KEYWORD... SCATTERED!! It should be easy for us to see that the ONLY people that were Scattered all over the world was the AFICAN. Yokes upon their necks! Deut.28 36... Serve other GODs.. There are other chapters of other books n the Bible that tell of other curses that are upon the children of Israel.. I beg everyone, young and old, of any race or creed.. to READ from the beginning without skipping through and knowledge will follow and then you must read it again and again.. May GOD add a blessing to my words and may he bless me also. Peace be upon all who read with an open and just heart..
  • Ezra scotch for verse 9
    The Lord God Almighty shall make you established as His own holy people as He has sworn unto you, only if you shall obey and follow His commands and walk in Godly ways.
  • Mario
    why do we continue to ignore the true bible. we must study and do some reseach.thats the big huge with this world. we claim we love the most high and fail. to make truth of Deuteronomy 28. if anyboady did any reseach on this. you would know that this book is talking about the oppression of the isrealites today.they must come back to the bible. these curses are still with them as we speak they are very low and there masters are very high. and this because of all of these pagan religions that are keeping them brainwashed.that is why they don 't even know that they blacks are the children of Israel i pray that they do there reseach nobodys gonna tell them the truth about this.
  • Seonya Dan
    This is the chapter of blessings and curses!It helps me thank God for Jesus came and took all the curses!
  • Zodwa Mbewe
    Greeting to all the Saints, I believe that our choices determine our future because if we choose to obey God we will receive blessings and if we choose to disobey him we will receive curse, let us all choose to obey him so that he will give us the desires of our hearts, AMEN
  • Ola Mccullough
    No another god before our God. Bless and curses .we will be cutrses if we serve another god we will be Blessed when we are serveimg the mighty God
  • Yaw Asiedu
    My observation is base on verse 10.which says there is power in the name of Jesus, so people will begin to fear your power, your possesion and your worth because you bare the name of Jesus Christ in righteousness and in holiness yes may it be granted you as never before
  • Yollanda for verse 12
    I believe that our good treasures all come from God
  • Franci emeka for verse 8
    Deut 28 8 This chapter helps me to know why some christians are not being blessed some of us did not have a saving account that will serve as our store house where God will send his blessings
  • Roslincone for verse 1
    If we waited On the Lord he will will give you strength And Powers Over All
  • Brian Masya
    Verse 1 and Verse 15 sum it all.It is not a matter of what we are promised or not.Obedience to God is the key thing.If we obey, we shall have paradise.If we dont,too bad for us for hell awaits.God says, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall follow or we can attain this righteousness through obeying God.My prayer for us is that God gives us the power, ability and will to obey Him.May He make us obey him for we are clay.Amen
  • Austin Mokoena
    This is one of my most favorite verses in the bible because here God promises me eternal joy and happiness! It is up to me to take it or leave it! But then he also regulates and directs my decision making by showing me the best option! I want God to work miracles in my life so that i can be that person whom i know he created me to be and serve him in spirit and in truth! Amen
  • Bridget for verse 68
    The true Israelites are still scattered around the world. There is only one people I know of that came to America, the islands and other places by ship in bondage and that is the Black people who came by the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The first enslavement the Hebrews were in was in Egypt. They came out of bondage in Egypt by foot across the Red Sea. They were enslaved there 430 years approximately. The second enslavement and punishment of curses was spoken by Moses that God had gave him word of. The second enslavement would last 400 years and that this time the Children of Israel would be under a curse of God because of their disobedience and be enslaved 400 years. This time back to Egypt in ships. Egypt represented the first place of enslavement but this time by ships. Egypt representing enslavement. What other people is that but the so-called Black people who have been sent all around the world by slave ships. But then Deuteronomy 30 mentions the end of their enslavement. That their enemies who hate them will become accursed as they were. They will come out of the curse and be regathered again some time in the future.
  • Does that mean the rapture is actually the return to Jerusalem
  • Richard lee terry for verse 67
    When I suffered with long bouts of depression in the past, this passage captured exactly how I felt each day.

    Deuteronomy 28:67
    In the morning...I said, Would to God it were evening! [I wish this day were over] and at evening...I said, Would to God it were morning! [I wish this pain were over for the night]
  • Mike Forde for verse 68
    Hyksos Exodus we have evidence of. Hyksos suddenly disappear from history. A Jewish empire or ancient Israel we have no evidence of. Jewish people do well financially and certainly could not be called scattered or enslaved. They form groups wherever they go. They are not scattered. You do the math.
  • YVONNE COPELAND HILL for verse 2
    God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us. We read our bibles and have the word in our hearts. The Holy Spirit will help guide us on the right paths. Prayer is a two way communication process; we pray, and then we listen. The Holy Spirit will guide us in the direction that is agreeable with God's word. God's word is His will. When we walk according to the will of God, that's when the blessings will come upon us.
  • Julie for verse 13
    The verse lays it clearly that God's promises are true to those that trust and obey.
  • Pere
    Deuteronomy 28 is indeed a sound iron stamp signature of God's thoughts and His intended actions according to our choices. It started with blessings, but after reading the curses, I had to go back and read the blessings again cos I almost forgot it. God is simple and kind, merciful and faithful. It is we who haven't been able to live up to His love. Now we start and we shall never stop obeying His words in Jesus Name Amen.

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