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  • A disciple
    May I also get into this discussion? I think that there are some things that we'll just have to wait to know when we get there. Jesus said, All they who are of the truth WILL hear my voice: which to me says, that we were known and marked by God before we were saved. Or what about the Book of Life, and all the innumerable souls that will be saved after the Thousand Years? I agree with Lu2677 here.
  • Bruce
    April: You're about right. But it's not The Day you ask, it's The Day He moves in. The next day when I woke up---WOW!!! This is not The same World I went to sleep in. Same World, but a New Me! A very heavy weight going! I didn't know I had! I was always very quiet,never talked much.I knew little of The Bible,but I told Everyone what Christ has done! My cursing gone! Changed! Only by The Biood.
  • April
    I hope it's ok to comment on Bruce and Lu's words to one another,I think what Im understanding is Bruce is saying the day you ask jesus into your heart,is a day worth remembering,and when you can't remember it may come across like it wasn't a i guess special enough day?,like remebering your birthdate,and the fruit is spiritual meat,and isnt part of being reborn baptism as well?may you be blessed!.
  • Lu2677
    Bruce, did you answer my question about what verse says Christ is "born" in someone, as you said?
    Eph. 2:8 I believe this verse, do you? (My salvation is great, a gift from God by His grace, through faith.) Are you going to continue to rebuke me concerning "words" "day, date"? As you said the date is not important. If you want to continue in your slanderous post go ahead, for me; Case closed.
  • Bruce
    Lu2677:Some People that are Born Again have no idea of The Day or even The Month. They know there was That "Day",They don't have a "Date" not Important. But They Wil Boast of Their Savior, The Chance in Their Life. But it's not Boasting like you say: It's a "Testimony" of what Christ has done! The blind,lame,sick are Healed:They Told Everyone! You say that Day is not important to you. What Fruit?
  • Lu2677
    Bruce,the day one is saved and the date one is saved is the same day,yet you make a distinction. I am so glad God has you to make such a judgement about me,just because I don't agree with you on this matter.You are arguing over words, and He tells us not to do that.Can you give us verse that shows anyone in his word that was saved, gloried in the day, later; Boasting.
  • Tracee Rey
    "If you Love me Keep my commandments" Jesus is thee only one that's sited at the right hand of the father:

  • Bruce
    Lu2677: I never said Exact Date. But The Day of Salvation,there's no other Day Like it. The Day a Person does a 180, Total Life Change. Your testimony says this has not happened to you.
  • Lu2677
    Bruce,I see the problem,I hope this puts an end to it.Christ dwells in the saved person,as scripture you quoted tells us.But you said Christ is "born" in me. I don't know any scripture that says it.John 3:3;a person cannot enter God's kingdom unless he is reborn,so this makes salvation very important.But I still say the exact date a person is saved is not important,endure til the end, is.
  • Lu2677
    Bruce, what testimony did I give that caused you to judge that I am "in serious trouble"? Care to quote my comments that brings you to this judgment? And if you care about my situation you will answer my questions so that I can repent. I testified that "I abide in Christ", was it this one? Did you judge me using a godly standard, or your own?
  • Bruce
    Heather:Yes, The Jewish People are Blessed Financially and with a Powerful Military:USA#1, Israel#4. / 200 sq.Miles Bigger than N.Jersey. The most Efficient Military on The Planet. Winning Wars They should never Win. It's like some Kid with a slingshot going against the Biggest and Mightiest Person on Earth! God is Amazing and He does Bless.
  • Bruce
    Lu2677: I live;yet not I,but "Christ Lives in Me": Galatians 2:20 /

    -----Now if any Man have not The Spirit of Christ,he is none of His: Romans 8:9 /
  • Lu2677
    Heather G, I am curious as to where you get your info that "Jews are the most wealthy and powerful people on earth today". It is possible that some Jews do accept Jesus as Messiah today.
    Verse 15 is a very serious warning for them.
  • Heather G
    Christians, these Scriptures were written as a prophetic warning to the ISRAELITES. Now think for a min. Did the Israelites return to THE MOST HIGH? the ones the world calls "Jews".They are the most wealthy and powerful people on the earth they accept "Jesus" as Messiah even today? No
  • Mukisa francis
    This chapter is teaching ur many blessings of obedience, but before go far of it first think on its head, when you read it and do what is there,that is when God give you those blesses
  • Mukisa francis
    This chapter is teaching ur many blessings of obedience, but before go far of it first think on its head, when you read it and do what is there,that is when God give you those blesses
  • Henry i Henry Udofia
    God is grateful in all standard
  • YerimaiYAH
    This is a great chapter to read and understand, because if you get understand of this chapter, the whole bible opens up to you. I learned my true identity in this chapter, I am one of those awakened Hebrews, aka African American.
  • BSP
    Verse 15 shows that we have to obey Jehovah's commands in order to receive his blessing and when we disobey those commands we will not receive his blessing and reap bitter consequences.
    This is splendid ah d amazing.
    I love this Deuteronomy 28, is so good.
  • This is happening now, but not yet of cannibalism,but of trade of child porn, sex slaves...women giving heir children to keep a man, child molestation..children having children to stay on welfare...children killing children""this world is eating souls
  • Evelyn fellabom
    He is lord,the truth shall set you free. He is almighty our lord can do anything. Amen for being in my life lord.amen.
  • Pastor Enoch N. Harmon Sr of Zion International Ministries phoenix AZ 85017 ce for verse 13
    I believe that which Jehovah have said in his holy words through faith I'll always be the head not the tail, above not beneath, leader not the follower in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray Amen
    God has made his blessings available for us, all we need to do is to obey his words and have them.
  • Bixntram
    Verse 28 lists 68 consequences that will ensue if one transgresses God 's law. Ouch! They 're pretty gruesome, and most, if not all of them are culturally specific to that time and place. But please note what the passage DOESN 'T mention - namely, eternal torment in hell.
  • John O Odum
    The chapter indicates that both blessings and curses are conditional. If you obey only, blessings will be yours. If you disobey only, curses will be yours also.
  • Albert acevedo
    i pray and declare by the mighty blood of jesus the generational curses broken on me and my family in the name of jesus amen
  • Andrew Bwalya for verse 13
    Iam pleased to find such a wonderful means of discovering Bible Scriptures. Could you add my address to your daily reading? I would be pleased if you could nourish my thirst soul with the Word of God. Thank you.
  • Lilian
    Hi Pam Johnstone Jesus loves you and you must believe that He is the Son of the Living God that saves us. There are no more curse in our lives as Jesus took our curse, pain, sins on the cross when he was cruxified. Jesus made everything new, our job now is to believe him that He is our Savior and we must follow and obey Jesus commandments in order for us to have life in abundance. Jesus is faithful to his promises that he will never ever leave us nor forsake us, just believe that his goodness and mercy will always follow us. Jesus love us so much that you cant imagine our King died for our sins, thanks be to Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. Amen and be blessed
  • Vincent Ewefa
    This is a wonderful chapter. It teaches and warn on the great danger of backsliding and this keeps me on the check.

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