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  • BSP
    The judges were to judge in fairness and without partiality.
  • April
    Hello All!,Shalome,I wanted to comment on this women were looked at nothing back then stuff going on and why it was forbidden ect,ect I think that it was aimed towards if her husband was being smited for something he did wrong and she's trying to save him from that,she is not to intervene from him getting what Gods wrath is,which we call Gods WRATH due to EVIL ways he despises it...
  • Irene123
    2 yrs. ago, J. Derfler - quote,"..... not what has been taught for so long as a place of eternal suffering .....", unquote. Matt.13:24, v. 50; 2 Pet.3:7; Rev.19:20; 20:10; 21:8. Derfler says hell is death, period. we know nothing, no pain, torment. Jesus himself says hell will be cast into the lake of fire - where there is torment forever and ever.
  • John derfler
    Deuteronomy 25 1 3 are very important versus. It limits the punishment one person can be subject to, 40 stripes and no more. This is important because God is also limited by his own law. Hell is eternal death, not what has been taught for so long as a place of eternal suffering. For Gods elect, or for the unsaved of the world 40 stripes is the total extent of eternal punishment, from the LORD. I hope this truth will help troubled souls.
  • Our creator, Jehovah God, hates injustice. And since we are created in his image we hate injustice too. The injustice is not God 's doing. Many people misuse the free will we have to practice injustice.
  • Carey for verse 2
    This scripture to me is about Jesus the guilty one receiving the strips for our healing
  • James
    Luvo, Amalek was a living person mentioned in Genesis.
  • Two things:1.I see Amalek as satan and that,the chance he gets he uses it to kill us.So when we sin against God we open that chance for satan.And when we do so,he starts from our week points up to our strong holds.2.The Israelites are urged to remember Amalek,but God is directing the children of Isreal not to what Amalik did but to what brought the feirce attack of Amalek"their sin".They tampted God and sin against Hin,hence the place was called Massa and Merriba.
  • James
    What I have found out about the meaning of Deueronomy 25: 11-12.
    After searching some commentaries I believe there are two answers to your questions.
    The first, it seemed to be well known to people of those times, that not in battle, or in any other similar case,
    A man's private parts were not to be touched.

    She may have used bad judgment, or in her hast to help free her husband from harm forgot that it was a forbidden act.
    The second, is described as a passion, there are some who really enjoy hurting another human in a sexual manner.
    Either one at that time would have been considered a crime.
    I hope this might help you, and please keep studying the bible.
    May God Bless? KJV
  • Anonymous
    @ Anonymous

    I agree. It does not make sense that they would kill her for saving her husband, but back then women were not thought of as thinking feeling individuals, but more like menís property. This is outlined in that she had to marry her husband's brother. This all began to change when Jesus was born, read up on Mary Magdalene for more.
  • Anonymous
    verse 11 and 12 why will they cut off her hand for saving her husbands life? this makes no sense

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