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  • Stanjett
    5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. It's in the why would she dress like a man and a man dress like a woman? My Mom wore overalls. BUt we lived on a farm and she couldn't wear a dress into the fields.
  • Denell
    This is why bible study is good. Your mom wearing coveralls for the sake of working on the farm is understandable, not to be twisted with what is written here. The wearing of pants brings attention to our form, we are not to wear tight or form fitting clothing bringing lustful or unwanted attention to ourselves.
  • Albert
    It doesn't mean a woman can't wear pants on occasions. Overalls and loose fitting women pants are okay, but NOT in the church. And woman pants should not worn provocatively. No tights, period.
  • Ruben Hartness
    Stanjett, The interpretation I get from the Strong's Concordance is don't try to hide the figure underneath. In other words don't disguise yourself. Back in those days men wore skirts but also wore a gird to make the skirt into a pants for fighting. It's interesting--some belief is man don't take a woman's position or woman don't take a mans position in sexual engagement.
  • DonBab
    Laura Marshall. The men wore robes, as did the women. You could tell the difference between the two. (Verse 5 - A distinction is made between a man's garment and a woman's garment. The difference was obviously noticeable.) Proverbs 7:10 also speaks of the "attire of a harlot". You could make assumptions based on a one's clothing. God's purpose in this passage is separation and distinction.
  • Laura Marshall
    In Old Testament, men wore long dresses,
  • Theresa
    Praise the lord it should be a difference we are peculiar people this seems to be a problem for a lot if people. The lord want us obey women should not wear pants and men should not wear dresses or skirts think about it even on the restroom doors it has differences. I would encourage anyone that when the lord is dealing with regarding this please obey he requires for us to be Holy.
  • Ange
    i think we should make God' word a standard to our life.
  • BettyG
    To D. Robison - Ps. 119:40: Thy Word is pure; therefore thy servant loveth it.

    Pro. 30:5: Every Word of God is pure: He is a shield to them that put their trust in Him.
  • BSP
    God has provided Bible principles to help set his people apart. Verse 5 brings out Jehovah God's viewpoint of proper dress and grooming for a man and woman.
  • Bruce
    Dan: If a man dresses to look like a Female or a Female dresses to look like a man,that is abomination. It's not to be done even as a joke. This World is going Dark quickly. When I was in school, I knew what bathroom to use. Today, after countless hours and millions of dollars, they still don't know. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own Hearts: Romans 1:24
  • Danney Robison
    The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, (9 does this mean everything from sandals, to pants, to shirt, to underwear to hat?) neither shall a man put on a woman's garment( can a man wear anything except for women's garments?} : (what is the difference between put on and wear?) for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
  • Danney Robison
    The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
    No where in this verse does it say anything about pants. Confused me too, what about hats, robes, sandals, underwear, scarfs, glasses, gloves, belts, wool , linen, skirts, wedding ring a cross, a smile . Who gets to what????
  • Lu2677
    Wayne,You advised April not to ask questions of humans.Yet, you answer many questions here.The task is to "test all spirits".The only way to test a spirit is using the knowledge of God's word.Asking a question of someone is not wrong, but after they answer, test it against his word. The Holy Spirit teaches all things.If you are grounded in the word, the truth will set you free. Christ is Truth.
  • Bruce
    April: Wearing pants is ok, just not painted on. The issue is about one dressing to look like a male or female. I thought maybe we should all wear robes,but whatever you wear someone will complain. I see a lot of women wear way to short or sheer (do they still make slips), clothing. A couple of girls,well the pants looked like pajamas. The Lord looks at your Heart.
  • Wayne
    April, take all questions to Jesus and He will answer them. Don't rely on humans for not all adhere to the scriptures.
  • April
    I have a question,I see IRENE 123 posted about wearing pants,and it got me thinking,would it be considered a I guess GUY clothing?,I mean when I was younger I was a tom boy,lol,eww to dresses,but now I like to wear long skirts and long dresses,I am more conservative,I tried wearing skinny miny but,it wasn't very becoming,all due to what was hip lol,but as I got older I like to wear jeans.

  • Irene123
    Women like their pants. When they first became more popular in the late 60's it took just a VERY FEW yrs., less than 5, before ALL women, young and seniors, were wearing them. And many mother's didn't even bother buying dresses anymore for their daus. But, we are not to openly judge anyone for anything; their lives are between them and God. God IS love and we are to ONLY show His love.
  • Demitra
    I believe God's word...I trust its virture. I don't. Take away or add. If you follow it as a chritian should it is well with thee. I am my brothers keeper and Women pants are wrong ..even if we are doing them, bur especially when you come to God's house. I do think that is an abomination! If you love him respect him. Don't. Justify....Change. OT/NT doesn't matter the devil is cunning. Love GOD.
  • Michael C.
    The Law was given as a Schoolmaster, to bring us to Christ. If the Spirit of the LORD be truly in our hearts, then we will never have any controversy with the good and clean and normal; as God made it! The wearing of garments pertaining to the other gender, is abomination to God; just as if one thinks liberty means, freedom from rule. The two different genders compliment each other to God's glory.
  • Peniel Ojoba
    Jesus Christ didn't abolish anything about the law but his death impacted on all believer the grace to live above the law. For instance, no spirit filled believer can go after his neighbor's wife 'cos the Holy Spirit is there to guide him or her.
  • Lu2677
    Jesus Christ gave us the New Covenant, yes, some things were changed. Amen
  • Thomas Chambers
    I believe that Jesus Christ died for all sin, past, present and future Genesis through Revelations. If I interpret correctly, as described in Revelations, this is an chance once again for others to be saved. Our God is an loving God, an just God who is the I AM I AM! I like what I see thus far and hope to study Deuteronomy Chapter 22 more! Am I allowed to comment as the comments I see?
  • Maureen Anyango
    God was there before the scriptures and then came the scriptures came, before my greatest Dad Adam, God already knew He would bring Adam to existent just as He assures Jeremiah He knew the world would develop together with it's technology He got it well that lifestyle would change with time span and made it precise bound by the love He had for you and I, that you and I shall be an abomination by crossdressing.
  • Temitope for verse 5
    Let Holy Spirit lead you...
  • Sharifah for verse 5
    i think i was about those people trying to be women and change their true nature of creation and about the homosexuality they are like not appreciative about God's plan for them.
  • Pst Godwn oyakhilome cmr for verse 5
    the bible make me to understand that we should not believe in the thougth of phylosophers, we are in end time we need to be very carefull with those fake pastors and prophet who miss interpret the bible, that it is good for a woman to wear a trouser.
  • Jim Griffin for verse 5
    When speaking of a mans garment it is referring specifically to the breeches which were designed for the men to wear under their robes and in todays society pants, I've struggled with this verse but after exhausted study have come to the conclusion it means what it says. Better to err on the side of caution than be an abomination.
  • FiFi
    Verse 28 Does this verse refer to a woman being raped or a woman who was a virgin consenting?
  • Jackson for verse 27
    Does it has to be a virgin or ingaged to be married, or does this also consist of innocent women in general?

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