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  • Stanjett
    and thou shalt eat in thy gates whatsoever thy soul lusteth after. I like rabbit stew and I like pork and bacon.
  • Janet
    V. 12 Father, Please make those moments for rejoicing evident. Help me to live a life of celebration and rejoicing for all You have done.
  • BSP
    Verse 7~Jehovah God provides for and blesses those who obey him.
  • BSP
    Verse 32: Jehovah God deserves and requires our complete and unconditional obedience.
  • April
    Bruce:I believe with all my heart that father knows our hearts,you stick to what speaks to your spirit,and when the time comes,they will have the inquitity of all the people who are following these ways,so many people even oastors dont give GLORY to GOD,but GOD does work through many different ways to reach people,stay true to what you believe and PRAY to find a place
    with like minded,AMEN.

  • LaVonne
    April, You are correct. Read Jeremiah 10:2-4. These verses cannot be any taken any other
    way. The LORD wants to be worshiped in Spirit
  • April
    Deuteronomy 16:21-Thou shalt NOT plant thee a grove of ANY TREES near unto the altar of the LORD thy GOD,which thou shall make thee. Christmas trees are of a peganism way,when we get the presents we are bowing down to the tree,even if in our hearts We aren't doing this exact thing,if you are to honor father then no tree of celebration is to be near unto him,decorating it,music about it sung.
  • Bruce
    April: I been to a few of these Churches,some for four years when you mention it they just say who are you holier than now. Some say your probably right, but we're gonna do it anyway,it's fun, the kids love it. I mentioned a Nativity scene would be better. They just looked at me. Some even have a Santa Claus and a bunny suit. The church I grew up in Hung witches in The Church at Halloween! I Left.
  • April
    Dr.Ford: I was wondering have you tried to speak to these people and shew onto them whatever is within your heart?I use To go to a Baptist Church,and currently found out Chrismas n Easter are filled with Peganism and other beliefs from other countries all tied into an image that so many people honestly think they are worshiping GOD,yet it is an ABOMINATION unto him,we're doing the exact opposite..
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    Still more injunctions by God to the Isarelites and a promise of a great future if they obey. It is a simple logic of trust (have faith and do His commands) and obey. Sadly, many shun to obey with its dire consequences. But our God is gracious and mighty to save if we genuinely repent.
  • JOAN
  • Angela
    Dr. Ford what exactly do you perceive to be the Will of Yahweh?!?
    I truly want to understand this scripture. I would sincerely appreciate dialogue! My questions are pubs the idolatry worship, worshipping the way they did their gods, and eating anything is permissible. I need to understand this please and thank you.
  • Quansto
    Dr Ford . What is the will of God in your eyes?
  • Stephen F. Zielski
    Rest assure and Trust in the Only Living God
  • Dr.Ford
    I have spent all of my life in Church, I've been a member of different denominations, and even nondenominational.
    I have yet to find a Church that is focused on the will of God. Most of the Churches are focused on money, celebrating days, Womens day, Brotherhood Sunday, Youth Sunday, Usher Sunday and Pastors Anniversary and no search for the will of God. My heart is broken.
  • Dennis
    It is in this chapter where the REGULATIVE PRINCIPLE is taught. Only God Himself has the right to say how He is to be worshipped. Much of that which goes on in modern evangelicalism does not meet the criteria, is this biblical? If the church of the New Testament didn 't practice something neither should we. If they did, so should we. Our worship must be "regulated " by Scripture or it doesn 't please God. John 4 23 24
  • Samuel
    Praying God to help me here in Germany.
  • Godwin Alims for verse 14
    God has an appointed place of worship for you(every one of us). There, you are to worship, offer your sacrifices and receive instructions.
  • are we doing this are we teaching our children are we making this the better than star wars, the jefferson's, the etc,,,, whats your idol?
    I am looking for a church because the last church wasn't doing this oh we need your money (which i had no problem giving) but don't make waves and always act like nothings wrong lets get home so we can check on the steelers or cowboys or? whats yours gods? are you reading a verse, chapter, memo or? can you catch the false gods in the vary act or are you a part of the scandal? will God come back and find you doing or will you be the door mat at the nearest bar? think about it dwell on it and live it, then when you come to church it wont be a social gathering only no you'll be searching out your neighbor.

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