Deuteronomy Chapter 11 Discussion

  • David on Deuteronomy 11 - 3 years ago
    The main element we can take away from the current reading is we must be born again according to Scripture.

    All the encouragement, chiding, blessings and cursings are only given to the children of Israel. Nothing was said to the inhabitants of Canaan. If a person was not a member of the children of Israel then the blessings, cursings were not for them.

    God gives us reminders, guidance, blessing, discipline, and corrections because you are saved and His child. God's only directive to the lost is to be saved!
  • Bruce Lee Blankenship on Deuteronomy 11:20 - 3 years ago
    Ref: Deuteronomy Chapter 11

    What are the words that I must write on the door posts and gate(s) of my house? Is it the Ten Commandments ? Thank you.
  • Andy G van den Berg on Deuteronomy 11 - 3 years ago
    On DEUT. 11:16

    The Word of God is God ( John 1:1) and not for any private interpretation ( 2 Peter 1:20). If it records in Rev. 12:9 that this whole world has been deceived, it did not speak of a particular country, group of people, person or religion, it meant the whole world.

    For a better understanding and the 'spiritual truth' what it means to repent, and learn how and by whom 2 Cor. 11:13-15) this whole world has been deceived and what mankind must do to be reunited with the true and living God, we invite you to seek Him according to the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive ( Matthew 7:7; John 14:17).

    The word 'Repent' in different forms (repent, repentance, repented, repentest, repenteth, repenting), is mentioned 110 times in the KJV, and there seems to be a great misconception what the true 'spiritual' meaning of the word is. The word 'repent' used in the New Testament was translated from the Greek word "metanoeo", and means to change, transform, to think differently or reconsider.

    Only through Repentance will God be able to reveal Himself, and adopt you as His sons and daughters ( Rom. 8:15,23; 2 Cor.6:18; Gal. 4:5; Eph. 1:5; Hebr. 12:5; 1 John 3:1) and reveal to you how this whole world has been deceived ( Rev. 12:9) and overcome this world ( 1 John 5:4).

    The word 'Repent' means a lot more than what people by nature have been conditioned to believe. It is the key principle of all the teachings of Jesus Christ and the axiom (basis) of the Word of God and a prerequisite and primary requirement for the salvation of mankind. It means the changing of spirits - to turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God ( Acts 26:18).

    It is only by revelation of God that people will come to know the true Christ ( Daniel 12:4,9; Amos 3:7; Matthew 16:17; Luke 2:26; Romans 16:25; 1 Cor. 2:10; Gal. 1:16; Eph. 3:3,5; Rev. 1:1). It should also be remembered that it is a narrow way that leadeth unto 'Life', and few there be that find it ( Matthew 7:14).
  • Job on Deuteronomy 11 - 4 years ago
    Trust and obey, for there's no other way.
  • BSP on Deuteronomy 11 - 6 years ago
    Verse 1: We should always love God and keep his commandments always. We must do so even when this may be difficult for us.
  • A disciple on Deuteronomy 11 - 6 years ago
    Thank you Steve; as always, very important and pertinent Scriptures! "LAY UP THESE MY WORDS IN YOUR --- HEART --- AND IN YOUR SOUL AND BIND THEM FOR A SIGN UPON YOUR HAND THAT THEY MAY BE AS FRONTLETS BETWEEN YOUR EYES" We are utterly dependent upon the word of God in every conceivable aspect of our life. If we do not read it through, write it down, pray it in, and work it out; then we will fail!
  • Irene123 on Deuteronomy 11 - 7 years ago
    Obedience to God's Word. It's so very simple. Nothing to 'think' about. The Word of God is so very plain. Acts 2:37 - 38. " ..... what shall we do?" Then Peter's answer. Jesus said, in Matt. 6:33, preparing people for the day of Pentecost in Acts Ch. 2 - "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God (salvation), and all these things shall be added unto you." the things of this life , food, raiment, shelter.
  • April on Deuteronomy 11 - 7 years ago
    I thought about it and I think that Israelities had more of a Blessing then a curse,yes they had to pay for their sins and follow the commandment to the T,but if you were not within the LORDS army or on his side you would perish with no chance of Salvation or Atonement,you just simply died,Israelities had a chance alot of the people did not have,so I see it as a BLESSING more then a CURSE,a GIFT..
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Deuteronomy 11 - 7 years ago
    The forewarning of the Lord to Israel is as true to us today as it was to them. We should hearken and be forearmed.
  • Vera ship on Deuteronomy 11 - 8 years ago
    God is reminding Israel how he brought them out of Egypt to possess the land he is giving them. God is also letting them know if they keep his commandments he will bless them beyond measure if they do not worship other Gods. God also remind them not to get high minded and think that it was all their doing.
  • Bill on Deuteronomy 11:22 - 9 years ago
    The condition for inheriting i.e., taking possession of the land was obedience to God s Word and faithfulness i.e., full dependence on the Lord for victory . Here s the point saved Israelites unconditionally received God as their inheritance, but possession of Canaan land was conditional, depending on their obedience and faithfulness to Jehovah... it is a mistake of equating Canaan land with heaven, but that is a hermeneutical error in my opinion. We believe Canaan land is a picture of two things 1 spiritual victory in the present life, which leads to 2 inheriting Millennial rest in the life to come. Incidentally, even after taking possession of Canaan land the Israelites had the potential of losing it, if they became unfaithful see Deut. 28 58, 63. Cr. James Hollandsworth KingdomPreparation
  • Annalee foxbell on Deuteronomy 11 - 10 years ago
    as long has you keep the lord commandments he shall give you a latter rain e.g he bless you aboundantly more than you can imagine

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