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  • My question is why is there so much violence and hatred in gods commandments. Why doesn't god just come forth and wipe them out. Why doesn't he just appear himself? Doesn't make sense to me.
  • Chris on Deuteronomy 1
    To summarize Deuteronomy in one sentence, Trust and obey GOD.
  • Imma on Deuteronomy 1
    Deut.1 teaches us that the promise God gave in Joshua that He would give us every place the sole of feet have trodden, will only come to pass if we follow God and obey Him. No matter what hardship we come across on the journey, we must trust God and continue holding on to His word. V27 the Israelites murmured against God and this cost them the promised land. Caleb was the only one whom God said in would see the promised land V36.
  • Mark on Deuteronomy 1
    this chapter shows how much we bear that we would not need to bear if we only follow the word of god in our daily walk knowing that he cares for us, in every aspect of our life.
  • Catherine Muuka on Deuteronomy 1
    I thank God for this revelation of Gods secret, I have been caring for the welfare of my children, wondering who will care for them when I die and yet I should be trusting God because he is their creator and has their plans at hand.
  • Steve on Deuteronomy 1:9
    I am learning----I think it means that the growth of the Isarites was to much for Moses to handle alone. I spake unto you at that time---It appears that Moses is the speaker. The Lord spoke in verse 8 and appears to be a change of speakers.
  • Eric on Deuteronomy 1
    Deuteronomy 1;6 God told the people it is time to move forward after a long stay at Mt.Horeb.In the journey of life there is the need to continue to move forward to our dreams and not stay at particular place where it is obvious your dreams seems obscure and chartered.MOVE FORWARD
  • Annie Mckenzie on Deuteronomy 1
    Deuterony is telling us what god say to do.
  • Jean on Deuteronomy 1
    Deuteronomy 1 is telling us to do as God is telling us to do that God has a plan for his people all we have to do is open our minds and ears and hear what he is saying to us to trust him and do his will and we will reap the harvest
  • StephendeRafael on Deuteronomy 1
    In dueteronomy we have a summing up of events that have gone before, a reiteration at the point of entering into the promised land. Moses himself will not go over because of a froward flock but only Caleb who whole heartedly followed the commandments and Joshua to lead them. Joshua is also translated as Jesus by Stephen in Acts when he was summing up to the high priests all the sins committed against those whom God sent. These patterns in the bible emphasize for us these human truths that we must learn from, even today. We are not much different than they who grumbled against Moses, who stoned Stephen, who crucified the Savior and exonerated a murderer. What God wants is a contrite heart and obediant sons and daughters to Live with him in his Kingdom. But first we shall be tried and tempered with fire unquenched, to purify as Gold is purified in fire. Its hot, but its the only way!
  • Dorothy on Deuteronomy 1:11
    to me deuteronomy 111 this is the year that God is going to bless people who is and wlll trust him and during the will of god for the kingdom because the kingdom is in us so when we trust God and plant seed because its seed time and harvest so when we give to God and plant seed we pull down kingdom living so i stand on deuteronomy 111 so when you and add the year you born everyone who was born in the 1900 and their birthday comeing this year you will get 111
  • Jasmin on Deuteronomy 1:11
    There's always a sacrafice that goes before the promise comes.If your not willing to give up your ways this won't apply to ur life but when u have been tested and u have been tried there lies a promise for the people of God. U have to be in it for God's glory not about the things ven though HE promised us some stuff.I know by experience that after all the pain and rials in my 30yrs of life(yes it started when I was 5)that there is no greater reward then Christ. That's when God can trust u with a blessing beyond ur mind because HE knows where ur is and u wont allow the things o become ur GOD.Too many people go for the blessings but dont understand there is trails,persecutions,afflictions u must endure.Jesus endured pain before Glory.I hold this scripture because it is an assurance to me.
  • Jane mwangi on Deuteronomy 1
    Deuteronomy Chapter 1 teaches us to have faith in God no matter what the circumstances. He is the one who fights our battles and disbelieve is sin. That's what caused the children on Israel to wast 40 years in the wilderness. Disbelieve will cause us to wast years in the wilderness of our lives. Abraham believed God and he was counted righteous. Have Faith in God.
  • Rose Sirali on Deuteronomy 1
    The Lord God longs to have a very intimate relationship with us. Guiding us by day and by night. Deuteronomy 1 brings this out very clearly. The extraordinary faith exhibited by Moses, Caleb and Joshua is demanded of us too. We are to seek the Lord in every thing and to practice the discipline of waiting upon the Lord for an answer, advice, guidance instead of rushing headlong into activities that are probably not for us. Deuteronomy 1 underscores the significance and importance of obedience to the Lord. At our level, it is obedience to the authorities God has instituted over us and also obedience to the Word of God spoken to us through reading and hearing the Gospel preached by those in spiritual leadership over us.

    Deuteronomy 1 is the sad account of wasted years due to disobedience and unbelief. At the work place, if disobedience takes over, we are likely to toil in the same place for many years until we learn what the Master sent us there to learn. This thread marks/characterizes all spheres/phases of our lives. We spend precious years in the wilderness because of our unbelief and disobedience.

    Deuteronomy 1 seeks to correct this sad pattern in our lives. The Lord wants to bless us. Our role is to obey. This is well illustrated in Psalm 119.

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