Deuteronomy 32:46 MEANING

Deuteronomy 32:46
(46) Set your hearts unto all the words.--Rashi compares Ezekiel 40:4 : "Son of man, behold with thine eyes, and hear with thine ears, and set thine heart upon all that I shew thee."

Which ye shall command.--Rather, that ye may command your children to observe to do all the words of this law. Obviously the knowledge of the law would depend very much on personal instruction for some time to come.

Verse 46. - (Cf. Deuteronomy 6:7; Deuteronomy 11:19.)

32:44-47 Here is the solemn delivery of this song to Israel, with a charge to mind all the good words Moses had said unto them. It is not a trifle, but a matter of life and death: mind it, and you are made for ever; neglect it, and you are for ever undone. Oh that men were fully persuaded that religion is their life, even the life of their souls!And he said unto them,.... By way of exhortation:

set your hearts to all the words which I testify among you this day; it was not enough to hear them, but they were to lay them up in their hearts, and retain them in their memories; and not only so, but reflect on them in their minds, and closely apply to the consideration of them, and get the true knowledge and sense of them, and put it in practice:

which ye shall command your children to observe, to do all the words of this law; which shows that the exhortation does not respect the song only, but the whole law delivered in this book; which they were not only to attend to themselves, but to transmit to their children, and enjoin them the observance of, that so religion might be perpetuated in their posterity.

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