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  • Vanfanel
    Notable horn Alexander. 4 horns four generals dividing his kingdom. Little horn Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who co-opted priests, banned sacrifices, defiled the Temple, leading to the Maccabean Revolt. As he was fighting another battle when it broke out, he turned back to quell it, but died suddenly of illness "without hand" on the way. Hanukkah celebrates the restoration of the temple afterward.
  • Royweston
    Relax brothers and sisters. all the battles and death described in revelation took place at and around the destruction of the Jewish temple at Jerusalem in 70 a.d. the events described there are historic facts and have been recorded in ancient texts. the kingdom described in Daniels vision is already here in spiritual form all believers are part of it and will continue to expand over the earth.
  • Donald
    The little horn that rises up after Alexander's Empire is broken up into Four kingdoms is Rome. The 2300 day/years of this vision is about Romes rise from 275 B.C. and its transformation into the Roman Catholic Church State, which is the one understanding dark sentences who will destroy the mighty (pagan Rome) and the holy (biblical Christianity). It is destroyed by God by 2026 A.D.
    2300 years.
  • Marlo
    The continuation of the 10 horns or toes is explained in Revelation 13 and 17 by the uniting of their kingdom with the angel or beast that will ascend out of the bottomless pit. When mystery Babylon falls, will begin to culminate thfinal 42month reign of the 10 horns by this angel that was, and is not, yet is who will go into PERDITION.
  • Marlo
    Just for what it is worth, the kingdoms of Grecia don't forget to include Africa into this receive their power from Satan. From the time of Christ til present day, satanic powers have been the ruling forces of the Western nation's.
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 1-27 cover a lot of world-history / history of nations not taught to 99%; at that time even Daniel was astonished at the vision, yet he/we are directed to: " Understand, O son of man for at the time of the end shall be the vision ". Though 1-27 is like a puzzle (1000 pcs) to most in 2019, it directed us from the days of Daniel - 2019; having SALVATION through JESUS BLOOD is what matter.
  • BSP
    Verse 15: Daniel was not content to just see the vision, but he was seeking to understand it. We can imitate him by not only knowing and being familiar with Scriptural teachings, but putting forth the effort to understand them.
  • Word
    Kiowa its spiritual death and Satan as you will read going forward in Daniel comes as peacefully
  • Sabbath keeper and Wife
    Marcelo, that's spot-on! Very accurate. The eighth is of the seven, all of them. Goes into perdition. Who is the ONLY one already sentenced to perdition? This king ran em all.....the devil. The four horns were Alexander's four generals, like the four wings on the leopard. When you look at the four beasts, the statue and the ram/ goat, you get enough info to open Daniel....almost. Use Dan on Rev.
  • Kiowa
    I understand why Daniel almost fainted after seeing this vision. It makes me sick to my stomach just reading what is soon to be. So many will perish thinking they are doing the right thing. The deception of peace is such a great move in the grand game of chess that God and satan have been playng for so long and seems to be winding down with the generation of the fig tree.
  • Marcelo
    About the chapter 8:8 when the fourth great kingdom which was Persian empire was knocked by Alexander the Great, "the goat waxed very great" means the fifth kingdom so he Alex was strong, but when its great horn was broken he fell, for this reason there came four notable ones, that represented the sixth great kingdom Roman empire with its four tetrarchs tetra means four - arch head leaders . About the verse 9, "Out of them came a little horn", means out of the Romans the seventh empire which has a extreme prosperity in all the directions of the Earth. In the book of revelation we can find the end of the the seventh empire through the great tribulations, even the eighth Empire that probably will be finishing the last millennium, which could be the seventh millennium since the creation of man.
  • J Sanders for verse 24
    Much of the world will think he is doing good , but in reality he is killing innocent people. " He will kill wonderfully ". Agree with bob k above.
  • Aaron
    I agree with most of Bob K's intreprtation of Daniel chapter 8. The one thing in my opinion I differ from Bob is I don't believe the first beast is coming from the Holy Roman Empire. He's coming out of the pit of hell resurrected by Satan. Remember the people wonder at the beast because he was wounded and came back to life? My opinion the anti-christ is Nimrod. Right out of the pit of hell restored head back on!
  • Bob K for verse 26
    Today we are right in the midst of it. This is happening in God 's Temple. This whole vision is about God 's Church right now-The Last End. Daniel is trying to get to see the king of warfare going on behind the scenes.
  • Bob K for verse 25
    This man will destroy many people by preaching peace-or love, love-but he practices the opposite. His is a policy of craft, or deceit, as it reads in the Revised standard version.
  • Bob K for verse 24
    this verse refers to a Satan inspired-man leading the great false church to r. ally a united Europe, In type, this verse applies to that Hitler-type leader. He will be a leader of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Bob K for verse 12
    This evil Antiochus was given an Army of God 's own people to fight against God! Satan gave him this army because God 's people sinned. see 2nd Thessalonians 2, this same event is called "A great falling away " in the Greek. That is another way of saying they were "casting truth to the ground, " or destroying the faith of God 's people.
  • Bob K for verse 11
    These words are written in military terms. The prince of the host is Christ. the word to should be against. This Antiochus, inside God 's church, is fighting against Christ.
  • Bob K for verse 10
    Host can refer to an army of demons, angels or men. God has an army of angels and saints. Satan has an army of demons and men - in this case sinning saints.
  • Bob K for verse 8
    We must remember Daniel is also an End-Time-Book. this little horn is Antiochus. This is a type of the coming leader of the Holy Roman Empire. But it is also a type of a leader inside God 's own Church
  • Simon Soh
    Truth meaning the Law of Truth.
  • Gloria R. McKinnon for verse 12
    What does TRUTH mean in this context? To me TRUTH is Christ Jesus. Thanks, Gloria
    my understanding of Daniel 's chapter 8 is exactly the same with Timothy but pray for LORD YAHSUA he will open your eyes and you see what was witten in bible about four beasts and what they mean Revelation 13 1 10 '11 18 Revelation 14 6 12 Revelation 12 1 17
  • Nils
    The great horn is alexander the great and the four are his four generals that divided his kingdom when he died Then Rome comes and then the roman church which ruled the dark ages and hid the bible from the people They also cast down the sanctuary by hiding the way of Gods salvation as sown in the sanctuary See psalms 77 13 73 esp verse17
  • Faithfull for verse 21
    Dan 8 21 And the rough goat is the king of Grecia and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king This is the first of the 7 Kings to rule over the Roman Empire Beleaguered Greece President of European Union Council Jan 1st 2014 in the end times And the 8th will be the 6th king and of the 7
  • Faithfull for verse 22
    Daniel 8:22 Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but not in his power.

    the nation of Ancient Grease was broken into several nations in the later days four nation shall stand up in their own power. the first is (modern)Grease the second is Turkey where the seven churches of the Revelation of St. John were to be found. the third and fourth are Bosnia and Romania, Romania was the little horn earlier in the tribulation but now as grown into a giant in comparison. and today exploiting every nation it can. Romania is a major manufacturer of Cyanide and was during WW2
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 23
    When evil will have run its course, a king of fierce face shall come to power, understanding dark sayings. This will be the Antichrist, who will deceive the whole world with his charisma and cause them to receive the mark of the beast 666. Make sure you do not accept that mark, for it is a covenant of death. The Church will be raptured, and not go into the great tribulation. This is the mystery of sin that the Apostle Paul told about in II Thes. 2
  • Pandey top for verse 21
    who is this first king ? Danial8:21
  • S Munyemanzi for verse 11
    The world "sacrifice" does not belong to the text of Daniel 8:11, because it is not there in the Hebrew original text. It was added there by the translators and that is why it is italised. Daniel 8:11 should therefore read: "Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down."
  • Ar
    My understanding of Daniel's chapter 8 is exactly the same with
    Timothy Wayne's who commented on this chapter on 3/ 6/2013.
    One has to study Daniel's prophesies together with Revelation of John.God bless you all and give you strong faith and apokalipses -

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