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  • Cowboy on Daniel 7
    Donald Taylor

    In Daniel chapter 7 gives all of the beast the first beast Bible scholars would say this is Babylon. (do not believe them) Daniel was worried what would become of his people (the Israelites). So, God gave Daniel a vision of all the great events that would happen in the world up to the great day of judgement. Now I'm sure God didn't let Daniel put everything Daniel saw in his vision to words. But the first beast that Daniel saw in his vision was the United States (Eagle wings) coming a way from England (the lion).

    If you are a Christian stay prayed up and ready to go up and if not i ask you to become one of Gods people

    God bless

  • Donald Taylor on Daniel 7
    In v4 would the lion be a nation like the United States? I see clay as compared to freedom and iron being referred as a strong nation.
  • Jason on Daniel 7
    Trumpets 5,6 & 7 are separate from the others because they are for the last generation.

    Most everyone believes we are in the end-times, so can you put your finger on it, identify it in the time line? What events have occurred to reinforce the notion that we have entered the end of days?

    The 5th trumpet I identify with the attacks on 9-11-01, and the subsequent rush to battle. This attack officially put the world in tribulation, and stripped us of our freedoms. America and its Babylonian partners spent 20 years killing Muslims in the desert (no grass or green thing), who didn't have the seal of God in their foreheads ( Revelation 9:4).

    The US govt was drawing from ( Revelation 7), by highlighting 144,000, which is painfully obvious from 3 accounts.

    NYT Sept. 20, 2006 - Pentagon officials have said previously that the current level, about 144,000 troops, was likely to be maintained through the end of the year unless security improved.

    The Economic Times Aug 08, 2008 - The United States currently has about 144,000 troops in Iraq and 34,000 in Afghanistan.

    The Washington Institute June 15, 2007 - Rather than asking every American to sacrifice just a little in order to affect oil prices, Washington asked a few Americans -- 144,000 to be exact -- to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Continued - President Bush promised the American public much, but he commissioned a mere 144,000 troops to carry the burden of what was meant to be one of the greatest transformative initiatives in the history of U.S. foreign policy.

    General Wesley Clark March 2007 - "We're Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran.." The US mimics the beast's 6th trumpet attack during the 5th trumpet.

    -The US, after 3 towers were destroyed (their own property), planned to take 7 countries in 5 years ( Revelation 9:10).

    -anti-christ takes 3 horns (his own property), leaving 7 horns from 10 ( Daniel 7:20).

    More to come....
  • Jesse - in Reply on Daniel 7

    The entire chapter of Luke 21 is a section of scripture that deals with the preaching of Jesus in Jerusalem, which begins at Luke 19:28 and ends at Luke 21:38. Chapter 21 can be broken down into several parts as such:

    Luke 21:1-4 gives us the proper understanding of giving.

    Luke 21:5-9, the prophecy concerning the temple.

    Luke 21:10-19, the persecution against believers.

    Luke 21:20-28, the prophecies of judgment against Jerusalem.

    Luke 21:29-33, the parable of the fig tree.

    Luke 21:34-36, the precaution concerning the last days.

    Luke 21:37-38, the Passover week schedule.

    There is a lot of information in Luke Chapter 21. Is there a particular verse or verses you would like to have some clarification on?
  • James EnglishP on Daniel 7
    Paul is taken to Rome where he is under house arrest, though still preaches the word of God. What happened to Paul afer that. ?
  • Jesse - in Reply on Daniel 7

    As I'm sure you know, the account is given to us in Acts Chapter 28. Paul was taken prisoner in Rome and was put on house arrest. He had his own living quarters, and we find out at the end of Chapter 28 that he will be there for two years before they release him because he hasn't done anything wrong. But Paul would be recaptured a second time, and as tradition tells us, he will be taken outside of the city and beheaded by the Roman government.

    So Paul dwelt two whole years in his own hired, or rented house. Rome had to pay the expenses, not only of his trip but of his rented house. And he received all that came in to him, and he did two things: he preached the kingdom of God, and he taught those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ.

    This was from morning until evening. And people were free to come and go, as Paul was allowed to have visitors. But Paul was chained to a guard the whole time. And people would be coming to him day and night listening to him speak. Can you just imagine this poor guard? He was going to hear Paul preach and teach whether he wanted to hear it or not!
  • Cat on Daniel 7
    I'm to this where do I start. Would love to join Bible discussions.
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Hi cat,

    You're welcome to join in.
  • George on Daniel 7
    Was Paul married

    why was Rev 22 15 put in the Bible
  • Trip - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Because it belongs there.
  • Chris - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Revelation chapter 22 was part of the vision that the risen Christ, by His Angel, gave to His beloved servant John. To not give His Message in chapter 22 or for John to leave it out, would not make this final Book of prophecy the complete Word of God, to which no more could be added.

    Just to note verse 4: "And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads." What a wonderful expectant time that will be to all who are the redeemed of the Lord: to be with the Father & the Son in the New Jerusalem, having His Name inscribed on our foreheads, instead of the many perishing in the Lake of Fire with the Antichrist's Name placed on theirs.
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Brother Chris, may CHRIST IN US grace us with HIS wisdom and His understanding.

    In your reply on Revelation 22 you stated that the anti-christ and those who the Father's name was not in their forehead perished in the lake or fire.

    My question is who are the ones verse 15 is speaking of and aren't they the ones verse 17 is inviting to come drink of the waters of life.

    Could it possibly be the lake of fire is is ONLY JUDGEMENT and when they have come to truth; they also will be IN CHRIST.

    Proverbs 16:1-7
  • Chris - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Page 2.

    In Revelation chapter 22, I see one part of the message completing in verse 15, with a new part beginning in verse 16. And this is the final appeal by Jesus, for all people who are alive & "athirst" (not those in Hell or consigned in judgement) to come & take of His Life-giving waters freely. Those unrepentant sinners & those consigned in judgement have no second chance, whether at death or at judgement ( Hebrews 9:27).

    I understand that you believe that the Lake of Fire is a judgement, however temporary until sinners come to the Truth. This would be a huge discussion to have, rather I would ask three questions: what was then the need for the Cross if hell was temporary?; and why the need to repent now before it's too late ( 2 Corinthians 6:2) & why the urging of Jesus & His apostles to put away sin & live accordingly in newness of mind & spirit, if eventually we all (saved now & unsaved) end up in 'Paradise'?

    If these things were not constantly before us as we read the Bible, we could then believe as you do, that there yet remains hope for the unrepentant in this life but who then repents in the next. This teaching I believe, is against God's Word & against Jesus' preaching that we have only this life to come to the Light & repent, for there remains no second chance to the sinner.
  • Chris - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Page 1.

    Dear Earl. I do understand your position about God's Judgement & the Lake of Fire, to which I'll refer to later. But to your question on Revelation 22:15 & then to Revelation 22:17.

    Revelation chapters 21 & 22 speak of the New Jerusalem coming out of Heaven. Revelation 21:8 speaks of those sinners (as described therein) who will have no part in this glorious City. And of course, this verse is linked to Revelation 22:15. So in chapter 21, we read that those 'sinners' "will have their part in the Lake of Fire" & therefore, those in chapter 22 must also refer to those same people. But the question: are those verses in conflict (i.e. are they either in the Lake of Fire or are they living out their lives outside the new City)?

    We know that this new City is prepared & brought down to the new Earth where no corruption exists nor can enter into, so what are we to make of this 'conflict'? If as you believe, that these sinners outside the City are the ones to be invited to "take of the water of life freely", then this new Earth is no longer pure & holy, as sinners also live on it. However, if Rev 22:14,15 does NOT refer to sinners sitting outside the City, peering in or longing to enter in, but rather being altogether outside the City, in Hell fire, then we have compatibility with these verses in both chapters. In Greek, the word for 'outside' ('exo') allows for being both outside of an area (e.g. Mark 3:31) or completely separated from an area (e.g. Mark 4:11). So, given Rev 21:8, one has to believe that these sinners are not waiting outside the gates, rather, they're excluded from both the City & the Earth, outside the Mercy of God, in judgement.
  • Thereisagulf - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Amen, brother Chris.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Daniel 7
    1 Corinthians 7:7 says "For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that."

    So Paul says I wish that all men were even as I myself.

    Paul was not married at that time even though he probably was married at one time. The reason was that he was a member of the Sanhedrin when persecution broke out against the early church, and one of the requirements for being in the Sanhedrin is that the person be married.

    So Paul's wife had either passed away or she divorced him because of his conversion. Whatever the case may be, we don't know. But he says I'm single, and I wished, not commanding, but I wished that everybody was as I myself.
  • Chris - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Thanks Jesse, that was very interesting to read - never considered that possibility. Just wanted to add verses 26 & 28 for further thought: Paul spoke about "the present distress" and "such shall have trouble in the flesh".

    I wonder whether the believers in Corinth were facing a particularly challenging time to their faith &/or their lives, which prompted Paul to strongly advise them to take away their focus on becoming a couple or a family & attend to what was happening around them (whatever that might have been). Again, only guesses on our part.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Hi Chris,

    From what I gather, the believers in Corinth were facing a challenging time. The church in Corinth was very corrupt and Paul wrote 1 Corinthians to address the corruption that was in the church. It was pagan worship, and prostitution was part of the worship service and people brought their families. And this was a constant seven-day-a-week influence on that city.

    So now these people have received Christ, and they're gathering together as followers of Jesus after He has saved them, but they still have to live in this environment. They are in a community where this is all the people do, is participate in perversion and corruption as part of their worship.

    So they had a great struggle in the church there because a lot of the problems that they struggled with were in the church in Corinth. That may have been the "present distress" Paul spoke about?

    I wanted to touch on what Paul's reason may have been for saying that he wished all men were like him (Single) and that if they were to marry, that such would have trouble in the flesh.

    Paul says "Such will have trouble in the flesh." It's a fact of life! Whether a married couple loves each other or not, there's going to be trouble in the flesh. It seems from Verse 35 that the motive for Paul's teaching this way was so that our devotion to the Lord will be without distraction.

    Verses 32-33 seem to show the contrast between a married and single person's devotion to the Lord, where a single person, whether a man or woman, can be totally devoted to the Lord. But a married person no longer has the same amount of devotion because their concern is on pleasing their spouse. Paul doesn't say this is wrong. I believe it's a normal human response for someone who is married.

    I believe Paul was once married, although scripture does not specifically tell us. If he was, he would have experienced it both ways as far as devotion goes, possibly prompting him to say he wished all men were single such as himself.
  • Chris - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Thanks again Jesse for sharing that and I trust you had a very enjoyable & profitable camping trip.

    What you shared truly shook me. I was well aware of the moral & spiritual condition of the city of Corinth, with its temple to Aphrodite/Astarte & its many prostitutes (serving as priestesses) that served there but had no inkling that such deplorable things had made inroads into the Church. Indeed, the Church was in a bad shape which would have grieved the apostle immensely but to have to root out wickedness at that level, would have been formidable & agonizing to him.

    So I can see that those reasons you gave would have been sufficient for Paul to express chastity as a preference to marriage. For if it was persecution that was being hurled against the Church, I would think that such a Church in such a condition would have little to fear from the world, when the world was well & truly in the Church. Blessings brother.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Hi Chris,

    You brought a couple things to my mind that I would like to share. Mainly why I think Paul had wished that men were single like him. I am out on a camping trip for the weekend but will respond back on Monday.

    God bless!
  • Marco on Daniel 7:25
    Apostle Paul explains the best teaching as it pertains to the Sabbath in Hebrews 4. The Sabbath in Genesis 7 is prophetic and must be stied with Revelation 10:7. The Sabbath given unto the children of Israel was codified into the Law of Moses. The Messiah, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ showed forth how to keep the Sabbath, doing the work of God. Daniel 7:25 is the 4th kingdom upon the earth which is Rome/Europe.
  • Israel on Daniel 7:25
    Daniel 7;25:-"they[Judah/Israel -so he must be 11th king of the JEWS= TO JESUS-Matt27;37] will be given into his hand Time [3.5yrs] Times [X3.5yrs] & a half a Time [+ 1.75yrs]' = 14yrs . The 11th [elected different to all before -native born] & 8th head [as 3 repeat office twice& 7th head fatally wounded -Rabin] WAS 1996 WAS NOT 1999 subdued 3 kings returning without the honor of kingship[Livni wins election] WAS AGAIN 2009 until election failure April 2019[care taker king] is short by about 13 months. So from his coalition with Benny Ganz May 2020 he should be removed [& angry] mid 2021. Watch & see......Binyamin Netanyahu = 666 old Hebrew Gematria tried to ban the teaching of Christianity in Israel [abouthis 3rd act of Parliament]. known as the 'little horn[son] = Hebrew BIBI.He absolutely fulfills ALL prophecy although you probably do not realise it.....Baruch Hashem in Yeshu ha Moshiach...Israel ..../Messianic Jew....HE LIVES !!!
  • William - in Reply on Daniel 7:25
    This makes no sense whatsoever
  • Chris on Daniel 7
    Paul, that's an interesting comment you make, one which I had not given much thought to as I understood it as read. So, you're saying, "I do not believe for one second (that) Jesus had a flaw or sweated blood". That is very true if it were indeed 'a flaw or actual blood'. And yes, the mention of it in Lk 22:44 is the only one, which I suspect is so because of Luke's profession & interest in all things medical.

    Hematohidrosis, which the medical doctors class this as, seemed very likely what Jesus was experiencing at the Mt. of Olives. Yes, it is a condition, even rare by all accounts, but should it be classified as a 'flaw (in Jesus' perfect Body)? This condition has been observed in others who are experiencing extreme moments of stress & anguish (e.g. some soldiers about to enter into battle), so Luke describes this occurrence to show us the agony of our Lord as He also contemplated the full implications of His Sacrifice. Not just in a physical torture & death, but for the eternal release of those caged in sin & hell bound.

    Also, what do you make of Jn 19:34? At the spearing of Jesus' side, both blood & water spewed out. Was this too a 'flaw'? Or, maybe a physiological reaction to the rupture of the pericardium of the heart, which was filled with fluid as a result of a crucifixion, & brought forth that liquid (water) & blood from ruptured veins & arteries.

    So, I don't see either of these events as flaws, but serving to prove to us once again, the full humanity in every detail, that Jesus took upon Himself so that he would suffer & die as a man (yet a perfect Man) without avoiding any of the torture we would have faced if put in a similar position. And our crucifixion & death would have been justified as sinners, but this Man did nothing amiss, was sinless, but for OUR sins He came & died.
  • Paul O - in Reply on Daniel 7
    PAULO to Chris

    I thank you from my heart that you took the time to give my question some thought. For Jesus to be a perfect sacrifice, there cannot be any kind of flaw. There is such a thing as a FLOP SWEAT, which is a common occurrence for anyone going through a serious traumatic time. I have had FLOP SWEATS... they are not rare and are not the result of medical condition, but the manifestation of a very trying and worrying time. During the Passover period, the head of a house would hand pick a LAMB that had no SPOT or FLAW, the lamb would be fully examined and checked on a regular basis for any kind of blemish. This process lasted a number of days, and when the head of the house was fully satisfied that the lamb was without flaw, then and only then would that lamb be sacrificed. These selected lambs were VISIBLY perfect. Jesus is the son of God. No one measures up. We all fall short, regardless. Any man on this earth would, and did pale in comparison. In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus was a stones throw away from his disciples, and he prayed alone. He briefly visited them on 2 occasions and found them sleeping. The third time was the last time and Jesus was about to be betrayed. If Jesus sweated blood, the disciples would have been shocked at the sight, as they would have thought he had been injured while they slept. This would have been recorded in detail. It was not. The man who wrote the LUKE account was either also asleep, or he was not there. This account can not be deemed as fact, but more like imaginative artistic description. The KJV of the Bible, is world renowned as being the most accurate translation, and my version says HIS SWEAT WAS AS IT WERE GREAT DROPS OF BLOOD FALLING TO THE GROUND... no one was there to see any blood fall, and it was never mentioned when he came back to the sleeping disciples.....ANY WAY, the blood and water out of the wound on Jesus's side was due to interior trauma that is caused by the act of crucifixion.
  • Chris - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Thanks Paul for your further comments on this. They are appreciated & noted. I suppose Jesus' sweat could well have appeared as blood, or maybe, in a certain light stream, gave one the impression that it was blood. In any case, all this is speculation & has to be taken at face value but realizing that our Lord's agony was very real & the prospect of attending to & completing His Father's Plan for mankind, added to this grave task before Him.
  • Paul O on Daniel 7
    A question for anyone .... jesus was deemed as the perfect sacrifice, without spot or blemish, without sin and as the son of the almighty god, was a perfect man.

    the night before his crucifixion, jesus and a select few disciples went to the garden of gethsemane. the account in luke ..... indicates.... that jesus sweated blood. no other gospel says anything like that. before i go any further.... i want to make myself very clear. my lord and savior was without spot and an absolute perfect sacrifice.

    why would my lord and redeemer.....the perfect sacrifice, have a medical condition which would allow him to sweat blood.

    i have the king james bible... the words say ... like large drops of blood.... why do many many, preachers and pastors insist on bestowing the perfect sacrifice with an affliction that would render my lord and savoir an imperfect man with flaws.

    not only that ..... why does no one mention the blood which would have been running down the lords face and covering his cloths, and dripping off his hair......

    i do not believe......for 1 second... jesus had a flaw, or sweated blood.... feel free to gasp in shock and hate my words....but...read the word of the lord... and remember, we should question everything....
  • Larry on Daniel 7:20
    What does Stout mean in Daniel 7:20 i.e. "whose look was more stout than his fellows" is it referring to being short and fat, or a physical characteristic. Or does it refer to being bold, larger than, look more imposing??

    Thanks you
  • Elona Jean Boykin - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Daniel 7:20 And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

    This verse is talking about the rise of America, which is the last kingdom that will fall. Stout stands for the fatness of wealth that American has and ruling over the whole world.
  • Opoipirwoth Macmillan on Daniel 7
    Please I need help on the book of Daniel in 7, pls may some one help explain the prophesy? what does the prophet meant about the sea, the beast with the four wings and four heads? does he mean what has already happened, or what's gonna happen?

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