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  • Mike Gerolakkitis on Daniel 2:43
    They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another. The iron that cannot cleave to clay cannot be referring to nephilim or fallen angels cleaving to the seed of men. The reason being that the seed of fallen angels did cleave to the seed of men and produced the nephilim. And I assume that the seed of Nephilim also was compatible with the seed of men. The iron here must be referring to robots made out of metal and plastic that look, talk and act just like humans but certainly are not compatible with the seed of men.
  • Jim on Daniel 2:43
    Should the mingling have to do with dna,demonic beings, mixing with mens dna, producing a hybrid race, as in the fallen angels who took wives whoever they chose. As it was in the days of noah so shall it be in the last days.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe on Daniel 2
    DANIEL CHAPTER 2 1 12 15 5:00 I still believe that the LORD God uses a righteous people to break the evil ways. Just like Daniel and his companions. As they prayed unto God that will have a SALVATION to them and not to perish. As also written in PHILIPPIANS 4:6. Prayer is the MOST POWERFUL AT ALL. Thank you LORD, A-men.
  • Natalya manson on Daniel 2
    God knowledge of killing my god
  • Insight 777 on Daniel 2
    Verse 49...Daniel sat in the gate of the king. A gate to the kingdom is a military position. This may mean that Daniel became a military advisor to the king by making requests. Whether the king follows the advice given by Daniel or not will determine his future.
  • Insight 777 on Daniel 2
    I noticed a subtle statement in this chapter. Verse 28 explains that Daniel is shown by God what will happen in the latter days, toward the end of days. What Daniel describes is what is dreamed about, a future vision desired by the enemy of Daniel. Daniel interprets what the goals of Nebuchadnezzar are in the future. This is a dream of Nebuchadnezzars plans, not Gods plans. The truth of the future plans are shown, WW3 will happen, but the outcome will not be as Nebucadnezzar hoped it will be. Verse 44 explains that God will destroy the nations involved in WW3 and Jesus will return to set up the everlasting kingdom. In verse 46, Nebucadnezzar sees that he will fail and throws down his position of authority by exalting Daniel in hopes of future mercy.
  • Sas on Daniel 2:21
    Phenomenal man. God wonders to perform. How he use him for his glory, and the gift given to him by God to be used in Gods timing.It is always exciting to see what God does next. Thanks. SHERRY
  • Cebile Ginindza on Daniel 2
    In the presence of the children of God there is no perish.Daniel,a servant of God appeared to be a saver where king Nebccadnezar has appointed all those who failed to shew his dream to be killed.
  • Brianna on Daniel 2:44
    I never believe the Kingdom of God to be symbolic. This scripture back that up. It is a REAL government, that will replace these worldly governments. It is the rightful sovereign institution to rule over all mankind. It won 't rule for a few years and then be handed over, and it can 't be destroyed. A truly superior Government.
  • Nicola on Daniel 2
    Although Nebuchadnezer received such powerful revelation of the only True and living God through the wisdom of Daniel, Nebuchadnezer never actually sought salvation. We may know of God yet not serve Him as we should
  • THOMAS on Daniel 2
  • Stephen on Daniel 2
    Daniel Chapter 2 teach us that kingdom of God is the last to come as the first four kingdoms were already happened. verse 34 talk about as the stone. let prepare for that kingdom.
  • Bozipravdazvitezi on Daniel 2:35
    the babylonian kingdoms served their purpose while the wheat grew, but shall be rendered worthless at the harvest
  • Deacon Daniel Paul Ouma on Daniel 2
    Praise God.Daniel was taken as a useless person among themselves,so here you will find even in our village and mostly when we 've problems we do give chance to our Lord at the last minute,therefore,that person you are doubting has a very important thing that you lack,but those who truely serve the Almighty Father,will be known from the fruit they are baring because not all of the are true Gospel Vessel of the Lord.
  • Juliet Kaliisa on Daniel 2:43
    These evil ones shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. GOD 's creation can 't be altered. And a human being cant be changed to a demon, so, it will be half, half, but this will lead to more idol worshipping
  • AMEMSOR-DOE GIFTY on Daniel 2
  • Rev. Eze Sunday Obioma on Daniel 2
    The king worshipped the God of Daniel, for revealing such mysteries and secret to Daniel. Deep thing of the spirit is known by God, and can only be made known to those who desperately seek God like Daniel in times of need.
  • Walter arangote on Daniel 2:43
    Mingling human races still produces human beings. This passage emphasizes an oddity. It is very interesting. With this present frontiers of science of robotics and nanotechnology, where are we heading? Where is the seed of the serpent spoken in Genesis?
  • Godwin Ikechukwu on Daniel 2:44
    The boundless Kingdom of Christ has the capacity to overthrow all idol based system of government. The revelation God gave to Nebuchadnezzar a Gentile king is that all systems will collapse and Christ will reign for ever
  • Hiram martin on Daniel 2:45
    the stone which the builders rejected.yeshua thank you Jesus.
  • Hiram martin on Daniel 2:43
    ten toes,10 supernatural wicked kings or rulers.just like gen:6 wicked beings sleeping with fleshly women.nothing new under the sun.
  • Jennifer on Daniel 2
    Daniel had such conviction. Normally in a situation of that kind, we usually tend to lament our misforturne and question why we evil is happening to us. But Daniel turned to righteousness by consulting with his like-minded friends and sought Almighty God's help; as he knew that only God could reveal the dream and the interpretation of the dream to them. This truly is an awesome lesson to learn and follow.
  • MIKE CARAFFA on Daniel 2:33
    The two legs of iron signify the eastern Roman Empire and the western Roman Empire, and the feet and the toes, partly of iron and partly of clay (vv. 41-43), signify the nations in the period after the fall of Rome and before Christís second coming. These nations are partly autocratic and partly democratic. The ten toes of the image signify the ten kings of the revived and restored Roman Empire under Antichrist (v. 44a; 7:7, 24; Rev. 17:12). The periods of history signified by the first three parts of the great human image and the two legs have been fulfilled, but the period signified by the ten toes has not yet been fulfilled. It will be fulfilled at the end of the present age.
  • Jewel on Daniel 2
    The first thing that happened in this scripture is that the king had a dream. GOD will seek us out before we know him. He asked for an interpretation and was not given accurate information, from his usual sources. He turned to Daniel, who was held captive. God sent Daniel to the Babylonians, even in their ignorance. Daniel responded by seeking the answer from GOD. We must seek God first at all times. Daniel then returned to the king with a 'physical' explanation. We are often given spiritual answers that do not make sense to us in our physical world. GOD, may answer our concerns in a way that we don't understand because we don't have a close relationship with HIM. HE always speaks to us, even in our dreams and when we acknowledge God, we are forewarned. I believe that the king received favor from God, because he respected Daniel's faith. He does the same for us. God sends us people, even in our ignorance.
  • Insight 777 on Daniel 2
    Verse 37, I believe the kingdom described is the USA, the new Babylon. Verse 39 describes the USA. The kingdom that arises that is inferior is the USA government that rejects being a Christian nation. It becomes the kingdom of brass when the WW3 peace treaty is signed requiring the worldwide acceptance of Wahhabi Sharia law. The constitution is permanently removed as law at that time. When the Saudi Mufti begins rule through Wahhabi laws in the US then the US becomes united with Saudis and Muslim nations becoming the 4th kingdom. This happens during WW3, the end of which brings the return of Jesus to set up the new kingdom ruled by Jesus.
  • Insight 777 on Daniel 2
    After study this is what I believe is described in Daniel. The image in the dream is of a fighter jet, the F-22 (please find out a photo online). The super bomber American F-22 Raptor, a photo of it in flight needs to be seen. How would you describe this warplane if you were living in the past and had never seen a plane? The head is gold (F-22 dome is infused with real gold). The arms are silver. The two circular/diamond shapes by the nose cone described as "breasts" are silver colour. The F-22 in flight with the bottom section open, this "belly" colour is bronze colour. The "feet" of the plane (no one had seen rubber in this ancient time) might be described as iron clay (malleable clay). "A stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold, were together broken into pieces, and they became like chaff on the summer threshing-floors; and the wind carried them away, so that no trace was found of them: and the stone that struck the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth" Daniel 2:34-35. The Stone = nuclear missile and the mountain is a great nuclear mushroom cloud. The nuclear fallout covers the world via jet-stream.
  • ERROL BRITTON on Daniel 2
    GOD as demonstrated his power; and control of all situation; using the power of GOD; DANIEL was able to save many people from being killed; his praying to GOD, assures us that he answers prayers, and delivers. And Daniel shows what we can do; by having faith in GOD all things are possible, and there is none other.
  • XpLaZ on Daniel 2
    Daniel 2:43 proves Genesis 6, there is no new thing under the sun, also makes the genocide of the Old Testament more likely.
  • Rene on Daniel 2:34
    I dreamed fire came from the sky and completely burned down the whole USA continent where my kids live!
  • Cassandra Bogue on Daniel 2
    God is indeed awesome, in that He could reveal such a dream to Daniel.God is the true and living God and none can ever compare to is glory.

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