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  • Robyn Hocking - in Reply on Daniel 2
    Hello there Robert Bailey I have read your offer to share your upto-date study material, and if the offer still holds I would greatly appreciate any help your studies can give. I pray to undertand the true word of God in a world full of deception. Yours in The Way, Robyn Hocking
  • Helen Crabtree on Daniel 2
    I'm touched by Daniel's thoughtfulness: he remembers his prayer partners when he was appointed over the whole province and gave them positions in the government. Father, may I remember those who have prayed and continue to pray for me in my hour of need. Bless them with wisdom and counsel for lifting me up in prayer, grant them the heritage of Jacob and save them and their families, I pray. Amen
  • Joshua on Daniel 2
    GOD almighty, was with daniel.
  • Obbie Beal on Daniel 2
    Note the humble-heart of Daniel after GOD reveal to Daniel what to show the king's about the dream; Daniel took not credit for the work GOD was doing through Daniel as GOD is carrying out the will of Jehovah / GOD.
  • Noel on Daniel 2
    It is interesting to note that the value of the metals decreases as Daniel tells of the dream (Nebuchaddnezzar, Darius/Cyrus, Alexander the Great, Rome), however, the reverse order appears when he describes the destruction of the image by the stone not made with hands (Jesus).
  • Susie travis on Daniel 2
    I used to be afraid to read this book. In 2001 I became a Sunday School Teacher and began to read and study, after a while I began to search the Bible about the future. I didn't quite understand and was afraid a beast (animal) would kill all of us and that God was punishing me for Adam
  • Robert Bailey on Daniel 2
    Hello there
    I was converted to the Christian religion when I first listened to Daniel chapter 2
    I have been teaching this Truth now for nearly 39 years and I wish to share with you my upto date study material !
  • BSP on Daniel 2
    Verse 30~Daniel had received special privileges, but he did not let these go to his head. Daniel always gave due credit and praise to Jehovah God.
  • A disciple on Daniel 2
    Jonathan (cont.); All the references to the final kingdom upon the earth describe similarly, one that controls and thus devours the whole world; strong and cruel as iron, but at the same time mingled with the filth of the flesh of the ungodly, thus being in actuality weak and brittled. That sure sounds like the condition and nature of a certain kind all over the world right now fighting for power!
  • A disciple on Daniel 2
    Jonathan; like you, and I'm sure most who study and want to understand the words of the prophets regarding the completion of the age and the Lord's coming; I too have wondered about individuals and empires and times, as to how they might be the fulfillment of the Word. But I've started to understand that the entirety of the Word reaches from beginning to end, and is Spirit and Truth.
  • Jonathan on Daniel 2
    The fourth kingdom of Iron is the Roman empire, which conquered the world with its "iron" approach. After the fall of the Roman empire, ten kingdoms came out of it, thus "ten toes". The fact that it is mixed, iron and clay, points to the strive to unity in Europe (marriages at first, later Napoleon and Hitler, now the EU) But it would never truly become a united power again.
  • BSP on Daniel 2
    Verse 44: God has promised that his Kingdom will replace all the governments and kingdoms that we see today. We should continually pray for God's Kingdom to come.
  • Shirley M. Smith on Daniel 2
    Praise God. Giving God Honor. 2 Chapter of Daniel. Neither of the King Nebuchadnezzar. Officer could interpret the Dream. But Daniel
  • Calvin on Daniel 2
    2 things stand out to me: (1) Daniel himself has a similar dream that mentions thi 4th kingdom and the 10 toes. Daniel 2:41 and 43 mentions that it is miry clay, and speaks of "these mingle with the seed of men."
    Also, the 10 toes in also mentioned in Revelation 13- in conjunction with the Beast.
  • A disciple on Daniel 2
    Bill Timberlake; The LORD showed Daniel exactly what was meant by all the different parts of the Times of the heathen till Christ comes. The hardness and cruelty of the IRON is spiritually mingled with the weakness and perversion of the world of the ungodly; thus also are they led into error to believe what is false as they think their hardness and wickedness is their strength shall be their ruin.
  • Bill Timberlake on Daniel 2
    It does not make it clear in any commentary what Daniel 2:43 means, even though it will be revealed as the book is now being opened again. Possibly iron and clay could mean robots combined with human seed. The final ten kingdoms are the last kingdoms that come before the 1,000 year rain of Christ, which will have a lot of technologies; biological, mechanical, and intel. mixed and yet He saves us.
  • WG on Daniel 2
    Daniel is such an incredible book. In chapters 2-4 King Nebuchadnezzar realizes the absolute sovereignty of Daniel's God. Very insightful as God is my master and is sovereign in all of my life. Not just a statement but I want to be ever mindful that nothing happens seemingly for or against me that He does not allow.
  • Rob on Daniel 2
    The 4th Kingdom of iron legs
  • David on Daniel 2
    In response to Harry, the fourth Kingdom was Rome. The empire however was divided and formed what we know as Europe today. We also consider that in that time period Rome was divided with the state forming one entity Pagan Rome,
  • BSP on Daniel 2
    Verse 21: Jehovah God is the Great Timekeeper. He has full control over times and seasons and he can make things happen precisely on time.
  • Lu2677 on Daniel 2
    Harry,"they" from V.43 are in V.44"And in the days of these Kings". Daniel 7:23"The 4th beast shall be the 4th kingdom upon earth,and shall devour the whole earth,shall tread it down"The earth is being destroyed by the 4th beast that God sends down from heaven.Rev.4:7 last part"4th beast was like a flying eagle"Rev.6:15men are hiding in mtns,not fighting.Rev.6:17"who shall be able to stand?"NONE
  • Harry on Daniel 2
    The fourth kingdom sounds like USA...

    And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, THEY shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.
    Who are THEY...?
  • Abbey on Daniel 2
    This chapter is a testimony that shows that those that look up to God and rely on HIM will stand where others have failed, may we see this as a call to depend on God in every affairs of our life.
  • Eric on Daniel 2
    I believe that there is one thing that God cannot do, and it is that He cannot break His own Commandments.
  • Mekus on Daniel 2
    Daniel 2 is a revelation of the World's Government from the Babylonian, the Persian, the Greek, and the Roman empires after which God in Jesus Christ shall establish His Kingdom that will last for ever. Verse 45 in Daniel's interpretation explains the mystery of God personified in Jesus Christ. A stone cut off from a mountain without anyone cutting it out, and it broke into pieces all the empires.
  • HARY COLLINS on Daniel 2
    Our God is a God that has the solution to all mysteries. There is no impossibility with him.May He be praised and adored forever, Amen.
  • Bradford Hammond on Daniel 2:22
    Thank,Praise Give GOD the Glory.And Dan.2:22 will work for you.
  • Jwh on Daniel 2
    Sounds like this goes from first world kingdom to last world Kingdom Clay and iron sounds like USA to me The rock is going to break all these kingdoms Does anyone else see this ?
  • Geoff on Daniel 2
    And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.------------ The last kingdom that God set up occurred around 2000 years ago. The king of that kingdom is Jesus Christ. His kingdom HAS BEEN RUINED. So what is the final kingdom that God is setting up? Read Revelation 21:27. No weeds allowed in the final kingdom! Let him that has ears listen!
  • Jeremiah on Daniel 2
    Pay attention, you do not have to figure out or interpret the things of this dream we are told, for the book of Daniel has alrrady told the dream and the interpretation thereof. It is not talking about robots, or men and fallen angels trying to have babies, those thoughts come grom outside scripture. The image and parts are nations that would stand up. And the reason the clay and iron do not mingle, means that last fourth kingdom is divided, as it says in verse 40-42. Remember, scripture is bot to anyone 's private interpretation. 2 Peter 1:20 says so..

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