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  • Tinashe Masa - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 1 year ago
    Isaiah 34 :16 says seek and read from the book of the Lord and read . The kings of the North depended upon the Kingdom which was being spoken of in Dan 11, the kings of the North and South was the divided kingdom of Greece divided amongst Seleccus, Lysimachus, Ptolemy and Cassander
  • Gerald on Daniel 11 - 1 year ago
    The last king of the north is the anti Christ, the last king of the South is Islam united. The lord of the rings trilogy i think was taken from Daniel. The king of the north is the future king that will wage war against the Orcs, Islam.
  • Mila - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    The king of the North is Rome or the Pope, representing Spiritual Babylon and the king of the South is France (old Egypt), representing Atheism.
  • Danielle Abraham - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    the king of the north was Seleucidae and the king of the south was Ptolemies. Today those two countries are Syria and Egypt. Hope this helps.
  • Jackie on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    Who is the King of the North and the South?
  • Thomas on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    discuss Daniel 11: who is the king of the south? the king of the north?

    the king of the south goes about to rule the land tho the king of the north dominated the king of the south. at the end of the chapter the king of the north falters due to his opposition of God almighty.
  • Chris - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    Hello Gaylin. In Daniel chapter 11, we read that the angel (of Daniel 10:5,6) had come to give Daniel words about the future kingdoms: of Persia, verse 2 (3 + 1 kings: Cambyses, Pseudo-Smerdis, Darius the Great plus the fourth, Xerxes (same as the one in the Book of Esther).

    Then of the Grecian Kingdom (verses 3,4): Alexander the Great.

    The Kings of the South & North (verses 5-20): the Ptolemies (of Egypt) & the Seleucids (of Syria).

    So without giving you anymore detail which you may not have interest in, the King of the North doesn't refer to Satan but to actual kings of Syria, which included Antiochus I (v 6), Antiochus III (vv 15-19), his son, Seleucus IV (v 20), & Antiochus IV (vv 21-35).

    But you're correct about the King of the South referring to the Ptolemies of Egypt. However, your last statement about "all unbelievers converting to Christianity by the miracles of Satan" is incorrect & doesn't have any connection to this passage in Daniel, nor anywhere in God's Word.
  • Gaylin on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago

    Is the king of the North satan coming as a whirlwind to impersonate the coming of Jesus and the king of the South representing atheism or some other type of false god worship?

    I believe the king of the South references Egypt and pharaoh's statement " I don't know God".

    In the end, all none Jesus believers will be converted to "Christianity" by the miracles of satan's impersonating the return of Jesus.
  • Jesus Ortiz on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    Cross reference verse eleven thirty two.
  • Bleesing on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    Which kingdoms is Daniel talking about here?(Chapter 11)
  • Peter Stone on Daniel 11:32 - 2 years ago
    "Putin lavishes post-summit praise on Biden, says media have U.S. leader wrong"

    Daniel 11:21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.
  • Lucia Ciccarello on Daniel 11:27 - 2 years ago
    Today's Headlines Read:

    "US-Russia relations are so poor that only a summit can sort them out, Putin's spokesman says" & "Vladimir Putin Calls Accusations of Ordering Assassinations 'Verbal Indigestion"

    The US behaves painfully arrogant towards their contemporaries, continually pointing the finger, itching for conflict. Who won't America invade? Who's government will the US threaten to topple next? Word for word they remind me of that city in Revelation 17 that suddenly gets attacked, and gives up the ghost. It is increasingly apparent that the US behaves more and more like this Babylon with each passing day. Who else is there besides America?

    Next week, US President Biden's high stakes meeting with Russian President Putin carries all the hallmarks of Daniel 11:27. We see that one of these kings paths is clearly marked by cataclysmic destruction.

    27 And both these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed.

    If we are in fact living in "the end-days", then the people of America should prepare themselves for the flame. 539 BC is coming, and won't be put off.

  • Francesco on Daniel 11:41 - 2 years ago
    This sounds like the Roman empire expanding and conquering the ptomely. They don't conquer the edomites or ammonites or moabites? The empire got the coast of lybia but not the entire nor the Ethipionians.
  • Francesco on Daniel 11:37 - 2 years ago
    I do believe that the 70th week is when Jesus resurrects. Daniel 9:26.
  • P.Bynum on Daniel 11 - 3 years ago
    Here is my question the six day war on 1967 will celebrate it's 70 anniversary in 2037 10 years later is2047 according to Psalms 70 years and by reason of strength 80 is this significant for the city of Jerusalem for prophecy .
  • T. Levis - In Reply on Daniel 11:35 - 3 years ago
    Hebrew word translated to sound like (lah-vahn) ; ...To make pure, spotless
  • Ann on Daniel 11:35 - 3 years ago

    JOHN 8:57-58

    "Then said the Jews unto him, Thou Art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham Jesus said unto them verily verily I say unto you before Abraham was I am.

    IF YOU ARE A believer In God, he will show you the Way. HE is faithful.

    ALL THROUGH Gods Word we are told of Our Lord. Even Moses spoke of Him.

    Do not allow human emotions to block out Gods Promise to you, of the Messiah, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour.

    Ask The Great I Am, you will be given the answer.
  • Dale Brown on Daniel 11:35 - 3 years ago
    in Daniel 11:35 what is meant by "and to make them white"?
  • Julie - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 4 years ago
    Please check out AmazingFacts.org for better clarity.
  • Michael Garrison - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 4 years ago
    I am thankful that The Millenium will put all souls on the same page when it comes to understanding The True Word. Then you'll know that these words "ships of Chittim" refer to Father's elect. With what the sheep are being taught today it's hard to believe that the elect ARE HERE RIGHT NOW. So stand aside with your self-doubt and watch a Man of God in action!!!!!
  • Michael Garrison - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 4 years ago
    Amen. Right on my brother.
  • Jonas Teuma on Daniel 11 - 5 years ago
    Everyone, please checkout the sites endtimestruth.com, signs-of-end-times.com, and end-times-prophecy.org, also checkout the youtube videos "Daniel unsealed: World history's response to biblical prophecy" and "Turkey and Islam to invade Jerusalem? Sign of the end!"
  • Anna on Daniel 11 - 6 years ago
    Daniel was told to seal it up. John was told to unseal it. Revelation was written to Bondservants at the END. REV 1:1;9; 1 Pet 4:7
    The old covenant was conditional n had curses that had to be enforced: sword, famine, woes, plagues, sorrows, tears, beasts, DEATH, n it did not annul or supercede the eternal covenant, the promised SEED, the Messiah. Gal 3:17. ALL things have been made new.
  • Edward Palamar on Daniel 11 - 6 years ago
    The error of ascribing moving the word "vile" from verse 20 to verse 21 began with the printing of the Coverdale Bible in 1535 A.D.
  • Edward Palamar on Daniel 11 - 6 years ago
    Originally the word "vile", found in verse 21 both here and in most Bibles, was in verse 20 it was a modifier to the middle of the three kings of the north, verses 19-21. Only the Wycliffe and the Douay-Rheims versions retain this accurate description. I witnessed the rape incest of the king of verse 20 upon the wife of the king of verse 19 while in her womb, being the king of verse 21.
  • Word 76 on Daniel 11 - 7 years ago
    The ships of chittim know what's being said in this chapter and who, what, when, where, why, and what's going on in these verses of the abomination of desolation spoken of. They will make him grieve, won't you, and you will make your stand.
  • A disciple on Daniel 11 - 7 years ago
    One of the hardest to understand portions of Scripture! There are some parts that seem to ring familiar, with respect to current events and people in the world, and to those things which show the purposes in God's working His strange works among men, to bring about the end. I don't know if it serves us well to try to guess about "who" these persons might be; as the Lord will show us in due time.
  • Word on Daniel 11 - 7 years ago
    only one vile one that's Satan. This book is an overlay of the Revelation. Bible student know. It ain't hard if you know the scriptures. Anyway the vile one is coming and people have been taught that Satan comes with a loaded gun and a mean army. Satan comes disguised as a messiah, acts like God, says he is and does supernatural tricks, looks just like the Lamb but it's the dragon. All deception.
  • Sabbath keeper and Wife on Daniel 11 - 7 years ago
    This chapter covers alot of history from Persian empire to Alexander, to his four generals to pagan Rome with the Emperors then to papal Rome
  • Sabbath keeper and Wife on Daniel 11 - 7 years ago
    It was actually unsealed in 1844. This is when a man figured out the 70 wk prophecy. It was sweet as honey in the mouth because it was.. really cool. It was bitter in the belly because he misread the very end and thought Christ was coming back the same year. There was about a quarter million folks who gave everything they had away standing in a big field. It's called The Great Disappointment

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