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  • I, even I, am that Michael Isaac Dale:
    See the envy of the wicked? Ordained to this condemnation, it blasphemes the Name of Christ: EVEN the Holy Ghost. Yet, for this very thing it is written in the Holy Scriptures, as given by God the Father: If we believe not, YET he abides faithful: he cannot deny himself. And my temptation which was in my flesh ye despised not, nor rejected: but received me as an Angel of God, EVEN as Christ Jesus.
  • Bill
    I'd like to make a correction to Vernon Cartwright's comment about Dan..10: 13, 21 stating that according to these scriptures, it is clear that Michael is Christ. Please take another look, Dan..10: 13 states, but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me Michael is the Arc Angel that assisted Christ in the struggle with the Prince of Persia Satan ! Christ is not Michael!
  • Alvin adams jr
    Daniel meets Gab and Mike... Gods Personal messengers....He was at his wits end..What to do how to do what Jesus God want him to do fight to t he end... and He knew he had to....and that he knew that would pleasure the Lord God and more....He Daniel was thought of highly by God Jesus.....Daniel in 9 and 10 sound like Moses when he Met God on the Holy Mountain Moses went forth
  • Alvin adams jr
    reading 9 and10 Daniel new what he had to do .He prayed to the one he knew what was going to happen....but he had to know how to pray...to Jesus God to get his blessings to tell him what to do....although he was scared and when he met Gab... and Listen to him he knew......He knew what Jesus wanted.. the path was set... He learned how to pray to Jesus and wait for an answer..He listened
  • Merinda afanui sama
    Daniel 10 is very powerful. This scriptures comes to tell us that as children of God we must be determine to fight to the end and never give up. We never can tell that the king of persia (satan) is the reason why most children of God are still praying and still suffering. We need to pray violently and insistedly like Daniel and always invite Michael to help us defeat the king of persia in our live
  • Alvin adams jr
    Wow catholic...no longer i am following the words of jesus...i am now at a jewish temple..and when i drove up.... i new i was home..my whole life i new i was missed placed...yes....i feel the presence of jesus with me...i met god.. he touched my forhead..and jesus smiled and when i met his mother mary..she told me,,,,,,,god gave you a talent.. you need to go,, out and use it? healing it is..
  • Vernon cartwright
    There are several references in scriptures that tell who Michael is. Dan.10:13, 21, Dan. 12:1, Jude 9,(Christ), Rev. 12:7-9. It is clear that Michael is Christ.Michael is used when there is a confrontation. These verses indicated that there is a battle, when there was war in heaven. May God bless you in your search for understanding.
    Michael, even the Christ child, shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Michael, walking in the veil of his flesh this very day, shall be called JESUS:
  • Zia Thurston
    v. 21 Who is Michael?
  • Stanjett
    v. 21 Who is Michael? v. 21 Who is Michael? I can tell you who he is not. He is not Jesus. He is an angel.
  • Ed
    vs 14 the end is not the end of time but the end of Daniel's people, the end of an era. The Christian era begins with the Messiah, King of the kingdom of God.
  • Ajewole sola John
    How Daniel prayer was delayed teaches us we should always be pasevere in our prayer. Satan has fallen in heaven and now seeking the downfall of men so that men can blaspheme God in time of delay of what we asked God for. We should keep on knocking and asking till our joy be filled.we need to be patiently wait for the promise of God.
  • I don 't think Christ would need help with anything as God.
  • Word
    The prince of Persia is Satan.
  • Obsitu
    And he said unto me, O Daniel, a man greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak unto thee, and stand upright: for unto thee am I now sent. And when he had spoken this word unto me, I stood trembling
  • Insight 777
    Daniel was mourning for 3 weeks, 21 days. People mourn in death. The angel that showed Daniel the vision fought the prince of Persia for 3 weeks, 21 days and was not winning. Michael came to his aid and that angel that fought Persia remained in Persia meaning he continues to fight Persia as stated in verse 20. At this point the fate of Israel is known as it is told to Daniel. Michael and this angel are Christian soldiers of God and only they have been told the outcome of this war, verse 21. Michael is a prince not a king, so he is not Jesus but is joined with Jesus in spirit. Michael is the prince of Daniel. I think Daniel is a Jew that converted to Christianity.
  • Insight 777
    Verse 13, this prince of the kingdom of Persia may be the one spoken of in Daniel chapter 9 verse 25, Messiah the prince. The Christian Messiah returns as a king to rule a kingdom not as a prince that is ruled by someone else.
  • Ar
    When Daniel was mourning for his country and people, he was praying and fasting. See next verse where he says he ate no bread or meat,nor drank wine. But remember chapter one when he exchanged his food with the prison guard, and he ate only pulse and drank only water. So I assume he did the same thing when he was mourning aas the end of 70 years was coming, when they were to be set free to go back to Israel. Fasting and praying brings answers to one's prayer. Great things , great answers from our Father are results of prayers and fasting.
  • Nixon for verse 3
    He was mourning not fasting 10 vs 2
  • Mavis
    What did Daniel ate during three weeks of fasting
  • Pretty ngobese for verse 3
    Hi I greed you in the name of Jesus.I want to know what Daniel was eating during His fasting for three weeks.
  • Joe flores for verse 3
    what kind of food did he eat on those days
  • Michael
    When Jesus said "paradise" while he was on the cross, he was not referring to heaven. Remember, 3 days later, he told Mary not to touch him because he had not yet ascended to his father. You see, death or Hades would be paradise to a person being tortured! I sure hope no one is getting lost in the details I donít think God would wants us incapacitated like Daniel, but with this being said in response is Jesus. Daniel I have a theory, maybe after death we are no longer singular but one like Christ, GOD, and the holy spirit. Love, LOVE.
  • Dar
    Michael is the top angel of Israel, and captain of the host..note: "Michael your prince."
  • Chris
    Compare v17 and 19 when daniel calls Michael lord. To psalms 110 v1. David is calling someone lord.it is Michael. Jehovah god says to Michael sit at my right hand. Michael is Jesus. Read read read please people
  • Chris
    V13 was on of Satans Angels. Or demon. Michael comes to help Gabriel.
  • Troy
    Doesn't this chapter along with 11 & 12 seem like it should be part of the Apocrypha, or is it just me. These three chapters read differently than the entire rest of the Bible. They look like they were written at the end of the Machabeean period.
  • Cp
    Daniel referred in verse 17 to him as my lord.
    In verse 21 he made it plain to Daniel that michael was Daniels prince.
  • Andre for verse 13
    You said in the notes in v5 that the messenger was Christ. How can this be Christ also...

    This was a demon trying to stop Gabriel or one of the other messanger angels to get to Daniel.

    Micheal is one of the Chief angels.
  • Andre for verse 5
    In the notes in V13 you say that Micheal is commonly refered to as Christ...I think you might not have the correct info.

    This was Gabriel or another messenger angel.

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