"Little fish; diminutive from dag = a fish, the fish-god; the" national god of the Philistines (Judg. 16:23). This idol had the body of a fish with the head and hands of a man. It was an "Assyrio-Babylonian deity, the worship of which was introduced" among the Philistines through Chaldea. The most famous of the temples of Dagon were at Gaza (Judg. 16:23-30) and Ashdod (1 Sam. 5:1-7). (See [140]FISH.)

"(1 Sam. 5:2), or Beth-dagon, as elsewhere rendered (Josh. 15:" "41; 19:27), was the sanctuary or temple of Dagon." "The Beth-dagon of Josh. 15:41 was one of the cities of the tribe "of Judah, in the lowland or plain which stretches westward. It" has not been identified. "The Beth-dagon of Josh. 19:27 was one of the border cities of Asher. "That of 1 Chr. 10:10 was in the western half-tribe of Manasseh, "where the Philistines, after their victory at Gilboa, placed" Saul's head in the temple of their god. (Comp. 1 Sam. 31:8-13).

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Definition of Dagon:
"corn; a fish"